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The Gilded Cage (Thwarted Queen, #3) THE GILDED CAGE Is The Third In A Series Of Four Books About Cecylee Neville 1415 1495 , Mother Of Richard III And Edward IV, Queen By Right And Abbess The Tale Of Richard Of York S Political Career, And Its Tragic Impact Upon His Wife Cecylee, Will Intrigue Readers Who Enjoy Political Novels.It Is 1445, And Cecylee Is Turning Thirty She And Richard Are Waiting For The New Queen Of England To Arrive From Paris Everyone Remarks On How Close The Yorks Are Theirs Seems A Successful Marriage, For Cecylee Is Constantly At Her Husband S Side, Providing Him With Political Counsel As Well As Comfort.But Matters Are Not As Happy As They Seem Richard Is Devastated By Her Affair, But Doesn T Lock Her Up Instead, He Keeps Her Firmly By His Side And Takes Revenge By Marrying Their Eldest Daughter Nan Off When She Is Only Seven This Decision, Done Only For Political Gain, Costs Cecylee Her Happiness.Set During The End Of The Hundred Years War And The Beginning Of The Wars Of The Roses We See Richard Inherit The Political Mantle Of His Mentor Humphrey, Duke Of Gloucester, And Become The People S Champion The Rambunctious Londoners Are Unhappy That Their Country Has Become Mired In Misrule Due To The Ineptitude Of A King Prone To Fits Of Madness Nor Are They Better Pleased By The Attempts Of The King S French Wife To Maneuver Herself Into Power, Especially As She Was Responsible For England S Losses In France But Can Richard And Cecylee Prevail Everywhere, Their Enemies Lurk In The Shadows This Book Is Filled With Many Voices, Not Least Those Of The Londoners, Who Forged Their Political Destiny By Engaging In Public Debate With The Powerful Aristocrats Of The Time By Their Courageous Acts, These Fifteenth Century Londoners Set The Stage For American Democracy.

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    Thwarted Queen divides into four books book one THE BRIDE PRICE, book two ONE SEED SOWN, book three THE GILDED CAGE, book four TWO MURDERS REAPED.THE GILDED CAGE is the story of Richard of Yorks political career, and the impact it has on his wife, Cecylee Everyone seems to think Cecylee and Richard has a successful marriage, but it is not what is seems Richard is still hurt from Cecylee s affair with Blaybourne, and keeps her close by his side to keep an eye on her In a way he takes revenge by marrying his oldest daughter, Nan, at only seven years of age This was done for political gain Knowing how his wife feels about a woman having no choice to choose a husband he does it anyway, costing him the last of Cecylee s happiness Richard gains political power from his mentor and becomes the peoples champion Londoner s are not happy that their country is under misrule due to the Kings madness, and they are not happy how t...

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    This was my least enjoyed portion of the Thwarted Queen story Moving to a third person point of view, the story is told of Richard and his fight for the throne than of Cecylee The pious and insane Henry VI accepts his son despite the fact that he has never had sex with his wife, the ambitious Marguerite Richard is arrogant and doesn t inspire much sympathy, and the reader doesn t spend as much time with Cecylee, who the story is supposed...

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    In this third segment the story escalates as it has a lot of political content It gives of an insight to Richard and his role in the governing of England It stills touches delicately on Cecylee s mind and emotions as...

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    This segment has been the hardest to read so far Ugh It is interesting, however, that the view of Queen Margaret of Anjou is so scathing I recently read a book about her that shed a very positive light on her In this book, she s a conniving harpy I wonder which view is really accurate.

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