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The Lost Masters PDF Epub The Lost Masters Author Curt Sampson Chardonneret.eu An Account Of The Controversial 1968 Masters Tournament Recounts How Arnold Palmer And Jack Nicklaus Were Surpassed By Three Little Known Players, Including Argentinian Roberto DeVincenzo, Whose Win Was Disqualified On A Scoring Technicality.

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    I have mixed feelings about this book It s a good story no doubt and certainly an interesting chapter in the history of The Masters notice the timing of when I read the book , but I felt the narrative had a bit of a slant to it throughout At times it read like a feature article in a magazine, as if it was transposed directly from an issue of Golf Digest, and at other times it felt like an opinion piece attacking the administration that presided over the tournament in 1968 Perhaps that s what I have mixed feelings about this book It s a good story no doubt a...

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    1968 had a lot of things happening even by mid April when this tournament begins Vietnam is escalating, LBJ just dropped out of the Presidential race and MLK was just killed This tourney should have b...

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    Possibly my favourite Sampson novel An engaging story about how one small mistake can go on to define your whole career, golf is just like that Sampson describes golf shots and tournament play like no other

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    loved it

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    Interesting read in the description of the characters at the outset of the book, one would think that the situation would have reversed.