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  • Two Murders Reaped (Thwarted Queen #4)
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  • 08 March 2017

10 thoughts on “Two Murders Reaped (Thwarted Queen #4)

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    The last segment of the series is by far the most entertaining A lot of wit is injected and the story moves along at a much quicker pace than the others I was in constant anticipation as to what was going to happen next and had a difficult time in putting this one down The story...

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    Thwarted Queen divides into four books book one THE BRIDE PRICE, book two ONE SEED SOWN, book three THE GILDED CAGE, book four TWO MURDERS REAPED.TWO MURDERS REAPED is book fourIt starts off wih Richard Duke of York, flees to elude capture and abandoned his wife Cecylee at Ludlow Castle Left on her own with three small children, Cecylee walks down to the marketplace in Rouen, and waits for the Lancastrian army What happens next is Cecylee worst nightmare After the murder of Richard, the House of York regroups under her son Edward, who wins two battles, and becomes King Edward IV As the young king s mother, her views and opinions carry weight Edwards secret marriage to lisabeth Woodville, the poor widow of a Lancastrian knight, infuriates Cecylee Thinking herself as Queen by Right, she refuses to move out of the Queen s apartments Cecylee loathes her coldly beautiful daughter in law, and calls her The Serpent One day, spilling a secret that should have remained locked in her heart, and the whole world turns against her.Cynthia Haggard is and excellent writing The story and characters are so real that they walk off the pages of the book and playout right in front of you TWO MURDERS REAPED ...

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    I agree with other reviewers that this was the best written and most interesting segment of The Thwarted Queen story Beginning with Cecylee standing up to Marguerite, the Bitch of Anjou, at Ludlow so that her husband and his followers could escape the Lancastrian army, this book covers the reigns of Cecylee s sons Edward Richard It is difficult to review Two Murders Reaped on it s own because it is really only a portion of the story This segment is basically the last half of The T...

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    This was a book that I won on Goodreads I didn t realize that it is 4th in the series, but I didn t find that to take away from this book If anything, it made me want to get the other three If you enjoy history, you ll enjoy this book Even though the time period was the 1400 s, I felt like these were people I could relate to The main character, Cecylee Neville, the mother of King Richard III, lived quite a life She proves that there was a woman behind the throne This part of the series c...

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    Well, I must start reading the other books in the series so I m up to date when this one is released Oh waitI just saw it is released already Yippee

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Two Murders Reaped (Thwarted Queen #4) TWO MURDERS REAPED Is The Fourth In A Series Of Four Books About Cecylee Neville 1415 1495 , Mother Of Richard III And Edward IV, Queen By Right And Abbess To Those Of You Who Enjoyed Anne Easter Smith S Historical Novel About Cecily, TWO MURDERS REAPED Uncovers The Last Thirty Five Years Of Cecylee S Life.It Is In October, 1459 Cecylee Is Forty Four Years Old And Has Been Abandoned At Ludlow Castle By Her Husband, Richard Duke Of York, Who Has Fled To Elude Capture Yet Cecylee Calmly Walks Down To The Marketplace In Rouen, And Waits For The Lancastrian Army What Happens Next Is Something That Cecylee Could Not Have Imagined In Her Worst Nightmare.After The Murder Of Her Husband, The House Of York Regroups Under Her Bastard Son Edward, Who Wins Two Decisive Battles, And Becomes King Edward IV Cecylee Is In Her Element As The Young King S Mother, Her Views And Opinions Carry Weight.But Cecylee S Contentment Does Not Last Long Edward Makes A Disastrous Marriage To Lisabeth Woodville, The Poor Widow Of A Lancastrian Knight, Thus Displacing Cecylee Titling Herself Queen By Right, She Refuses To Move Out Of The Queen S Apartments Worse Follows Cecylee Loathes Her Coldly Beautiful Daughter In Law, And Nicknames Her The Serpent One Day, She Spills A Secret That Should Have Remained Locked In Her Heart, And The Whole World Turns Against Her.