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Oscar, Cat About Town ❮KINDLE❯ ❧ Oscar, Cat About Town ❄ Author James Herriot – Thomashillier.co.uk When a little girl finds a stray cat and leaves him with the country vet Herriot and his wife fall in love with him and name him Oscar But the cat keeps sneaking away and they don't know why until he When a little girl finds a stray cat and leaves him with the country vet Herriot and his wife fall in love with him and name him Oscar But the cat keeps sneaking away and they don't know why until he begins turning up at social events all over the village It seems Oscar is just a cat who likes to visit a cat about town Color illustrations.

10 thoughts on “Oscar, Cat About Town

  1. Lisa Bittle Lisa Bittle says:

    Cute story line Loved it

  2. Cricket Muse Cricket Muse says:

    Having read about Oscar in James Herriot’s Cat Stories I wanted to see if the delightful story could be improved in any way as a picture book It definitely is a treasure The story has been trimmed to focus on how a lost cat was adopted by the Herriot’s only to be reclaimed by its owners yet there is a true happy endingWithout sanitizing the story Herriot’s PB leaves out the cat’s touch and go surgery and recovery and has added a bit charm to Oscar’s wanderingsFun cute charming delightful—all that and other adjectives for this retelling

  3. Diane Diane says:

    A girl brings a stray cat to James and Helen Herriot No one knows where the cat belongs so the vet takes him in Even though he is near starved he purrs incessantly As Oscar regains his health he begins making visits to group events such as a hat making contest and a rummage sale He is definitely a social being One day a man and his two sons show up to say that Tiger is their cat Sweet story

  4. William William says:

    Cute story with gorgeous illustrations

  5. Rosa Cline Rosa Cline says:

    Mr Herriot once again did a fabulous job at telling a 'life story' of his own experience This time was in fact his and his wife's experience with a 'stray' cat a little girl found and brought to them to care for They did heal the cat and fell in love with him And decided to keep him as their personal cat They soon realized he loved to go to group gatherings and be apart of the town But when his original owners come to claim him was heart wrenching for the Herriot's But they knew the children who loved him missed him than they would They did go visit him and he remembered them and was happy

  6. Josiah Josiah says:

    Absolutely gorgeous illustrations by Ruth Brown ornament this very solidly written story from Brittish author James Herriot I would say that there seems to be a bit text than is found in most picture books but the end result does not really feel that way and the story is paced so well that it seems to go by in a flash Anyone with pets will identify with the characters and their situations in this book both the happy times and the sadness that seems to inevitably come There is much about the writing skills of James Herriot to like

  7. Lbaker Lbaker says:

    This was my daughter's favourite book for many years and it was a pleasure to read aloud to her as it's language is adult than most children's books I believe that introducing your children to language and words early will help install a love of language later The artwork is realistic and not cartoonish something that a young literal child may appreciate my daughter wanted to see pictures of recognizable cats in cat books not strange cartoons James Herriot's writing is gentle fun and enjoyable

  8. Lynn Stewart Lynn Stewart says:

    My sister had a cat exactly like Oscar he was even a gray tabby so of course I got her this book for Christmas Her cat Ezekiel was well known in their neighborhood in PEI Canada and he liked to visit all the tourist spots

  9. Melinda Trotter Melinda Trotter says:

    A very sweet true story with excellent illustrations I have read all the James Harriot books about his experiences as a vet many times I was thrilled when I discovered that one of the chapters was made into this children´s picture book with such beautiful illustrations

  10. jacky jacky says:

    A book I had as a child I liked it because it had a cat in it and I wanted a cat

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