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  1. Cristina Monica Cristina Monica says:

    This is so so so so good It doesn’t try to be disgusting and it doesn’t mainly focus on the zombies surprisingly It’s about the little community of survivors and their relationships their helping each other out their trying to find a way out of this pit of death I felt desolate to see some characters gone too soon or left behind but I have some hope of seeing new ones in the future that will make me stop missing the departed ones Great great comic series

  2. Nat Nat says:

    This review contains spoilers for both the tv show season 1 2 and the graphic novelI absolutely loved the first two seasons of The Walking Dead so I decided why not give the comic books a chance And I was not disappointed This volume brought back so many memories of the show for me and reminded me of just how much I loved it— even with the jump scares But The Walking Dead doesn’t only focus on the gore of killing zombies it also explores how people deal with extreme situations and how these events CHANGE themIt was certainly interesting looking back at how Rick started on his journey and how much he has changed and matured since But a lot of beloved old characters reappearedGLENN CAROL ANDREA Oh and Shane also appeared which reminded me of how much I despised him always a fun reminder But then Carl shot him which astonished me considering that in the tv show it doesn’t happen till much later And I don’t remember a Donna from the tv show but I wholeheartedly agreed with what she brought up I did not like Lori in this story At allAnd I almost forgot how gruesome some scenes can be in The Walking Dead especially when they went on the hunt for guns in AtlantaI had to take a breather after that part But it was interesting seeing how different the pace is compared to the tv show—that’s mainly why I uit after season 5 the pace was too damn slowAnd yet this kind of made me want to continue watching the show?? But if I don’t I’ll still continue on to volume 2 in this series I hope sooner rather than later Note I'm an Affiliate If you're interested in buying The Walking Dead Vol 1 just click on the image below to go through my link I'll make a small commission This review and can be found on my blog

  3. Anne Anne says:

    Kudos to Image Comics for saving all that money on a colorist better Erica?I get it I get it I'm frugal too In fact view spoiler We just got back from a family vacation And the entire time I couldn't get my youngest to eat anything they served for breakfast at the place we were staying And they had EVERYTHING there Waffles with strawberries and whipped creamyumBut she's 6 and none of it tasted like Mommy's foodOn day 3 I spied their stash of Froot Loops Yes We're SAVEDOr not 'Cause she spit 'em right out Ewwww These taste funnyAt that point my husband was giving me one of his classic What the hell is wrong with your kid looks and I realized that the Froot Loops tasted funny to her because they weren't the generic Bag 'O Artificially Colored Rings that I normally buyWell shit hide spoiler

  4. Stephen Stephen says:

    40 stars You can see by the ratings and the other reviews of this book that a lot of people think very highly of this series and it is certainly justified This is the kind of excellence in both writing and art that make the graphic novel an incredibly power medium when it is done well Hereit is done very well indeed The writing and the art are superb and I don’t think you could ask for betterBasically the set up is very familiar It is a zombie apocalypse society has broken down and the walking dead control the cities with bands of humans living in the outskirts trying to survive I think that is enough background for you to understand the basic premise of the series Therefore rather then do a detailed plot synopsis which others have done very well I thought I would mention 3 things beyond the aforementioned writing and art that I really thought set this series apart from your typical zombieundead apocalypse story 1 The Realism The creators of this story have started with an impossible unbelievable premise and yet from there have done their best to make the reader forget that we are dealing with science ficiton They have imbued the story with a very realistic tone and the actions and inactions of the characters in the story felt authentic 2 The Story’s FocusPacingWhile the zombie’s in this story are very important and provide a great “danger” this story really focuses on the lives of the survivors and how the breakdown of society can affect people differently The character development is excellent and the emotional resonance is stronger than you typically see in this kind of story 3 The ZombiesOne thing that really struck me while I was reading this is that I found myself feeling sorry for the zombies I think this was something intentional on the part of the creators For example there is a scene early on when Rick is leaving the hospital and there is a female zombie that has here lower body crushed and basically can’t move I haven’t seen the TV showyetbut I think this is the woman from the show Her body is emaciated and yet she can’t die presumably for uite a long time She is just lying there moaning and unable to move She lookedpitiable at least in the storyLater on Rick sees this same zombie again and she is in the exact same spot and you can tell it makes him sad There are similar scenes throughout the book including this Here Rick and a boy are sneaking into town to try and find guns and they come across this sceneall of the zombies you see are “alive” ie zombie alive and yet many of them are trapped and can’t really move I found this aspect to be very compelling and added an additional layer to the dread of becoming one of these creatures I thought the writers did an excellent job in this respect Overall I was very impressed with this first volume and plan to continue reading the series Well written well constructed plot with believable characters and an engaging storyline As far as I was concerned the story was only missing two things that would have made it perfectZOMBIE STORMTROOPERS AND OF COURSE But that's just meand I'm a GUYand I refer you back to the first picture

  5. Jon Jon says:

    I wanted to really like volume one of The Walking Dead Most people do like it They like it a lot I didn't which doesn't make anyone better or smarter than anyone else we just have different tastesI appreciate Robert Kirkman wanting to write a social commentary and not just a horror story but I don't know that he needs to state this in the introduction all good zombie and horror stories are dealing with than just the surface material so Kirkman emphasizing his social commentary sounds like him trying to convince everyone his stuff is smart and deserving of our attention and praise; why not let his graphic novel prove its merit on its own?I didn't feel that the character development was that deep The greatest transgressor here was Lori who is very one dimensional She's the most incompetent woman in the whole story To me she is just the whining wife character who tries to frustrate Rick's chivalric heroism by not wanting him to go to the city or she's the over protective mother figure who doesn't want their son Carl to be taught how to shoot a gun silly women not letting their boys become men She's helpless submissive and mostly just obnoxiousI didn't feel that Kirkman explored some of the issues of survival very thoroughly For example gender issues and the division of labor is raised when some of the women are going to wash the clothes But the issue is opened by Donna's shallow complaints about women doing the washing and men doing the hunting Her argument is bland and Lori's response is eually so she claims it isn't about women's rights it's about being realistic and doing what needs to be done This is a convenient response to shut down Donna who is very obviously constructed as a whining judgmental character we're not supposed to agree with her but are supposed to discard her opinion as rapidly as Lori does The problem is that if you're wanting to survive in the apocalypse or if you just wanna be able to live in our regular supposedly non apocalyptic life everyone should be learning as many skills as possible Kirkman has the opportunity to examine gender roles here but chooses to reduce the issue to a series of bumper sticker statements that don't really say anythingThis becomes even of a problem for me when later the women are taught how to shoot After the argument over who washes and who hunts it seems silly that women are expected to learn so called manly skills like shooting a gun but men are allowed to remain ignorant to washing clothes It's a man's world zombies or no zombies Obviously women should learn how to shoot to protect themselves and to catch food but domestic chores are also important for survival and the men should learn those too Is this a small detail I'm picking at? Perhaps But it happens so often in our culture and our stories that it really annoys the hell out of me And I don't think this is the characters being ignorantly sexist I think it's Kirkman being ignorantly sexistAnother instance of cheap dramatics used to show Lori's helplessness and Kirkman's lame gender use is following the laundry washing when the women are attacked by a zombie and Dale beheads it with his axe The zombie's head is still alive which logically means they have to shoot the head to kill it even though Dale is holding his axe and we see many zombies dispatched with axes and hatchets including right before this moment when Rick kills the zombie feeding on the deer with his hatchet Using the gun to kill the head is a lame move creating bland dramatics to get Rick and Shane to come running back to camp where Lori cries on Rick's shoulder completely beside herself with fear Oh God Rick it was awful This isn't interesting or exciting it's an attempt to make a story exciting because the action the cool the story the readersGender studies issues aside The Walking Dead just moves too uickly a lot of the time A story focusing on the day to day challenge of surviving in a blighted landscape should dwell on the monotony of survival at least some of the time Kirkman wants the story to drag along and take its time but it just felt rushed to me It's like he wanted to have dead time where not much was happening but then got bored with it and just rushed us on to the next zombie scene where we can be thrilled by Tony Moore's grisly art mundane chores don't sell stories but violence doesMoore's art is pretty good especially the zombies But this is an emphasis again on grotesue body horror and violence There are lots of close ups of heads getting hacked at and shot The gore abounds and while that isn't always a bad thing because we are reading a fantasy and zombie stories are a violent nasty subject I wonder if Moore was a bit too enad with killing things As I said I wanted to like this graphic novel but in the end it was just okay It coulda shoulda been brilliant and there are nice moments and signs of real uality But the effort to make it stellar proved too difficult so Kirkman and co chose the much easier safer route of superficiality

  6. Tina Haigler Tina Haigler says:

    Honestly I'm probably the one person on the planet that hasn't watched much of the TV show but I was surprised at how much uickly things in the comic happen I feel like season one was probably Vol 1 and 2 combined Rule number one for reading this Do not get attached to any of the characters At least one person dies in each one at least they do in the first three volumes and in most cases it's 2 or deaths per volume You can like or dislike characters but do not get attached At least it's realistic that way It's definitely gritty brutal and down to earth than a lot of zombie stuff I've seen Most of the characters are easy to like but the main character's wife is a real piece of work I absolutely despise her The art is really good It is black and white though which is fine but I would be interested to see it in color considering how gory it can be I definitely like the story and will continue with the series I'm glad I found a good horror graphic novel that has a lot of volumes and is still ongoing Now I'm onward to the next

  7. Alejandro Alejandro says:

    The days won't be same any This is the first volume of the softcover editions of The Walking Dead collecting the comic book issues from #1 to #6Creative TeamWriter Robert KirkmanIllustrators Tony Moore Additional gray tones to inking Tony Moore Chapter One DAYS GONE BYE Rick Officer Rick Grimes at your service This chapter is the epic beginning of the mega popular franchise of The Walking Dead that first was comic books then expanded to a TV series and now there are even prose novelsThis first chapter has the great artwork by Tony Moore that certainly made it iconic The work of Charlie Adlard in the rest of chapters is really good too specially on the details of things and backgrounds but definitely if I’d be able to choose my pick would be on Tony Moore it was sad that he won’t keep doing the illustrations on the rest of the comic book series As additional info Tony Moore remained in the creative team for a while doing the covers of the first twenty four issues and the covers of the first four regular TPBsA good thing about The Walking Dead if you want to enjoy it in comic books along with TV series is that both storylines are different sure there will be connecting points here and there and you will meet the same names of characters in some cases but they aren’t the same persons and trust me while this is my first compendium in the comic book’s storyline I have been watching the TV series since its own beginning and both stories are different both truly great but different so don’t afraid of spoilers in any of both formats since the events are developed uite different You may think of the “other storyline” of any format comic books or TV series as “the road not taken” But truly loyal to the spirit of the franchiseOfficer Rick Grimes from the Sheriff Deparment in Cynthiana Kentucky suffers a shot injury on duty and he falls into a coma When he wakes up in a hospital bed after several weeks he finds himself alone in the building or at least he thinks that he is alone Soon enough he meets several “things” walking “things” that only a word not matter how nonsensical it sounds is able to describe those walking “things”ZOMBIESAnd if things aren’t bad enough Rick doesn’t know the whereabouts of his wife and son So his first priority is to reunite with his family as soon as possibleRick’s first stop on his own home leads him to meet Morgan and his son Duane Morgan explains him how the world gone to hell while Rick was in comaThe US Government was asking population to go to big cities to be defended there by the army and since Lori Rick’s wife has family in Atlanta Rick decides to go there to search for his wife and son CarlOn Atlanta he finds Glenn an Asian American young man who explains him how the world works nowRick Grimes’ world would never been the same any

  8. Sean Barrs Sean Barrs says:

    Whether you’re a comic book fan or a television buff one thing remains certain Rick Grimes is a badass He’s resourceful too a real survivor When other members of the fledgling group are panicking and running around like headless chickens he acts When they argue about the next move they should take or which option is safest Rick again acts He doesn’t mess about You’ve got to give it to the small town sheriff he uickly realises what he must do to keep his family alive And it isn’t pretty Surviving a zombie apocalypse is no glamorous business In this first volume he covers himself with zombie remains to avoid detection in the vast hoard of the undead By doing so he demonstrates how far he is willing to go protect his family Guns are everything in this new world and walking incognito through the hoards is worth the risk if it means a few firearms around camp A lot can be said about Rick from these early issues From the way he handles the unhinged Shane; to the way he allows his seven year old sun to carry a handgun He realised very early on how bad things were going to get and he knew how to respond Everyone else is still clutching to old world ideas; they are trying to live in the past and use the same set of customs But the world’s gone to hell And at this point it seems Rick’s the only one fully aware of this fact Without him the group would collapse The man knows what’s on the horizon I think his encounter with Shane is pivotal because through it he learns what could happen to him and what is likely to happen to everyone if they’re not careful It’s a perfect foreshadowing of a possible rise in character insanity I think because of it Rick has to up his game He takes charge and begins to make the necessary decisions More importantly though for the rest of the group he dons the face of optimism He becomes their source of strength I think I’m going to really enjoy reading through these; it will be interesting to see how it compares to the television show Already I’m noticing how sanity and an ability to cope is being explored much in these earlier parts of the story The show picks the idea up much later Dale is also a much established character in these comics This is going to be a fun reading experience More Walking Dead Reviews to come

  9. Carol Carol says:

    Oh yeahI'm in The world we knew was gone As it begins the gunslinging Officer Rick Grimes hurt in the line of duty wakes up alonewell almost alone in the hospital No wife and no best friend partner watching over him; no nurse or anyone answers his call and then he finds some of them and realizes the world is not the same THE WALKING DEAD comic graphic novel was a uick way to introduce me to the story that family and friends have recommended to me for yearsand now I'm hooked too ConfessionI've spent the last nine days binge watching all eight seasons of the AMC series and have found a very addictive character driven story of survival Yes there's a ton of blood and gore and evil types that do even worse deeds than the walkers but great entertainment nonetheless as a catastrophic epidemic sweeps the country causing the dead to feed on the livingNoted some differences comparing novel to series even in this first volume Can't wait to read and watch

  10. Warda Warda says:

    We all know about the show I never enjoyed the show But this Now this I liked a lot

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The Walking Dead Vol 1 Days Gone Bye [BOOKS] ✭ The Walking Dead Vol 1 Days Gone Bye By Robert Kirkman – How many hours are in a day when you don't spend half of them watching televisionWhen is the last time any of us REALLY worked to get something we wantedHow long has it been since any of us really NEE How Dead Vol 1 Days PDF/EPUB ² many hours are in Dead Vol Epub Ý a day when you don't spend half of them watching televisionWhen is the last time any of us REALLY worked to get something we wantedHow long has it been since any of us really NEEDED something that we The Walking Kindle - WANTEDThe world we knew is goneThe world of commerce and frivolous necessity has been replaced by a world of survival and responsibilityAn epidemic of apocalyptic proportions has swept the globe causing the dead to Walking Dead Vol 1 Days Kindle - rise and feed on the livingIn a matter of months Walking Dead Vol eBook ↠ society has crumbledno government no grocery stores no mail delivery no cable TVIn a world ruled by the dead we are forced to finally start living.

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