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Alone in darkness Chapter 1 ❴PDF / Epub❵ ☃ Alone in darkness Chapter 1 Author Isabella Kruger – When Fleur and Louisa are orphaned and forced to stay with their horrible aunt Petiniua their lives are turned upside down Aunt Petiniua a witch of a woman sends the sisters off to Miss Madisons Acade When Fleur and Louisa are orphaned darkness Chapter PDF Ì and forced to stay with their horrible aunt Petiniua their lives are turned upside down Aunt Petiniua a witch of a woman sends the sisters off to Miss Madisons Academy for girls where they endure physical pain and violence However Louisa escapes with a dashing magician who happens to be a vampire and leaves Fleur to look after Alone in PDF \ herself Fleur vowing revenge on Jacues St Cloud leaves Miss Madisons house of horrors and finds herself faced in the midst of a dangerous romance with a dashingly handsome young vampire Daniel.

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  1. Audrey Sprite Audrey Sprite says:

    The paperback was a amazingIts a SHAME that a publishing house would mess up so badly by placing an unedited copy of the book on Kindle by mistakeIf your into romance and mystery the edited version of Afterlife is a must read I loved the fact that the story explores the character Fleur's time at Miss Madison's Academy for girls I really wished the book would never end The love story between Jacues and Louisa was also haunting and refreshing I can't wait for the next book in the series and wish the author the best of luck she really is a phenomenal writer

  2. Mlpmom (Book Reviewer) Mlpmom (Book Reviewer) says:

    35 Stars This was a very different but good read I really liked how it started off almost like a narrator was telling you a story I was a little sad it didn't stay in that point of view Overall this was an interesting read and it will be fun to see where it goes from here

  3. Mary (Biblophile) Mary (Biblophile) says:

    This book was poorly written Bad grammar incorrect words and seemed like it was geared to an eight year old The characters were shallow and almost no plot to speak of

  4. Cassandra Cassandra says:

    See of my reviews here is about two young sisters Louisa and Fluer going to an all girls when their evil aunt doesn't want the brats any This all girls school is hell for them and they stuck for years in the place being slaves When a strange magician comes to the school the Head Master who wants nothing than to woo the sexy magician starts dressing all the girls in dresses and trying to appear that she is actually running a school instead of a slave camp Louisa is instantly memorized by the magician and vice versa Then it turns out the magician is actually a vampire When Louisa finds out she doesn't care and they go on secretly meeting each other each night Then the head master finds out and kicks Louisa and the magician out of the house Fluer is abandoned by her sister Fluer begins blaming the magician and decides to set out to try to find her sister Years later she tries to leave the school she is attacked and beaten to a bloody pulp This is when a family who cannot bare children take her in and nurse her back to health They decide to keep Fluer and have her help them run their candy shop This is where Daniel comes into play Fluer feels she has met this man before but cannot put her finger on where She also does not understand why her new parents cannot stand him and want him to leave Fluer alone Fluer decides to get some answers Afterlife to me was really strange Let me tell you about what bothered me first instead of what I like about it • The writing style threw me for a loop and I just simply could not keep up with this fast paced story For example one minute Fluer is watching her sister get thrown out of the school and the next she is running away • There was no transition The time frame was very foggy Are they in the 1800 or present time? I just couldn't get my bearings This frustrated me so much • Also the characters were shallow and seemed like robots No emotion at all Well none that I could feel anyway I just couldn't understand why Fluer loved Daniel so much? They barely had a relationship? I seen nothing to tip me off to where they actually spent time with one another? I want to see raw emotions I want to see what it is about him that had her leaving her new adoptive LOVING CARING family which she has never had before for him? Didn’t make sense to me? • Nothing about this story made sense to me It seemed as if Kruger made it all up as she wrote? • Another thing was when Kruger jumped from character to character on their point of view I was like “Am I still reading from Fluer’s POV or is this Daniel’s? Wait who is this? Why is she so important? Wait who the hell’s POV am I freaking reading????” This was so frustrating and I could barely get through the book • Then when it was in Fluer POV she automatically knew who everyone was? She never seen the Witch before but yet she called her by her first name? • There were major holes in the plot • Also when Kruger was dealing with characters one minute the villain was a werewolf but then she was a vampire again? I do not understand this whole book at all? What was the sole purpose of this first book? Nothing too crazy happened There wasn’t really a middle or end It just seemed like Kruger made a very long beginning? I am just hoping Kruger’s next book comes out soon so I can actually see if her writing approves or if the story get any better The only thing I was even remotely kind of happy about was that the story line was very original I loved the story line it has so much potential Overall Confusing and would not really recommend it unless you have nothing better else to do Cover LOVE IT It is so pretty3I will buy the next book if it ever does come out on Kindle

  5. Linda (un)Conventional Bookworms Linda (un)Conventional Bookworms says:

    I couldn't even finish this book it was full of spelling mistakes sytnactic errors and bad grammar The story wasn't catching at all and I really don't know how I ended up buying this book as I had never heard of the author before I guess the one click for kindle will be turned off on my account from now on

  6. Ashley - The Bookish Brunette Ashley - The Bookish Brunette says:

    This was a super enchanting read a fun and fast read with a new twist on vampireswerewolves I feel like the story was a little rushed for all the things that went on I really wish there would have been of everythingMore on Fleur and her sister What happened to Louisa after she left? Why didn't she come back? I would've liked background to the girls life before their parents died I need MORE Good thing there are books hopefully they're less rushedThe concept is FABULOUSOne thing I have to mention only because it is a huge pet peeve of mine is spelling mistakes Now I realize I make up words all the time and possibly even use them out of context uite often but I like to think it's part of my charm However when I'm reading a book I find it unacceptableGlaring at me from the first page of Afterlife is the word 'surealness' Now I would not have said anything if it was spelled 'surrealness' because the base word is 'surreal' There are a few other minor things such as That is why I have no other moral but to tag this book as 'afterlife' What? I mean I GET what this means but it makes no sense so am I taking it out of context or is this a mistake? Am I a loser? Sorry I just HAVE to mention these things just because I'd want to be made aware of them before I bought itThis is what I would loosely call a short story it was 100 pages on my Nook but Goodreads says the paperback is 196 pages Just FYI35 StarsI received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review

  7. Laura Jerwood Laura Jerwood says:

    Sorry couldn't take any of this book and deleted it off my KindleTakes an awful lot for me to do thatAside for the reuirement for a lot proof reading including getting the right versions of words in the text The story leapt around in writing style teh characters were overall 2 dimensional situations went from being beautifully written to almost dogmatic and formularic Cliches aside in the one I've been dreaming of before I even met him I couldnt take any and deleted it as soon as he picked her up and ran so fast she thought they were flying and he confessed he wasnt a vampire hunter but actually a Vampire which she was all yeah whatever I want you but in a chaste tweeny way rather than a drop clothes oneSorry if anyone out there liked this and apologies to the author if you read this but if this were school I think you'd get a must do better on this one

  8. Nicolette [mrslightwood] Nicolette [mrslightwood] says:

    I can't remember where I found this book; however I'm sure it's the cover that drew me inThe guy looks like a cross between Daniel Radcliffe and Chace Crawford SoldI liked the beginning of the story The narrator sounded awesome and pretty much reminded me A Series of Unfortunate Events narration wiseI was holding on to my seat and felt butterflies in my tummy when I was reading about Louisa and Jacues and then they disappear together with my grasp of understanding the storyIt went downhill after they were thrown out of the schoolI couldn't even feel the connection between Fleur and Daniel I felt like it was rushErrUnfortunately I think I got the supposed unedited online copy which has a number of typos and whatnots I am hoping to read the next book though just to see what happened to Louisa and Jacues

  9. April April says:

    Cute vampire love story It was choppy and really needed to be edited but I liked it It was VERY Twilightish I hope in the next installments the characters are developed and it reads smoother Fleur and Lousia are stuck as mistreated servants until they escape Fleur finds safety until she meets and falls in love with Daniel a vampire Can she be happy will she find Lousia? All uestions I hope are answered in the next book

  10. Loretta Loretta says:

    Well this book was ok I mean I am going to read 2 and 3 because I want to know what happens to Fleur But this book was fast And by that I mean everything felt rushed I have no idea what happened to the sister Or why she never came back ???????? I am just left with allot of uestions that I hope are answered in book 2 All in all it was a ok read Kinda twilight ish My initial rating was 25 but since I don't do5's I will give this book a 3 out of 5

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