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A Job From Hell ➹ [Reading] ➻ A Job From Hell By Jayde Scott ➮ – Thomashillier.co.uk The moment Amber starts her summer job in Scotland and sets eyes upon Aidan her fate is sealed Summoned by an ancient bond she can never love another Lost in the woods one night Amber enters Aidan's d The moment Amber starts her summer job in Scotland and sets A Job Epub / eyes upon Aidan her fate is sealed Summoned by an ancient bond she can never love another Lost in the woods one night Amber enters Aidan's deadly world when she unknowingly participates in a paranormal race and promptly wins the first prizea prize worth killing forIn a world of forbidden love ancient enemies legends and rituals nothing is as it seems and no one can be trusted Life will never be the same again unless she enters the Otherworld But to do so Amber must diebooks of the Ancient Legends SeriesA Job From HellBeelzebub GirlVoodoo KissDead And BeyondForever And BeyondShadow BloodThe books can be read as stand alone stories but it is advisable to read them in order to get the most enjoyment from the series.

  • ebook
  • 371 pages
  • A Job From Hell
  • Jayde Scott
  • English
  • 13 February 2016
  • 9781458183729

10 thoughts on “A Job From Hell

  1. Lara Lara says:

    Omg no I'm not sure why I even bothered to start this except for it was 99 and has like 8000 five star reviews I can understand the 99 part but the five star reviews? Nope Must be from all those folks who love the Casts' House of Night series Amber and Dallas are the absolute stupidest characters I've come across in a very long while and the whole set up is justso badly done It reads very much like a first draft to me like Scott was just sort of coming up with things as she went along and then didn't bother to go back and make sure all of the pieces fit together in a way that was believable I haven't even really gotten to much of the paranormal stuff yet but the everyday life stuff seems so ridiculous to begin with that I can't imagine the fantasy aspects working at all And on top of all that there's the goopy soul mate stuff that is so hokey it kind of makes me gag Okay yeah I know this is a pretty harsh review I am not the person this book is marketed for and maybe that makes all the difference It's hit pretty much all of my pet peeve buttons though I'm moving on

  2. Carly Carly says:

    Having just completed an epic fantasy series I have spent the past 3 hours trolling Goodreads to find a new series to sink my teeth into That's right 3 hours of going though the lists reading the reviews and deciding if I felt like sticking with the historicalmagical fantasy adventures or dipping back into the vampire genre of which there is a disgustingly high amount of seriously crappy reads that upset my inner hippy when I think about all the poor trees who gave their lives in the process There were many many books that offered plots far interesting to me at this moment however the amount of excellent reviews for this book caught my eye and thus I began the search for an ebook version Admittedly I have only read the first 15 pages but I am dumbfounded so much so that I have actually written a review of the 200 books I have read since I was lucky enough to come across Goodreads I think I may have possibly written 1 or 2 and they were nice ones Issue 1 The mention of McDonalds Really3 mentions in the first 10 pages are you being paid for these mentions Ms Scott? or is this a diabolical plot that in the hopes that some mickyD honcho will read your book and offer you free cheeseburgers for life?Issue 2 The cab driver you jump in a cab and they agree to drop you somewhere for 20 then when you're 10 minutes from the location they dump you out on the side of the road AT NIGHT offer no real explanation won't even get out and get your bag from the trunk then ask for 30 instead of the aforementioned 20 ARE YOU KIDDING ME???? I'm from Australia we are a laid back people but come on do this to me and I will likely swear my head off at you refuse payment kick the side of your car door in then run like hell hide in the bushes and hope to god you don't go American Psycho on me but no not our MC she just thinks to herself well there's no point arguing here mister take my 30 even though I'm meant to be broke and working as a servant to scrape together enough money to pay my bills whilst studying No just noIssue 3 Amber is meant to be a house keeper WHY then would one of the occupants of the house whom she is there to serve 1carry her bag for her and 2 tell Amber that because she must be tired occupantbosslady will serve her dinner in her room in 30 minutes?? huh?? again housekeeper no but then little Amber has an internal sook about her ex jumps in the shower then goes straight to sleep in the nudeyeh okIssue 4 Edward Cullen anyone??? really what self respecting denizen of the night would lower themselves to to watch a girl sleep? Ok so she was nude but stillIssue 5 some random old lady shows up makes her breakfast tells her not to bother cleaning up helloooo did I mention that she is meant to be the housekeeperas they have a dishwasher which incidentally smells like lemonsoffers no information helpful to her job then mysteriously mentions weirdos who hang around the front gates and stare at herbut she calls said weirdos are the house owners friends I don't make my friends hang out at my front gate although I must admit it does appeal for some of them then she takes off with a parting if you need me you know where to find me hell maybe my book is missing a page or two because at no point during this conversation did the random old lady say what her job capacity was OR where she livedworkedhoused her many cats and knitting Also I cant help but mention the part of the conversation where Amber says she needs to call her brother and random old lady's reply is oh you have family that live around here how nice I spoke to my brother on the phone yesterday he lives 3000km awaywhy does random old lady assume he lives nearby?Issue 4 Here's the real reason I felt the need to spend the last 20 minutes writing thisher bother calls first she has a picture of him in a diaper as her called ID picture really a diaper if i saw either of my brothers in a diaper I would go to my nearest surgeon and reuest an immediate eyeball transplant Said diaper clad brother then suggests Amber should go into the woods break into someones hut and make off with their loot now I don't know about you but I have to say that this confuses me deeply particularly when she seemingly agrees to it and her only concern about the whole event would be that her ex boyfriend can then add deception to the list of reasons why they cant take their relationship to the next levelno I think the number one reason of abject stupidity would make all other reasons entirely superfluous Stupid diaper clad brother then somehow suddenly arrives in the house with her no knocking at the door no one shows him in he just appears in the kitchenThis all happens in the first 14 pages and annoyed me enough that I stopped reading and came back to Goodreads to register my annoyance but being the sucker for punishment that I am I feel it almost necessary to finish this book If I could struggle and force my way through 3 of those awful house of night books then I can by god finish thisin the words of the disgraced former Californian governor I'll be back

  3. Jess ❈Harbinger of Blood-Soaked Rainbows❈ Jess ❈Harbinger of Blood-Soaked Rainbows❈ says:

    Read a book written by an author who shares your initialsAfter a little bit of thinking and pondering I actually decided to give this book 3 stars instead of 2 Which rarely happens But it just didSo basic plot in a nutshell Amber comes to remote Scotland to be the maid of enigmatic and wealthy Aidan McCallister Though cooking and cleaning is not Amber's forte she was selected from some pretty stiff competition and she really needs money for college so instead of having fun in London she takes the jobWhen her hardheaded brother Dallas shows up and says he found some hidden jewels stashed in a cabin in the woods and persuades her to help him steal them Amber unwittingly finds herself a pawn in a supernatural war And then finds out her new boss and his friends are creatures of the night that she is fated to love Aidan and no other forever and that she now has a special gift that everyone in the superantural world will literally kill her forSo Aidan has to protect her Because if this girl who he doesn't know dies then he will die also Because if this annoying and immature girl is not in the world then he can never love anyone else and life will not be worth livingSound familiar?Its really hard for me not to compare young adult vampire romance novels to Twilight Particularly when they borrow so many tropes from that series And this one definitely does that But after reading this and thinking about it as much as it borrows stupid cliches recycled characters and annoying habits from that series I do like this book better And here's whyThough Amber our main protagonist is really annoying I like her a whole lot than I like Bella Amber actually fights back against Aidan's Edward like controlling behavior and does not let him tell her what to do She has no interest whatsoever in becoming undead and rather likes being a seventeen year old human In fact she has plans for her life which include drinking espresso going to college being with her family and you know living Amber has a respect for life that is so lacking from Miss SwanIn addition to vampires there are demons succubi and other such dark and twisty supernatural creatures present This is definitely a darker action packed book with an abundance of supernatural creatures warring with each other both on Earth and in Hell Though I feel like the supporting cast in Twilight are deeper and well rendered a lot of these characters have potential for awesomeness and I am really looking forward to hearing of their storiesThe vampires in this series don't sparkle in the sun In fact they drink human blood can't go out in the sun and are actually in fact dangerousThere is an actual plot that involves a paranormal war political alliances betrayal necromancy psychopomps and traveling between worlds It is not a book that pretends to be action packed but is basically 90% romanceThere is no love triangle 'Nuff saidWith all of those positives there are uite a few negatives as well The world building in this book is flimsy at best There are a lot of good ideas here but the writing is weak and needs honing There are a lot of holes and not enough imagination or creativity Because honestly this book is kind of like the love child between Twilight and The Mortal Instruments It was still entertaining and a fast read but there was nothing new here Nothing mind blowing inventive or anything that I couldn't have predicted would happen The characters for the most part were one sided and carbon copies of many a cast from young adult paranormal romance No re inventing of the wheel here but light and fun nonethelessI am also uite sick of instalove being somehow justified by fate It is a lazy excuse to insert instalove into a storyline and no matter how hard you try to justify it instalove is still instalove and still something I loathe Having the MCs bound by fate actually makes me like the love story less Because these characters are not in love because they've gotten to know each other deeply or have a connection that is real and believable They haven't peeled away their respective layers or taken time to really delve into their minds or bodies They don't actually fall in love they are just are already This is an incredibly lazy way to write romance Having two people skip the actual falling in love part just to be automatic soulmates is stupid No matter how much paint or glitter or fake stories you attach It still amounts to nothingI'm gonna just snowball on the instalove point by saying that Aidan and Amber are both really annoying Aidan is a hotter version of Edward Cullen Another trope I hate is justifying a controlling vampire's behavior under the guise of him trying to protect his beloved And Aidan is no different But as I stated above Amber makes it a little better by refusing to listen to him and actually fighting back However this doesn't completely save her from being completely annoying She is supposed to be seventeen but if I hadn't known that I probably would have placed her about 14 She is immature young whiny and oblivious She kept making really annoying and sarcastic comments that I think were supposed to make her funny but really just made her of what I mentioned above And almost annoying than the instalove was Amber's complete inability to make up her mind Every other page I had to endure thisimmediately followed by thisAnd then back to thisAnd then in two pages guess what? YepAnd the ending was very very meh So there's thatOn another plus side Cass and Kieran are pretty awesome Maybe not as awesome as Alice and Jasper were but I enjoyed these two characters than any others Cass is a minion of hell the daughter of Lucifer himself and she is a wise cracking sarcastic take no prisoners spunky know it all and I loved her Kieran is Aidan's big brother and I loved his cockiness and bad boy attitude I found him much enticing than Aidan and thought just because his eyes didn't smolder or lip curl up with angst he was sexy and underrated And I kinda like sexy and underrated I hope that his story gets juicier as the series progressesSo this book sits in the middle It annoyed me but it was entertaining There were things I hated but things that were funny And since the next book in the series is about Cass my favorite character I will give it a shot Looks like I've got a new series on my plate This does not bode well for my reading list

  4. Miss Reviewer Miss Reviewer says:

    Head over to yabookscentralcom for of my reviewsI was torn between 4 and 5 stars Everyone who knows me knows I don't give 5 stars easily In the end I decided it deserved five stars rather than four because it truly stands out from the crowd and was one of the most entertaining action packed and funny books I've read in a long time I'm not going to sum up the plot because others have done it before me Here's what I liked and what I didn't like so muchTo begin with the punctuation is British English This is a long book think 430 450 print pages with plenty of action At less than a dollar it was a bargain I expected it to slow down in the middle but instead the pace picked up even There's so much plot most authors would probably have turned this into three books Even still it doesn't read rushed The world building is very well done The characters are enticing diverse and likeable The plot kept me on edge By chapter three I was completely pulled in and couldn't stop reading excellent writing with an intrinsic plot and description good editing with no grammar or spelling issues the main character Amber wasn't your usual whiny heroine She actually had a backbone That's commendable nowadays when every book seems to feature someone who keeps moaning whining complaining and so forth a very original plot with many new paranormal elements that haven't been done before Yes we had vampires already but it's not all about them We also have Shadows a group of immortal warriors succubi a demi goddess demons ghosts a fallen angel in the form of Lucifer's daughter it can be read as a stand alone novel because the story per se is rounded up and complete with a few elements left open for further exploration in future books it was one of the most hilarious books I've ever read if not the most hilarious one on the cover you see a girl in the middle of nowhere lost scared but going on still fighting It suits the main character seventeen year old Amber In a time when covers are often chosen for the sake of attracting readers rather than to tell the story of the book this cover is a breath of fresh air it's advertised as grade 8 and up At times the language was advanced so I'm thinking grade 9 and up don't get me wrong I liked Amber but I felt Cass stole the show I can't wait to read about herEven though I usually reserve 5 stars for the classics out there it really deserves 5 no uestion about that Thoroughly recommended

  5. Dani G Dani G says:

    I read this book in less than 2 days after I stumbled across the free sample chapters I highly recommend it to everyone Once you start reading laughing you will love it as much as me The book was full of twists turns I didn't expect and kept me hooked from the first pages I thought Twilight was good but this book nearly threw me For one all the characters were so diverse and likeable There is Amber a normal teenage girl with wit and humor her overconfident brother Dallas who gets her to steal some jewels then there is Aidan who shares a bond with her and Amber's friends Angel Clare Cass who are all from different backgrounds and who try to help her The characters are so easy to relate to and I was uickly wrapped up in the story There is no tediously long and boring getting to know the characters There are no pages where nothing is happening I can only say This book was beautifully written and is perfect because it has everything Humor romance and a plot that won't allow you to stop reading A job from hell is definitely a must have My Rating It's the best paranormal book there is Download the sample chapters and see for yourself

  6. Mercy Dragonslayer Mercy Dragonslayer says:

    This is one of those books one of the LEADING of those books where I just really can't say what I hated the most Was it the moronic Amber who can't make up her mind about anything and whines like a neglected teakettle stuck in a time loop? Was it the dumb dumb DUMB Aidan who throughout the entire book is sticking his face in beehives tripping over his own feet or serenading a girl he shared all of three words with? Was it the cardboard secondary characters who sit around and twiddle their thumbs trade bland insults and things that I think were supposed to be jokes? Was it the fact that nobody in the book ever SHUT THE HECK UP? I swear there wasn't a single scene that wasn't stuffed with inane dialogue no matter what's going on who's dying how close the hourglass is to emptying etcWas it the oh man Aidan's gorgrous but wait maybe I should run away my ex is an idiot but man Aidan's gorgrous but I really think I should run away mentality?Every second scene someone in the book was either flying off the handle about something that didn't matter snapping at people they profess to 'love' or crawling on their bellies for forgiveness in a scene that inevitably ends up with them kissing or slapping each other's backs and getting back to the nonexistent plot for a paragraph or two BEFORE THE WHOLE THING REPEATS OVER AGAINI cannot BELIEVE that so many people thought this piece of trash was good Books like this make me fear for the fate of all humanity

  7. Shannon D Duprey Shannon D Duprey says:

    Absolutely INCREDIBLE I mean WOW This book was amazing I’m lost for words I wish I could write this review in red or gold because that’s how much I loved it Seriously when I started I didn’t expect much Now I have an addiction It’s called “I lost my heart to A job from hell” – This book has hit home with meTo startWhen I got the book I wanted to save it for a uiet weekend as I was supposed to learn for my exam but lazy me I had to start rather than learn and couldn’t put it down after I gave in to my curiosity and read the first 5 chapters I ended up doing nothing else but read ignoring my family my beloved dogs who were attention starved and grumpy by the time I finished and I was way behind my learning scheduleWas it worth? Oh yeah Definitely I will probably end up reading it a second time because Amber is so funny I hoped it’d be like any other paranormal book good exciting with some clichés and a whiney character But I was wrong This book was mind blowing Funny as hell something I never expected from a paranormal book and just fascinating from beginning till the end It was perfectI LOVED ITNeed I say ? The characters especially Cass Amber Kieran were strong and likeable – at times I wished they existed and were my friends Oh wellAnyway I feel this book deserves praise for being so original amazing The author did a good job to interweave elements to keep you hooked throughout the book At the end of the last chapters I was only thinking “please don’t end please let there be pages”My only complain is This book should come with a big warning highly addictive so save it for a uiet weekend and for good reason it’s impossible to put down Anyway I loved loved loved it and can’t wait for the seuel

  8. Laila Laila says:

    When I saw this book I instantly wanted to read it I love all of J Scott's work because she fills each book with lots of plot and action I'm a big fan and I think this book is great It's funny and if you can't laugh at it then maybe you're a little too uptight It was made to be funny and I think any paranormal fan would like it

  9. Jayde Scott Jayde Scott says:

    I'm the author so naturally I'm biased After a year of writing and editing 94000 words this is my baby Never felt about any other book this way before

  10. Bex Bex says:

    A word of warning before you read this book this book is difficult to put down Just thought I should warn all potential readers and trust me you DO want to read this bookA job from Hell by Jayde Scott is an astounding book it’s not very often that a book grabs me from the first page and holds my attention till the very end; but Jayde Scott did absolutely that The characters are well written I especially like Amber’s sarcastic personality it made for some very enjoyable readingSeventeen year old Amber is forced to get a job during her summer holidays before starting college She gets a job as a house keeper in a mansion located in Scotland; let’s just say that her housekeeping skills are nearly non existent so its lucky for her the mansion is already spotless Amber hardly does any work at all instead she spends most of her time snooping around the mansion and of course drooling over Adrian who just happens to be her boss Everything is going great for Amber but all too soon she finds out that her job is turning out to be a lot harder than she ever imagined there are secrets that she must uncover and her life will never be the same again I’m telling you this book has everything humour that had me laughing out loud at times romance action hot guys hehehe and suspense this book had me on the edge of my seat at times and I just had to know what was going to happen next This book is superbly written and exceptionally expressive; it makes you feel like you are in the beautiful world that Ms Scott has createdI could go on and on about how great this book is but I don’t want to say any because I don’t want to spoil your reading experience This is a definite must read I highly recommend this book to all Paranormal Romance lovers An unuestionable 5 stars from me I just hope I will get to read something written by Jayde Scott sometime soon Well done Ms Scott thank you for this is truly remarkable book that I will be reading over and over again for years to come

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