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Tombland (Shardlake) PRAISE FOR THE SHARDLAKE SERIESDon T Expect To Put Shardlake Down Until You Ve Seen It Through To The Apocalyptic FinaleThe GuardianWith His Customary Grace, Sansom Places Shardlake S Rousing Fictional Adventures Into An Authentic Historical Context.Marilyn Stasio,The New York TimesMarvelous A Spellbinding Tudor Era Tale Of Murder, Conspiracy And BetrayalPublishers WeeklyC.J Sansom Is The Bestselling Author Of The Critically Acclaimed Matthew Shardlake Series, As Well As The Runaway 1 International Bestsellers Dominion And Winter In Madrid He Lives In Sussex, England.

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    First, there seems to be some confusion about the release dates of this book I have it on Kindle October, 2018 so no worries there Perhaps I ought to have waited for the hardback to join all the other C.J Sansoms on my shelves because this is a keeper Set in 1549, when Henry VIII s young son, Edward, has inherited his father s throne, it deals with an uprising against Edward s guardian, the Lord Protector Somerset The rebellion is led by two brothers from Norfolk called Kett and the story centres on the city of Norwich, which at that time was England s second biggest.As with all of Sansom s Tudor novels it stars the hunchback lawyer, Matthew Shardlake, and his sidekick, Jack Barak They re sent by Edward s older step sister, the Lady Elizabeth later Queen Elizabeth I to investigate a gruesome murder near Norwich when Kett s Rebelion erupts.In short, of all the Shardlake novels, I think this is Sansom s finest creation I studied Tudor history at a school founded and named after Edward VI, just across the road from where Sansom himself studied at Birming...

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    I m not going to lie This was a monster of a book even for me A tomb of a read ironically at over 840 pages But do you know what It s CJ Sansom and the time passed quickly as I was sucked into a medieval world of intrigue and murder.There s a lot to enjoy here, and not just with the plot Around you as you read, there are battles, conspiracies and talk of royal intrigue Shardlake has a murder to solve and then another body turns upThe rebellions of 1549 during the reign of Edward VI are what drives the novel and the events of Tombland in historical Norwich I had no idea this was a real place but I ve worn out Google Maps finding out as much as I can about it I know it so well now well the 1549 version How exciting it will be to see the modern day version and Sansom s version at the same time.There s a keen sense of chaos in the novel but when you have a king who is only eleven years oldthe country is in turmoil and there is religious turmoil as well No one seems safe Even everyday life is getting harder as the financial state of the country is in free fall You get a keen sense of all of this in the novel and it s like wandering down the streets yourself, the sights, sou...

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    I m a fan of the Shardlake series, but this one was a slog As other reviewers have noted, the section the very large section of the book that takes place in the camp is excruciatingly dull and seems to go on forever There is also a tiresome abundance of psychopaths a pair of murderous twins, a deranged, homicidal grandfather, a coldly murderous schemer, a yeoman with a disproportionate and violent grudge, plus the usual loathesome selfishness and entitlement from the privileged classes And psychopaths tend to make such _dull_ two dimensional characters one is bore, but five or are really hard to take.That said, I really liked the author s depiction of how pervasive and cult like the ...

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    Our protagonist has survived being on the nose in the court of Henry VIII and is now living through the reigns of Henk s children CJ Sansom continues to find little known episodes in Tudor history to both delight and enlighten ...

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    Another gripping and convincing historical novel that I could not bear to put down I can hardly wait for the next one.

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    A master story teller and another great adventure with M Shardlake I cannot put this one down, every page a winner Revelation, Sovereign, Dark Fire, Dissolution, Heartstone and Lamentation were all so exciting and marvelous in the extreme Sansom captures you from the very start of each brilliant book and takes you through the Tudor times ...

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