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If Only They Could Talk [PDF / Epub] ☉ If Only They Could Talk Author James Herriot – Thomashillier.co.uk When the newly ualified vet James Herriot arrives in the small Yorkshire village of Darrowby he has no idea of the new friends he will meet or adventures that lie ahead From the author whose books ins When the newly They Could eBook ☆ ualified vet James Herriot arrives in the small Yorkshire village of Darrowby he has no idea of the new friends he will meet or adventures that lie ahead From the author whose books inspired the BBC series All Creatures Great and Small this first volume of unforgettable memoirs chronicles James Herriot's first years as a country vet with the signature storytelling magic that has made him a favourite the world over Here is a If Only PDF or book for all those who find laughter and joy in animals and who know and understand the magic of wild places and beautiful countryside.

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  1. Pramod Nair Pramod Nair says:

    James Alfred Wight the British veterinary surgeon and writer is renowned for his semi autobiographical works written under the name ' James Herriot' which chronicle some of the most amusing moments from his life as a veterinarian His reminiscences as a surgeon are pleasantly mild and warm to read and his style of narration that describe his adventures with the animals and their owners is of the most hilarious form that can make even the most serious of the reader burst out in a laugh Apart from being incredibly entertaining Herriot’s books also offer a historical perspective at the practice of veterinary science that was followed in Britain during the time periodIn ‘If Only They Could Talk’ the first book in a series of his semi autobiographies the reader gets acuainted with a young James Herriot just out of veterinary college taking up a rural practice in the town of Thirsk Yorkshire during late 1930s In the narrative he creates a fictional village called ‘ Darrowby’ based on the town of Thirsk and the surroundings rural areas which act as the perfect setting for describing his amusing experiences about the early days of his veterinary career He joins as an assistant to the eccentric ' Siegfried Farnon' – based on the actual veterinary surgeon ‘Donald Sinclair’ under which James Wight originally practiced in Thirsk the veterinarian in ‘Darrowby’ who is portrayed by Herriot as a bombastic yet good hearted character Herriot who was hoping for some tranuil life at the rural Darrowby soon finds himself literally knee deep in highly amusing adventures in which the farmers animals and a bunch of other characters like 'Siegfried Farnon' and his lazy brother ‘Tristan Farnon’ adding to the merry In the very first chapter we initially meet Herriot while he is performing a calving right in the middle of a winter night drenched in sweat blood snow and mud and wondering about the situation he is in when compared to the sueaky clean picture of a veterinary surgeon performing a calving that was provided in his obstetrics book while training“My mind went back to that picture in the obstetrics book A cow standing in the middle of a gleaming floor while a sleek veterinary surgeon in a spotless parturition overall inserted his arm to a polite distance He was relaxed and smiling the farmer and his helpers were smiling even the cow was smilingThat man in the picture had just finished an excellent lunch and had moved next door to do a bit of calving just for the sheer pleasure of it as a kind of dessert”This observation which lightens the mood along with some comical dialogs that ensues with cow’s owner sets the tone for the book Even while at the end of his wits we find a character who finds amusement from simple things from his surroundings which adds that extra bit of appeal even in his descriptions of surgeries and other animal medical conditions which can be a bit sueamish if described in dry medical terms The imaginative power of James Herriot and his capacity as a storyteller are praiseworthy as these amusing stories are not dry descriptions of incidents from his days as a veterinary surgeon but they are often spruced up by the author with smartly crafted elements of humor to evoke absolute joy and laughter in the reader He is also a sharp observer of the people animals and their association in an agrarian society as these stories offer a delightful insight born out of his observations into the country life of Yorkshire The life of the farmers and the role of animals in their emotions of happiness accomplishment sadness and even heartbreak are all portrayed by Herriot with the flair of a master narrator ‘ If only they could talk’ undoubtedly is at its pinnacle when it comes to the descriptions of the landscape in which the book is set and is among one of the best countryside books I have ever read These wonderful tales with their morsels of emotions like elation sorrow and humiliation all flamboyantly honeyed with humor can delight both the general reader and lovers of animal stories Actual rating 455

  2. Sharon Sharon says:

    Arriving in the small Yorkshire village of Darrowby newly ualified veterinary surgeon James Herriot has no idea what is in store for him Having only been ualified for the last seven months James knew it wouldn't be easy but he was up to the challenge or so he believed James uickly learnt that dealing with animals was sometimes easier than dealing with people especially farming people who were used to doing things their own way Unfortunately the textbooks never told you about the long hours sleepless nights freezing cold or the scorching heat James went about his work each day doing what he loved and hoped in time that those who weren't too sure about him would come around and see what a great job he was performing I loved this book absolutely loved it A little book that had so much going on with laugh out loud moments as well as sad moments If like me you love animals then I suggest you grab a copy of this book A beautifully written story set in the 1930's that takes you along a journey unlike any other Highly recommended

  3. Alayne Emmett Alayne Emmett says:

    I love these books I’ve read them a few times but with the revamped series on the tv I wanted to read them all again They are lovely to read and the different stories of the farmers and the animals are based on real life storiesThey are not very long books so you can read them in a day or two but you will be enchanted by these wonderful books

  4. Ivan Ivan says:

    This book made me cry I had a hard time catching my breath It was so damn funny It was also poignant I love the time period 1930s and the locale York This took me forever to read It's basically vignettes so I'd read one story and set the book down for a week But I prefer to think of it as savoring It was so good and extremely well written The humor sprung up naturally from the situations and never seemed forced I really can't recommend this enough I know I know I'm late to this party this book has been out for 40 years and I'm just now discovering it but that doesn't make it any less impressive Enjoy

  5. Sharon Sharon says:

    Anyone who knows me knows how much I love animals What many may not know is how author James Herriot's books inspired me to be a veterinarian As a child the answer to What do you want to be when you grow up was always a vetWhile that childhood dream did not come true I have never lost the fondness for Herriot's work So when this book turned up on our office swap shelf I nabbed itIf Only They Could Talk is a UK issued book consisting of selected stories from All Creatures Great And Small I was glad to see some of my long time favorites from Herriot's little Darrowby community like Mrs Pumphrey and her precious Tricki Woo the selection of laconic farmers with their cows and of course the irrepressible Farnon brothers with whom Herriot practicesAs I read this book it felt like I was spending time with a dear old friend Sure all of the stories were known to me from previous reading; it didn't matter one bit because I still smiled just as broadly as the first time I read them

  6. Judith Johnson Judith Johnson says:

    Ineffable joy Beautifully written lots of laugh out loud moments stories of the author's first year of practice as a newly ualified vet in the Yorkshire Dales Set in the late 1930s dark times in many ways with the Second World War brewing but greatly comforting in the humour and shared humanity shown I was talking to someone yesterday and she told me she often went back to Herriot's books in difficult times I see from my name and date bought on the flyleaf that I first read these 40 years ago Wow Times flies indeed

  7. Meg Meg says:

    So where do I start?James Herriot or in truth James Alfred Wright is a master storyteller whose ability to paint scenes and emotions with only his words is truly astounding How anyone can write so elegantly and truthfully is a rare and astonishing thing His memoirs should truly be cherished this first book setting an excellent scene for many humorous and poignant worksHowever when asked what i was reading by the many people who always strive for conversation when you are uite content in silence reading your novel all convinced you surely could not be doing so by sheer delight you have actually found time in an increasingly busy day but rather through your lack of social skills and therefor friends i was astounded of how unknown these amazing works are It is an increasingly sore spot for me to find people who don't know such great work Not for their ignorance; i too am unaware of the overall plots of many famous works but rather my own inability to describe something greatI am not really sure how it happens My ability to describe works has always been lacking though only in a spoken sense Sure i can write my feelings after a minute or so meditation how to phrase my emotions but in a conversation this moment is taken away I am left standing there knowing if i respond too slowly the asker will label me completely stupid or an inability to speak no doubt explaining their previous views of my INTENTIONAL solitude So i sort of blab about how good it is in a vague way because a my head is still in the bookand b I get a bit ahead of myselfExample A teacher asks what i am reading '1984' i reply a classic well known work and one of George Orwell's greatest pieces Instead i vaguely describe of how 'it was his oppinion during the late 40's how he thought England would turn out if it went down the path of communism'Nothing on the masterpiece of words the thought out plot the detail that Orwell describes extensively not even mentioning the main characters Or the endingAnd i have a similar problem with this book It is so well written technically memoirs but reads much like a story As we know the characters are real but renamed and all events actually happened though on some research the order of which are most likely changed to create the flow i was talking aboutWe begin by looking at James Herriot a recently ualified vet struggling to make it in pre WW2 England where his trade is rather dwindling due to the invention of the tractor and therefor the downsizing of the work horse and lack of household pets during a time when animals truly and mostly earned their keep It is here a magical tale begins as his life's work unfolds before usIf you are even slightly interested in animals stories people romance England and Vets this is the book for you I should mention that you will COMPLETELY fall in love with the settings and if you do enjoy the books they made a rather good and very accurate series of it Of course the books are better but a noble effort to do justice to a magnificent pieceHappy Reading M

  8. Caroline Caroline says:

    This had me guffawing with laughter in places Such a warm and cosy read too in spite of the often harsh life being described it was freezing up on the Yorkshire moors in winter What an endearing bunch of characters It was a bedtime read and I realised that every night I was looking forward to going to bed just so I could read some Excellent

  9. Anna Anna says:

    A pretty funny account of the life of a young vet in Yorkshire with interesting characters both animal and humanIt was a really hard world before antibiotics and modern medicines out in the freezing countryside at all hours but he was content with that life and that comes through his writing

  10. Teleseparatist Teleseparatist says:

    As charming as I remembered it and very interesting Warm and perfect for out loud reading with family Took us a good while to get to the end but the time was well spent

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