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Power Plays Reading Power Plays Author Elaine May Short Plays, ComedyCharatcers 2 Male, 2 Female3 Interior SetsConsists Of The Way Of All Fish, Virtual Reality And In And Out Of The Light, Three Short Plays About The Collision Of Wills That Were An Off Broadway Comedy Sensation Starring The Authors Classic Comedies With Subversive Details That Keep Catching You Off Guard The Evening Percolates With Actorly Inventiveness And A Willingness To Pursue A Warped Logic Step By Step Into The Land Of Absurdity Has A Heady Sense Of Discovery, Of Seeing Prototypical Situations Being Twisted And Spun To The Point Of Dizziness, Of Disparate Comic Minds Bouncing Off Each Other N.Y Times A Giddy Delight N.Y Post Hilarious As Well As Thoughtful N.Y Daily News

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