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Daddy's Girl O Baby Won T You Dance With Me Little Baby Bouncing On My Knee Wave Your Hands And Shake Your Feet Ooohh Baby You Re So Sweet From The Familiar Pleasures Of Baby S Favorite Food To The Joy Of Dancing Together, This Collection Of Three Songs Celebrates The Special Relationship Between A Daddy And His Little Girl.

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    Keillor, G and Robin Preiss Glasser 2005 Daddy s Girl New York, New York Disney Hyperion.Subgroup Single Parent FamiliesGenre FictionTopics Single parent families, father daughter relationshipsSynopsis A father talks about everything he loves about his little girl From the songs she sings, to the food she loves to eat, the places they go together, and the dances they share Describing why there is nothing he loves than his little girl, and his hopes that she will always remember the times they s...

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    I think this book is sweet especially B A N A N A S Avoid the reviews everyone over there has their undies in a bunch because Keillor talks about diaper changing and uses the phrase big legged women and is therefore a pedophile or somesuch nonsense Whatever.

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    This is the book I bought my husband for our baby shower It was my first gift to him as a dad It suits him to a T He sings to our little girl all the time, and he s a deeply irreverent person What better book than this one for a person like that

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    Creepiest prose I ve read in a while, opening with The prettiest legs I ever did seeBelong to a lady who belongs to me Now, the copy I inherited was lacking the CD, but I somehow doubt, based upon my visceral reaction to the prose, that it would salvage the book for me.

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    Collection of poems written by a dad about his baby girl.

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    I selected this book because of its immense popularity at the public library I ve seen it pass over the circulation desk countless times and it is easy to see why it is so popular Daddy s Girl features four songs that Keillor wrote for his youngest daughter The book includes a CD with Keillor performing songs which are funny and full of life Glasser s illustrations are absolutely perfect with their flawless details and ene...

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    I got this from our library and the cd was missing the text is made up of original songs which are sung by the author on an accompanying cd , so I have to admit that I didn t get the full experience Perhaps reading along with the songs would make this book great but, just as a read, it was only okay.The pictures are great I love the illus...

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    The illustrations are pretty but I have to say the way of wording is a little creepy Still really considering just getting rid of this book The book references fat, and big legged little girl In today s society little girl s are already growing up with self image problems Not to mention some of the wording sounds down right perver...

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    Very cute rhymes for dads and their daughters I liked the diaper one at the beginning the best I thought it would make a very cute song to sing while changing diapers The food one wasn t as cute to me and kind of long I liked the final one about dancing as well, but didn t like how the illustratio...

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    So bittersweet I gave it to Nate for Father s Day from Laney Dylan gave him a book about how to fix anything and Katie gave him a book about how to raise teen aged daughters and I must admit it has the same effect on him as Harry Chapin s Cat s Cra...

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