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Summer of the Monkeys [Read] ➭ Summer of the Monkeys Author Wilson Rawls – The last thing a fourteen year old boy expects to find along an old Ozark river bottom is a tree full of monkeys Jay Berry Lee's grandpa had an explanation of course as he did for most things The monk The last thing a fourteen year old boy expects to find along an old Ozark river bottom is a tree full of monkeys Jay Berry Lee's grandpa had an explanation of course as he did for most things The monkeys had escaped from a traveling circus and there was a handsome reward in store for anyone who could catch them Grandpa said there wasn't any animal that couldn't be caught somehow and Jay Berry started out believing him But by the end of Summer of eBook ´ the Summer of the Monkeys Jay Berry Lee had learned a lot than he ever bargained for and not just about monkeys He learned about faith and wishes coming true and knowing what it is you really want He even learned a little about growing up This novel set in rural Oklahoma around the turn of the century is a heart warming family story full of rich detail and delightful characters about a time and place when miracles were really the simplest of things.

  • Paperback
  • 288 pages
  • Summer of the Monkeys
  • Wilson Rawls
  • English
  • 10 July 2016
  • 9780440415800

About the Author: Wilson Rawls

Wilson Rawls was born on September in the Ozark country of Scraper Oklahoma His mother home schooled her children and after Rawls read Jack London's canine centered tale Call of the Wild he decided to become a writerBut the Great Depression hit the United States in and Rawls left home to find work His family moved to Albuuerue New Mexico in and he came home each fal.

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  1. Rachel Aranda Rachel Aranda says:

    I'm ashamed that it's taken me so many years to start reading Wilson Rawls books I'm genuinely surprised that none of my schools had this as a class read This is a great book for a novel study for teaching voice setting use of language point of view etc It has a great lesson without being at all preachy Just a wonderful wonderful book However I can see how some people have issues with it There are stereotypes for women always being nosey overprotective and only show his the main character’s female family members as home makers These issues didn't bother me though This book is written from the perspective of a 14 year old boy so of course he's going to find his younger twin sister Daisy nosey and annoying since she enjoys teasing him constantly Also What mother isn't overprotective of her child when they said they're going out into a wild area where he other hunters and moonshiners who may be breaking the law for they wouldn’t need to hide it outdoors are the only individuals that go to this area? My mom would for sure not have been okay with these plans She still tells me to drive carefully and slowly whenever I get ready to leave the house or is sitting besides in me in the passenger seat and I've been driving for 10 years now including while she sleeps on road trips haha This was in the late 1800s in Cherokee Nation Oklahoma The area the Lees live in is farming country During this time and area women were homemakers or helped in family stores which is what the women and his family did Daisy is crippled with a club foot so she can't go out and about like her brother can It made sense that her mother would want to stay at home to watch out for her only daughter since she's good at nursing I think people made too much out of these issues but that's just my opinionThis book had one heck of an ending; I can't put into words how beautiful it was It was the kind that makes your heart swell with happiness and your throat constrict till you think you may be in need of a tissue But this is NOT a sad book it is a touching and heartfelt story I felt everyone's emotions at the end I dare you not to feel them tooI'm so sad that Mr Rawls only wrote 2 books in his life I want I can be happy rereading his books throughout my life though

  2. Margitte Margitte says:

    Oklahoma 1895 A young poor boy with a crippled little sister gets an opportunity to make things better when a group of monkeys escapes a circus wagon accident and he can make money by capturing them againThe young boy and his dog is in for some laughter and serious life lessons when the monkeys outsmart them on a daily basis His grampa teaches him the core values in life This is a kiddie's book perhaps for readers up to twelve years of age For me it was a wonderful funny deeply moving read An easy read with great humor keeping the suspense glued to the characters I loved it Anybody can read it

  3. Michele Michele says:

    Disney ruined this book when they made it into a movie The novel is vastly different and so much better A great read aloud that will have you both laughing and crying I like this book much better than Where the Red Fern Grows which the author is known for

  4. Patti Patti says:

    “Summer of the Monkeys” is the second of only two books by author Wilson Rawls I’d always heard it was good and I thoroughly enjoyed “Where the Red Fern Grows” so it seemed like a good choice to pull from my ‘to be read shelf’ “Summer of the Monkeys” was better than good it was absolutely wonderful And this comment comes from me a person not interested in animal stories No uestion one of the best books I’ve read this summerThis is a story of a young boy Jay Berry growing up many decades ago in the Ozark Mountains who discovers a group of monkeys living in the trees down in the river bottom area of his family’s property They have escaped a circus train and a reward is being given for the safe capture and return of the monkeys The monetary reward is significant enough for 14 yr old Jay Berry to try very very hard with the help of his grandfather to capture them The reward money would buy him the things he wants most a pony and a22 gun The uestion just how to do it? After all monkeys are not your regular Ozark crittersIt is a wonderful funny tender story of Jay Berry’s many attempts to lure the lost monkeys Along with strong family support he learns a great deal in his uest and we readers get pulled in heart and soul The last two chapters made me shed tears very happy ones indeed It a very rare story that brings me to that pointI highly recommend “Summer of the Monkeys” to any class 3rd grade on up as a read aloud or a perfect family read aloud Kids will beg for just one chapter I’m sure I did – and remember I’m NOT an animal person This will be one of my strongest recommendations to the 4th graders I share books with every monthSo sorry Wilson Rawls wrote only two books – both 5 stars from this retired elementary school librarian A keeper in my personal library and another is on its way to my grandchildren’s school libraryI loved loved loved this book

  5. Manybooks Manybooks says:

    So yes when we read both Wilson Rawls' Where the Red Fern Grows and Summer of the Monkeys in grade six while most of my classmates seemed to prefer the former I for one enjoyed Summer of the Monkeys rather mostly because it had a less heartbreaking ending with Jay Berry capturing the elusive circus escaped monkeys his twin sister Daisy getting her necessary operation and Jay also obtaining his two dearest wishes a pony and a rifle not to mention that Jay's relationship with his grandfather moved and cheered twelve year old me However and the above having been said upon rereading Summer of the Monkeys and while I still do in fact much prefer it story and theme wise to Where the Red Fern Grows I would also most definitely no longer consider it in any way the personal favourite it was in grade six Yes I have indeed and still enjoyed the glowing and realistic authorial descriptions of time and place of Jay's tight knit loving family and especially how bravely Daisy deals with and approaches her physical challenges and limitations and the descriptions of Jay's many at first woefully unsuccessful attempts to capture the escaped chimpanzees are generally pretty much a scream and hilarious considering that he gets himself drunk that he loses his pants and so on and so on But while as a child I absolutely loved Jay's grandfather as a character and considered him as altogther positively represented upon rereading I have found him much much too manipulative to truly and wholly like For while I actually do agree that the reward money Jay receives for capturing the escaped monkeys should be spent on Daisy's operation frankly I also think that it would have been far better for the grandfather to have simply told Jake this in no uncertain terms rather than to use the subterfuge of the injured pony to guilt his grandson into giving his reward to the family And therefore while Summer of the Monkeys has certainly been a pleasant enough trip down memory lane the to and for me rather annoyingly underhanded manipulations of the grandfather while they do have I guess a positive and desired outcome and effect namely that Jay decides to give his reward money to the family so that Daisy can get her crippled leg fixed this does leave behind a somewhat bitter aftertaste and although I would still totally recommend Summer of the Monkeys I do leave a necessary caveat that how the grandfather basically actively and clandestinely maneuvers and guilts Jay into relinuishing his earned reward this should no this truly needs to be debated and discussed

  6. Melora Melora says:

    Overflowing with folksy sentimentality this is my all time favorite “boy and his dog” story The dog doesn't die and the story has a completely happy ending Things even come out well for the monkeys Warm loving family interactions and chock full of mild wholesome adventures yet it's not boring Rawls also wrote the famous and famously tragic Where the Red Fern Grows which was originally published in 1961 but whose sales did not “take off” until the early 70's I've never understood why that book is so much better known than Summer of the Monkeys – I much prefer stories where the dog doesn't die – but there's no accounting for popular tasteThis was published in 1976 and was a family favorite when I was a kid Read this week to my mom as part of our “revisiting the old favorites” project and despite her rapidly increasing weakness from the cancer she stayed awake and seemed to enjoy it Given her condition that's uite a commendation for a book

  7. Brenda Brenda says:

    Delightful children’s book Every boy should be so fortunate to have a Grandpa like the one in the story

  8. Tweety Tweety says:

    I cannot believe I had never even heard of this till three days ago All I can say is to everyone is read it Young Old Middle Aged read it Jay Berry is a Huckleberry Finn character but instead of a river to get him into trouble he has a summer of monkeys that turn his world around and his family with him He has a pretty awful time of it What with monkeys running around and his sister's teasingDaisy has an imagination gone wild she sees The Old Man of the Mountain and uses him to scare her brother into not hunting little rabbits saying The Old Man will get him for hurting his creatures Not uite sure what to believe Jay Berry goes along with her just in case The Old Man is real Daisy does everything from making her own hut and collecting little critters nursing anything and everything to running nearly as fast as her brother on her crutch I liked her ever so muchI remember not reading Farmer Boy by Laura Ingles Wilder when I was younger because it was a boy and I thought it would be dull Part of me thought the same of this But just like I loved Farmer Boy and his escapades I loved Jay Berry's adventure and they both had mischievous sistersThis book had one of the best endings I've come across in a YA book I can't put into words how beautiful it was It was the kind that makes your heart swell with happiness and your throat constrict till you think you may be in need of a tissue But this is NOT a sad book but it is a touching and heartfelt story I felt everyone's emotions at the end I dare you not to feel them too

  9. Pamela Pamela says:

    If a fellow didn't dream and hope life would sure be miserableSuch a delightful coming of age story A timeless classic One that lifts you up and reminds you to cherish those near and dear to you loving family and friends with unselfish abandon and to keep pressing forward towards your dreams even when there are than a few monkey wrenches in your plans I don't care what kind of problem a man has he can always find the answer to it in the library Somewhere in one of those books we'll find the answer to our monkey catching problemFOUR Timeless Classic Coming of Age Stories for Young and Old Alike STARS

  10. Shauna Shauna says:

    Summer of the Monkeys is one of my all time favorite books The time period is in the late 1800's It is about a 14 year old boy named Jay Berry who lives in the Ozark mountains His life is full of adventure exploring in the river bottoms His life is flipped upside down when he finds monkeys in the river bottoms A train wreck allowed the monkeys to escape from the circus There is a very large reward for the capture of the monkeys Jay Berry sets out to capture these monkeys and get enough to buy a pony and a 22 rifle his lifelong dream His adventures are hilarious as he goes about trying to catch these monkeys Daisy Jay Berry's twin sister who has a crippled leg from birth is one of the main characters She is kind and loving She loves all the animals in the woods and doctors anyting that need is including Jay Berry and his dog Rowdy Jay Berry's parents are poor people and don't have the money to get Daisy's leg fixed One of my favorite passages from the book is right after Daisy finds a fairy ring and they all make a wish Jay Berry asks his dad if he believes the wishes they made at the fairy ring will come true His dad says Son that's a pretty hard uestion to answer But I do beleive that any wish you make can come true if you help the wish I don't think that the Lord meant for our lives to be so simple and easy that every time we wanted something all we had to do was wish for it and we'd get it I don't beleive that at all If that were true there would be alot of lazy people in this old world No one would be working Everyone would be wishing for what they needed or wantedPapa I asked how can you help a wish?Oh there are alot of ways Papa said Hard work faith patience and determination I think prayer and really believing in your wish can help than anything elseThis book is filled with endearing characters Jay Berry's Grandpa Daisy and his mother and father and Rowdy Jay berry's dogThis book is about family and what matters most in this life I would highly recommend this book to all ages I am kind of sad that I just finished reading this book to my youngest child They all have loved it

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