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The Least Cricket of Evening In The Tradition Of The Meditative Essay, The Writing Of Robert Vivian Begins With A Mundane Moment And, Through The Delicate Workings Of Curiosity, Contemplation, And Inspiration, Reveals Unsuspected Meaning.In His Second Collection Of Essays Vivian Finds His Occasions In Midwestern Towns And European Cities He Looks For And Sometimes Stumbles Upon The Spiritual Significance Of Circumstances And Places And Those Who Inhabit Them, From The Jewish Dead In A Long Neglected Cemetery In Poland To A Dog Slaughtered On A Highway Fronting The Black Sea To Gunshots Ringing Out In Rural Michigan Again And Again Vivian Probes What Such Phenomena Suggest About The Times We Live In And What They Share With Every Time That Ever Was.

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    This is the most beautiful book I ve read in a long time In these meditative essays author Robert Vivian trains an unflinching yet compassionate eye on disturbing instances a teammate s suicide, a neighbor losing his home in a fire, the sadness invoked by clearing weeds in a ...

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    The back flap states, In the tradition of meditative essay, the writing begins with the mundane moment and, through the delicate working s of curiosity, contemplation, and inspiration, reveals unsuspected meaning This is the perfect synopsis, one I can t really improve upon There are about 25 short, 6 8 page reflections, covering such topics as hearing train whistles, observing teeth, greeting a beggar, remembering a baseball teammate, and constant observations of people, sounds, actions The writing is very dense and packed with metaphor creativity, extremely personal and explorative, and always takes the reader through the path of simple observation to a peek at the absolute and infinite I found each one of these pieces deep and profound, and they definitely make me feel like I need to regain some of that basic awe an...

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    Yes Vivian can write poetically and fantastically about everything, and is marvelous at setting the stage for any aesthetic, no matter how small, but the essay collection began to fell formulaic about two thirds of the way through Vivian starts describing a small thing he saw in the streets or from his car or throughout his life and e...

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    A collection of brief lyric essays, which should be right up my alley Some of these are beautiful However, too often I wished they had depth many of these use vague language some of the meditations are just stereotypes of people the narrator observes in passing The inwardly focused essays tend to follow the pattern of I saw one thing, it reminded me of another thing, I had lots of feelings, and I don t know why and never will I feel like the question of why do I have these feelings why is th...

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    Vivian s writing electrified me He can write talk about anything and his lyric take on anything is mesmerizing at least for me i find it s morning i m thatched headed in a rush, but had to stop i have profound interest and respect for this writer it s a wow, and i just discovered him accidentally.

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    His second book of essays just as poetic and beautiful as the first The man loves words and uses them with perfection.