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  1. Rachel Rachel says:

    My biggest problem with the book is that it is extremely sexist The book continually explains that this is just how men are and then goes on to explain how women can learn to deal with that Biggest load of crap ever While some people will certainly fall into these stereotypes I believe this book may cause harm than good Some of the sexist highlights a woman should go shopping when her man decides that he needs alone time this is how she can show him her love and trust apparently women were able to spend time shopping when they lived on Venus because the planet was “covered in shopping malls” a man can leave anytime he wants – in fact he cannot even control when it is that he may need to leave a woman is unfairly punishing a man if he leaves even when she really needs him and she then acts upset or hurt in the slightest upon his return Gray thinks that only women are needy and that only men need to be alone Not so Apparently Gray thinks that women only ever want to be with their men and nothing Well that is simply not true for most independent capable and informed women But that is beside the point Let’s assume that it is true What bothers me even is that Gray identifies the different needs of men and women men need space; women need someone to listen to thememotional attachment but he then goes on to explain that when both men and women are experiencing their needs at the same time the woman simply must concede to the man’s needs Gray explains that whenever men need to be alone that is just the way it is There are no compromises In his book a woman Cathy asks the uestion “If he gets to be in his cave then what about me? I give him space but what do I get?” And here is the answer “What Cathy gets is the best her partner can give at the time By not demanding that he listen to her when she wants to talk she can avoid making the problem much worse by having a huge argument Second she gets his support when he comes back – when he is truly capable of supporting here” That is simply ridiculous What a woman gets is whatever her partner can give at the time A woman just must let the man have what it is he needs regardless of her needs at the time I’m sorry but being in a relationship reuires selflessness and that means that both men and women have to give than what our selfish natures think we can handle While I’ll admit that some of Gray’s advice is helpful insofar as the individuals in a given relationship fall into Gray’s stereotypes they simply are just not that profound Essentially “if you listen to women and try not to take them for granted your relationship will be better” Well no kidding The book just seemed full of perplexing thoughts For example “Men rarely say ‘I’m sorry’ because on Mars it means you have done something wrong and you are apologizing” Well even on earth I was under the impression that when you are apologizing you say sorry I don’t know why the definition of sorry would somehow explain why men would be less able than women to say it In the chapter about how to score points with the opposite sex there is a list of 101 things a man can do such as bringing her flowers listening to her complimenting her calling her etc Most of them are good even if obvious suggestions; nonetheless Gray’s view of women as subordinate still creeps in My favorite thing a man can do to score points with a woman is #67 “read out loud or cut out sections of the newspaper that would interest her” Good idea Because I can’t read and even if I could women don’t read newspapers Come on Even upsetting is that the corresponding list of 26 things that a woman can do to “score big with men” involves NOT doing things For example he makes mistakes and she doesn’t say anything; “he disappoints her and she does not punish him” There are only a few things that a woman can affirmatively do to score points one of which is “she really enjoys having sex with him” Again women are largely the passive actors I’ve wasted far too much energy and time already on this book It is now dead to me

  2. Mephistia Mephistia says:

    There are some books that you hear about and you hear about and you hear about and eventually you think Hmmm maybe I ought to read that It's had a huge cultural impact on our society it might be a good idea to be in on thatKind of like seeing Stars Wars ET and the Godfather Trilogy I still haven't seen ET or the Godfather Trilogy but I hear they're both great It's just a big cultural thing you know?With books there are a few that everyone needs to know There are the obvious ones classics written by the likes of Dickens Austen and Hawthorne There are those timeless works that were never meant to be popularly read but rather popularly seen Shakespeare Euripides Sophocles Malowe yet have somehow become English High School standard fare And then there are the books that ripple through our space and time Oprah said this or my friend said that or a church is protesting against this The books that capture the public attention for longer than the space of a breath and manage to hold it Sometimes these books have actually earned that attention In most cases not so muchThis book? It really didn't It said nothing that we haven't heard before It actually reinforced a lot of offensive stereotypes As a woman one I personally took offense to was in the introduction John Gray's telling the story of how after his wife Bonnie had torn while giving birth to their first child she'd been put on pain killers After he took 5 days off from work to help her with taking care of the newborn he returned to work That day she apparently ran out of sick pills and asked his visiting brother to pick up a refill For some reason the brother didn't return with the pills When the authorhusband returned that evening his in pain wife starts crying to him about her day he takes offense and they get in a fightAll perfectly reasonable and normal Newborn baby stressful times blah blah blah The reason this is important is because this is the authors so called Ah ha moment He apparently at this point turns to storm out and his wife says John Gray stop You're a fair weather friend You love me when I'm smiley and happy but you don't like me when I'm frowny and downOr something to that effect I've made it even cheesier than it was in the book but let me assure you it was pretty cheesy in the book I am willing to bet it was not that cheesy in real lifeAnyway long story short the author says that he realized his wife was right all she needed was a hug he'd been a taker and not a giver blah blah blah Then he said what pissed me off and made me throw the book across the room with a growl don't worry it was an old beat up copy that I obtained second hand from a free bin And I uote Another woman would have instinctively known what Bonnie needed But as a man I didn't know that touching holding and listening were so important to herI hate those kind of blanket statements and I have to admit I'm prone to dismissing any advice that comes from someone who makes those types of statements Do you know what I a born and raised female do when someone cries? I pat them awkwardly on the shoulder and ask if there's someone I can callPeople come in all flavors and a blanket generic statement isn't going to capture them Neither is a condescending attitude of Remember back when you lived on Venus and I lived on Mars? Remember what that was like? Now we live on mean old Earth that has made us forget all those Venusian and Marsian traitsMy gosh it's like a Scientology manual gone mad I wonder if it is

  3. Benjamin Crawford Benjamin Crawford says:

    Men are from Mars Women are from Venus and John Gray is from far far further out in the solar systemMy broad stroke perspective on this book is that I am inherently skeptical when someone purports to reduce human behavior to simplistic read about it on the subway categories gender specific behavior in particular Resorting to simple explanations for that which is scary and I think it's safe to say that romantic partnerships can be scary because vulnerability is involved after all is tempting but doesn't necessarily make you a better partner or person In fact it can achieve the oppositeAs for Mr Gray my take is that he is one of many who has found that he can profit from the human inclination toward over simplifying the dynamic hence his series of tripe laden tomes

  4. Jillian Jillian says:

    This book saved me from killing my boyfriend

  5. Traveller Traveller says:

    Idiotic sexist drivel Catch a rocket back to Mars Dr Gray

  6. Spider the Doof Warrior Spider the Doof Warrior says:

    I always thought human beings were individual people with individual likes and dislikes that do not relate to their genitalsApparently I am wrong Men and women are actually from different planets We're alien species Sure we can have babies together but we are totally different Women like to shop because they come from a planet full of shopping centersMen like to fix things and play sports because that's all they did on their planetNow if we would just remember that we are two different alien species we can get along Women must accept that men need to hide in their caves Men need to accept that women need to talk about everything and don't actually want solutions Women must accept that men will not ask for directions and not make them feel less manly Men need to accept that women want to buy a lot of shoesI hate these sort of books Does it occure to people to actually TALK to their mate? To get to know them as an individual and not a series of stereotypes? Notice that most of these sort of books state that men are the way they are and you just have to deal with it Men can't change women Their penises and testosterone prevent that It's ridiculous People are all DIFFERENTSome women don't like buying shoes that bend their feet in weird ways Some men Gasp hate sportsAlso I think this writer was divorced several times and doesn't have a real PhD so why LISTEN TO HIM?Also as an introvert I NEED A CAVE I need somewhere where I can relax recharge and have peace and uiet after dealing with SOCIETYWhy do just men get to have caves?

  7. Eddie Black Eddie Black says:

    This is not psychology This is not even close to be science I had to read this horrible book in the past my partner liked it and I kept thinking to myself that a lot of the stuff in the book was just too convenient too stereotypical to easy Doing a little research found that the school that gave th author his PhD was done away with and that several states California Oregon will not recognize the titles that the school gave out I don't like bashing people on ideas but I hate to see people write as though they are scientists or psychologists when they are not It does harm to the fiel of psychology and breeds distrust for the field among the general public This book does harm than good There are ample books out there based on mountains of research about the real and not real differences and amazing similarities between men and women as well as those who are in different gender categories than the binary system perpetuated by poorly written material such as thisTerrible book and dishonest in its approach to try to come across as psychology If I could give negative stars I would

  8. Amrita Amrita says:

    UTTER ROTThe book shows men as creatures with very fragile egos and women as over sensitiveMen women communicate differently maybe but some of the theories are really wrongLike women talk problems for your empathy or sympathy for the sake of talking it out and that they are not looking for a solution Then talking wouldn't make sense would it?Like men hate being told how to fix the fuacet or how to find the wayThis book has OUT Dated views I regreted reading it

  9. Miyo Miyo says:

    what a load of crap my friend gave me this book after trying to salvage his marriage told me it was really insightful He got a divorce within a year

  10. Manny Manny says:

    I wrote to the publisher asking if they'd be interested in an edition for particle physicists called Men Are Like Fermions Women Are Like Bosons but they told me there was no marketWhy???

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Men are from Mars Women are from VenusA Practical Guide for Improving Communication and Getting What You Want in Your Relationships [KINDLE] ✽ Men are from Mars Women are from VenusA Practical Guide for Improving Communication and Getting What You Want in Your Relationships Author John Gray – Once upon a time Martians and Venusians met fell in love and had happy relationships together because they respected and accepted their differences Then they came to Earth and amnesia set in they forg Once upon a from Mars Epub â time Martians and Venusians met fell in love and had happy relationships together because they respected and accepted their differences Then they came to Earth and amnesia set in they forgot they were from different Men are ePUB ½ planetsBased on years of successful counseling of couples and individuals Men Are from Mars Women Are from Venus has helped millions of couples transform their relationships Now viewed as a modern classic this phenomenal book has helped men and are from Mars PDF ✓ women realize how different they really are and how to communicate their needs in such a way that conflict doesn't arise and intimacy is given every chance to grow.

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  • Men are from Mars Women are from VenusA Practical Guide for Improving Communication and Getting What You Want in Your Relationships
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  • 16 March 2016
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Librarian Note There from Mars Epub â is than one author in the GoodReads database with this nameJohn Gray is an American author on relationships and personal growth best known for his book Men Are from Mars Women Are from Venus Men are ePUB ½ and other pop psychology books offering relationship adviceHe was previously married to fellow self help author Barbara De Angelis but they divorced in He is now m.