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The Other Side of the Night Download The Other Side Of The Night Edmund Schiddel Loanexpress.us THE PLEASURE SEEKERS Julie , The Nymphomaniac Heiress, Who Punished Her Impotent Husband In Strange And Terrible Ways Peter , An Ex Princetonian, Too Handsome For His Own Good Adrian , The Wealthy Homosexual, Needing Drugs To Sharped A Jaded Appetite Anastasie , Whose Lovers Got Younger As She Got Older Edwina , Who Weighed 400 Pounds And Got Her Kicks Watching Other People Enjoy What She Was Denied Dusko , Whose Horribly Disfigured Face Turned Him Into A Sadistic MonsterAnd All Filled With The Same Desperate Need For Thrills Which Couldn T Be Satisfied.

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    I was disappointed with this book It was somewhat of a tease, it hinted at excitement then fell flat The ending was interesting but so many questions were left unanswered I also felt that the characters were not only unbeli...

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    Dear Mr Schiddel,This book is raunchy, cheeky, tawdry, and an all around fun time.Thank you for producing the perfect pulp read.N.

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