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    With a fucked up cross dressing horrific attempt at writing a trans character killer I was really turned OFF.

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    In the fourth Evan Dalaney novel, Evan returns to China Lake for her high school reunion and discovers that the death toll among her classmates is unusually high After two classmates are brutally murdered, Evan suspects something is up and begins to piece together what might be killing her classmates.It all stems back to a day when the group took a field trip to the local Navy base and were exposed to some kind of experiment The results are still haunting and affecting the group to this day and it also created a serial killer who is hunting down the people on the trip and slowly eliminating them Evan is forced to dig into her past to find answers and to try and stop the killer before he or she kills again And when Evan discovers she s pregnant, things become even urgent.As a check your brain at the door and just enjoy the ride, Crosscut works well But the problems of having a first person perspective begin to break through as the novel progresses The story requires that some events unfold outside of Evan s viewpoint and Meg Gardiner shows us those events It s all about upping the suspence quotient, but unfortunately it proves distracting in the novel s final third Gardiner is forced to jump between three perspectives in the novel s final pages and it makes the ending seem a...

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    Wow This is exactly how I like my serial killer thrillers to be like Gory, fast paced, thrilling and twists and turns all the way This was a roller coaster ride that i thoroughly enjoyed and highly recommend

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    The basic premise of Crosscut is a pretty good one Evan Delaney returns to China Lake for her 15 year high school reunion When she goes there she realizes that many of her classmates have died under unusual circumstances It all ties back to an explosion at the naval base where secret operations were being held during a class trip Now, some of her classmates are being murdered pretty horrifically, and it all ties back to Coyote, a CIA operative that was exposed to the same thing that is harming Evan s classmates.Although the concept was pretty good, the execution in this novel is very flawed My biggest issues was that it has massive believability and logic gaps about the size of a Mars crater There were too many things, especially related to Coyote, that made me cringe as I read them because they were so utterly unrealistic The character Coyote was also a poor one that lacked any shred ...

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    Talk about a thriller Wowza When Evan returns to her hometown for her 15 year class reunion she has no idea what a terrorizing ride she would shortly be on As If attending a class reunion is scary enough how about a serial killer taking out members of yo...

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    I read this book when it first was published, loved it, then promptly forgot the title and have been looking for it for the last decade My kids were toddlers way back them I blame my brain fog on that This was a g...

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    Holy Moly, this author is sooo talented Each progressive book seems intense Just when I think it cannot get freakier, it does It just took me 12 or to read the last 3 chapters I had to keep putting it down I have not hyperventilated this much since I read The Girl With The Drag...

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    One of her best More character depth and less SUPER unlikely to happen events Enjoyed this one than any of the others in the series Can t wait to read the next one.

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    Too long, and the premise becomes over the top as it progresses.

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    Crosscut is the fourth in Meg Gardiner s Evan Delany series, and a masterfully written and constructed story.This time around, Evan and her on again, off again fianc Jesse have returned to China Lake, California for Evan s high school reunion only to learn that an inordinate number of her classmate have passed away under odd circumstances And yet another alum has missed the festivities because she had been brutally tortured and murdered that evening And I though my reunion sucked Gardiner s knack for detail and thorough research shine through the telling and lend not only an authority to the telling, but also make the danger and drama all the present The story unfolds and draws the reader along with each twist and turn, being shocked along with the characters We also get the treat of meeting Evan s parents this time out Cleverly, Gardiner has laid out enough back story over the past books that neither requires long introduction, and their personalities add volumes to further understanding who Katherine Evan Delany is, and why.Mostly though, I like this story because the heroes aren t super cops or action figures Instead, they re normal people with feelings and problems and flaws, just like the rest of us The thing that sets these people apart is, rather, an astounding level of gumption...

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Crosscut School S Out For Ever And The High School Reunion Is A Killer Because Something, Or Someone, Is Eliminating Evan Delaney S Graduating Class.For Evan, China Lake Was A Tough Place To Grow Up But She Didn T Realise Just How Tough Until, Returning To The Desert Military Base For Her High School Reunion, She Discovers That A Disturbing Number Of Her Classmates Have Died Young.And The Night Of The Reunion, Another One Is Savagely Butchered She Is Just The First.There S A Serial Killer On The Loose One With A Major Axe To Grind With China Lake High School GraduatesEvan Delaney S Quick Tongue And Hot Temper Have Got Her Into Trouble Before Now She Faces Her Most Dangerous Challenge Yet, At The Hands Of A Ruthless Serial Killer Whose Murderous Motives Have Their Roots In Her Past.

  • Kindle Edition
  • 448 pages
  • Crosscut
  • Meg Gardiner
  • English
  • 23 September 2019

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