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It's Only Temporary - The Complete Collection (English Edition) Four Stories Of Men Who Will Do Whatever It Takes Endless Chocolate, A Closet Full Of Shoes, Unfortunate Tattoos To Make It Anything But Temporary Some Like It CharmingMackenzie Wyatt Believes In Two Things Herself And Her Plan And Her Plan Is To Keep Her Head Down And To Work Hard Until She Can Retire Never Mind That She Doesn T Know What She Ll Do Once She Retires At Least She Won T Be Working For The Man Any Because Even Though He S A Gorgeous Man, He S Still Her Boss And He Likes To Push Her Buttons Ethan Howell O Connor S Charmed Life Comes To A Screeching Halt After His Latest Ex Girlfriend Starts A Fashionable Trend In Talking To The Tabloids Now All Of Ethan S Old Girlfriends Are Talking To The Press, Ruining His Reputation, And Wiping That Charming Smile Right Off His Face The Only Person Who Can Brighten His Black Mood Is The Same Person Who Can Annoy Him To Kingdom Come He And Mackenzie Have Feuded Since The Day She Was Hired But Now Ethan S Starting To Realize Maybe Those Sparks Were Hiding A Blazing Fire Mackenzie S About To Find Out That Sometimes A Gorgeous Man Can Come Up With A Plan All His Own, And It S A Given That It Ll Mess Hers Up Some Like It RuthlessA Woman As Cold As Texas Is Hot A Man Who Has Never Belonged Two Hard People Who Will Never Bend, Never Yieldbut They Just Might Be Able To Make A Deal Margaret Caldwell Knows What It Means To Beg She S Been There, Done That, Won T Wear The T Shirt And, In Fact, Won T Beg Again No Matter How Desperately Her Family Business Needs Help Because She Knows What It Means To Be Betrayed Knows How It Feels To Have Her Still Beating Heart Ripped Out Of Her Chest, Leaving Only An Empty Hole Behind The Son Of A Ruthless Upstart, Cole Montgomery Trampled On Everyone And Everything On His Way To The Top Including His One And Only Friend He Knows Maggie Will Never Forgive Him But He Ll Help Her Anyway Because It Might Be A Few Years Too Late But Cole Has Finally Figured Out What S Important Now If Only He Can Figure Out How To Start Over Some Like It PerfectA Woman Who Has Nothing, Delia Woodson Is Desperate Thats Why She Agrees To It Because Shes A Painter, No One Is Buying Her Paintings, And Shes Desperate She Has Bills To Pay, Food To Buy Someday She Might Actually Want To Live In Her Own Apartment Instead Of On Her Friend S Couch And All She Has To Do Is Paint Baby Faced Angels On An Indecently Rich, Corporate Shills Ceiling Because, He Just Cant Think Of Any Other Way To Spend His Money And She Just Cant Think Of Any Other Way To Make It A Man Who Wants For Nothing, Jack Cabot Doesnt Want The Mural His Mother Has Commissioned For His Office Ceiling He Doesnt Want The Distraction, He Doesnt Want The Silliness He Doesnt Want The Artist Now Spending Her Days Ten Feet Above His Head The Artist With Paint In Her Hair, Distracting Him Bickering With Him Amusing Him, UntilJack Discovers He Does Want Something After All Some Like It HopelessIn Love With Her Gay Best Friend Since Forever, Cassandra Spencer Has Accepted That Not Everyone Can Have The Fairy Tale Not Everyone Can Have Marriage And Children And The Same Last Name But She Has Shane, And She Loves Him And He Loves Heruntil He Falls In Love With Someone Else Someone Nothing Like Cassandra Someone She Can Never Accept Brady Roberts Destroyed His Whole World And There Will Be No Forgiveness No End To His Guilt And Pain He Exists Day To Day Until He Tangles With A Woman Who Just Wont Let Him A Woman Who Believes That Life Is Meant To Be Lived, No Matter How Hard It Is No Matter How Much It Hurts No Matter How Hopeless Because Sometimes, Hopeless Doesnt Have To Mean Alone And Sometimes, Hopeless Isn T The End.

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