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    An interesting study at how a child s mental illness can affect a family Nan, Hal, Marina, and Christopher may be an unconventional family and yet they fall apart in all the conventional ways What you might eexpect to draw a family tighter together can actually pull them apart Nan, Marina and that same thing can take a new relationship Hal, Dan and pull them together I spent come time trying to reconcile both Marina s and Nan s behavior Did they love each other, really, if they could not put aside their feelings of betrayal and hurt when it really counted Nan, I think, is destined to never be able to give herself over fully to a relationship ever again Her love and worry for Christopher, her willingness, her need to put him ahead of everything and anyone else will see to that The fact that both Marina and her brother are both exiled, without ever really being given the possibility of forgiveness bears this out Hal seems able to compartmentalize, can put aside his worry for Christ...

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    The prose in this novel is spare, which I usually can t stand, but I was on board this time at times it was quite gripping It s very San Francisco a gay man and a lesbian raise their child with her partner and I was in the mood for a little queer San Francisco That said, it s far from light hearted, focusing mostly on the mental illness of the teenage son and the way that it affects the family D Erasmo is great at talking about that illness, however, and imagining what Christopher the son is feeling and experiencing in a way that is...

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    I read D Erasmo s Tea several years ago and didn t like it I admit, I picked it up because it had a pretty cover , but I thought I d give her work another chance when I came across A Seahorse Year at the library The description intrigued me and I thought for sure this was going to be a book I would love Unfortunately, I found myself remembering why I didn t like Tea and opted to not finish A Seahorse Year While she does make good use of imagery, D Erasmo s writing is halting and uncomfortable to read Also, I m not sure how it took me so long to realize that D Erasmo writes lesbian fiction, for lack of a better term, but it seemed like the sexuality of the parents was forced into the forefront and took the spotlight away from the story that I was drawn into from the blurb on the cover I consider myself to be rather liberal and I can...

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    Maybe some other time It pains me deeply when I have to write a review that is lower than three stars I constantly ask myself if I should just try harder or to really sink my mind into the book or perhaps if I tried rereading everything would be entertaining However, I remembered that if I try to force things that I don t like on myself then it just gives me one giant headache With this book I just cannot engage my mind to stick to it I had to call it quits The amount of boredom that arose while I was reading this My mind can t begin to hold all the boredom that had build The book started off great and I was enjoying it Then somewhere along the line everything turned boring and made me want to hit my head on th...

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    Zach told me that one of the things he liked about this book was its structure I didn t know what this meant when he said it, and now that I ve read the book I may still not know what structure means But I don t care because I thought it was terrific and if that was because of its structure then count me a reader who believes that structure is very important Otherwise I would say that what lifts this book is the entirely credible characters who are thrown into a crisis when the teenage son of two of them cracks up The parents are a gay woman and the man who impetuously agreed to be her sperm donor when their mutual friend his lover dies The third important character is the mother s unfaithful partner In lesser hands this is a soap opera suitable for adapating as a tv movie made for broadcast on the Logo channel But for me it was way I believed these characters and as the story unfolded I cared abo...

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    There s nothing obvious that this writer has done wrong, except for starting at the wrong moment and with too many points of view, but try as I have, I can t get myself to care about it I tend to finish even the books I don t like and maybe there are five I ve stopp...

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    This is one of those rare books that gives you the sensation of having fallen inside of it Not because of an earthshattering premise concept with clever gimmicks and witty insight The writer is just a good storytell...

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    The writing was clumsy I did not find the characters convincing But I did find myself thinking about this book in the middle of the night, so I give it 3 stars rather than the 2 I had planned to give it.

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    God, what a depressing book.Well written enough, but I couldn t understand how two people who love each other so much could behave like that Meaning, the writer didn t convince me, not that I couldn t be convinced.

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A Seahorse Year Stacey D Erasmo S New Novel, Following The Highly Acclaimed Tea, Is A Powerful And Beautiful Book About A Pivotal Year In The Life Of A Quintessentially Modern Family In Contemporary San Francisco, An Extended Family Is Transformed By The Emerging Breakdown Of A Troubled Adolescent Boy The Lives Of Those Who Love Christopher His Mother, Nan Her Lover, Marina His Gay Father, Hal And Christopher S Loyal Girlfriend, Tamara Are Pushed To The Edge By Something New In Him That Mystifies Them All When He Runs Away, Far Into The Woods Of Nothern California, Their Assumptions About Themselves And One Another Are Sorely Tested They Might Not, They Discover, Be Quite So Modern As They Once Thought Even The Dried Seahorses On Marina S Windowpane Rattle Unnervingly As If To Announce A Time Like No Other In Precise, Lyrical Language, A Seahorse Year Explores Love At The Limits Of Bearability It Is Wise About The Things We Do Out Of Love That Often Have Both Redemptive And Disastrous Consequences Difficult Questions That Have All The Tough Complexity Of Real Life Are Asked Devastating Truths Are Revealed In The Answers Michael Cunningham Described Tea As Pure And Profound, A Ravishing Book A Seahorse Year Is An Even Richer, Luminous Achievement.