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Putain [Ebook] ➠ Putain By Nelly Arcan – Cachée derrière les rideaux de se chambre une prostituée patiente entre deux clients L'attente se nourrit du souvenir une famille dévote une mère absente et un père distrait Et parfois la jouiss Cachée derrière les rideaux de se chambre une prostituée patiente entre deux clients L'attente se nourrit du souvenir une famille dévote une mère absente et un père distrait Et parfois la jouissance éprouvée avec ces hommes auxuels elle fait l'amour ces hommes u'elle déteste peut être autant u'elle même.

  • Paperback
  • 186 pages
  • Putain
  • Nelly Arcan
  • French
  • 11 February 2014
  • 9782020557177

About the Author: Nelly Arcan

Nelly Arcan born Isabelle Fortier was a Canadian novelistHer first novel Putain enjoyed immediate critical and media success and was a finalist for both the Prix Médicis and the Prix Fémina Afterwards Arcan wrote several short stories opinion pieces and columns for various uebec newspapers and literary magazinesArcan was found dead in Montreal on September According to the Mont.

10 thoughts on “Putain

  1. Ubalstecha Ubalstecha says:

    Don't read this book if you are looking for cheap dime store thrills or bad Harleuin sex scenes Arcan has chose to write this book in a stream of consciousness style It is not a plot driven novel but of a collection of thoughts about the main character Cynthia's life as a whoreIt is an interesting work though with Cynthia's reflection on why her clients visit her they are all fathers who want to have sex with their daughters but since they can't they hire her why she is a whore what lead her here why whores will always exist and why Cynthia can't have a normal relationship There are also some facinating looks at her patrons Michael the Dog who wants to be dominated and Mathieu whose youth cause Cynthia to uestion her value in a youth based profession There is also Michael the Jew who is remarkable in that he stands out in a crowd that Cynthia admits is faceless and nameless there are so manyOne of the things I find missing from this book is taking of personal responsibilityby the main character Her entry into prositution is put on the shoulders of her parents Her mother has apparently spent much of her life in bed slowing spreading out Her father a very religious and dour man never the less has sought comfort in the arms of other women both paid and not He apparently taunted his wife with this and his wife openly discussed this with Cynthia It is their fault Cynthia contends that she now is paid to have sex with men No where is the concept of free will or personal choice adressed Cynthia never really admits that although she may have come from a horrible background that she made the choice to enter into this life She does admit that she finds it hard to leave as she is addicted to the material lifestyle her career has brought herIt is a very interesting book though I recommend it to anyone interested in the real world of prostitution over the Julia Roberts sugar coated view It is also wonderful for me and English Canadian to have access to modern relevant literature from the other solitude

  2. Ariel Ceylan Ariel Ceylan says:

    This book is written in the Satre style existential writing that creates a sense of nausea of the prostitute Cynthia's life This is a story of a woman who searched for an escape from her oppressive household but could not escape it because the way she was brought up ended up trapping her mind in her new life and line of work A must read for anyone with a conscience

  3. Louise Louise says:

    “Putain” translated to “Whore” in English was written by a beautiful intelligent unbalanced suicidal prostitute with very low self esteem She worked as a call girl for an escort service while studying literature at university in Montreal Nelly Arcan aka Isabelle Fortier is screaming out for help in this semi autobiographical book of reflections help I guess she never got as she did end up committing suicide 9 years later Her writing is exuisite and she is able to make rambling sentences sentences that literally go on for pages work very well to convey her morbid and warped outlook on men women sex her parents and life in general I felt very sad for her throughout the book

  4. Vera Vera says:

    Well it wasn't a page turner or an easily readable book despite it's shortness And sadly I don't think the reason is deepness of the subject or something elseIt was mostly based on wicked thoughts of an prostitute Surely not one of those you would firstly think of She writes about how she disgust with the world men her family in a melancholic manner I must confess that I did find interesting her unconventional view of life And honestly I underlined and favored a lot of sentences in the book But that was the only thing I liked about itAs a whole it was kind of a mess It had a suffocating manner lingering on the same obsessive topics too much Even though some ideas were unprecedented and interesting like I said it didn't provoke me to go to the next page For a book that is short like this it had a lot of unnecessary unending sentences which I had to fight against the urge of skipping them Sometimes it felt like they were written to show off to confuse the reader and to arouse the motion that the subject is too deep for the reader Unfortunately it made it boring rather than perceptiveSo the only thing I received from this book was a different aspect of life from a different mind with a suffocating exagerated style

  5. J. Clayton Rogers J. Clayton Rogers says:

    Read this in English translation Knowing the author's fate I wonder if this was some kind of suicide note More essay than novel and so bitter that I had to put it by for a couple of weeks before I was able to finish it It's odd to think that she also wrote books on fashion Appearance was everything to her and at the sign of the first wrinkle life was finished for her at least that's my interpretation A cautionary tale for those obsessed with surface impressions

  6. Dara Dara says:

    This book is difficult to read I wish I could say it was because of the subject matter but that's not so In fact in terms of character motivation and struggle I found it bland and weak It is written in stream of consciousness style And then it has been translated If I found it interesting enough I would perhaps attempt reading the original French version to see if the poor writing was actually poor translation The novel is completely character driven typically a genre I prefer However this character is a weak facsimile created through stereotypes It would be of value for someone who believes that all prostitutes are call girls working out of hotels or diseased streetwalkers But if you've any awareness if the realities and issues of current day prostitution this novel has nothing of value to add and will have you shaking your head at the lost potential of the story

  7. 6655321 6655321 says:

    You know how damaged people are really inherently interesting? this is a proof of concept in book form Nelly Arcan really wants her readers to know everything is not ok that women can only exist in competition that men are disgusting and worthless that god is a myth and that working as a high end escort alternates between depressing her and boring her Her writers voice which is i guess what you review literature on is distinct and prone to run on sentences that some readers find off putting and her prose is engaging IDK i am not a literature person but i really enjoyed this

  8. Jessica Jessica says:

    This was sort of like a 172 paged monologue full of self deprecating rhetorical little explosions While the majority of what she says is heartrending truth it was a little bit of a struggle to stay interested I am excited to see what she puts in a novel

  9. Valerie Mathurin Valerie Mathurin says:

    If there was less then 1 star I would rate it just that Hated it

  10. Isa Nonyma Isa Nonyma says:

    I read this book for Uni and let me just tell you DAMN This book was so very tragically relatable at certain moments at others I just wanted to throw it against the wallThe narration flows through and circles back around 3 main themes her experiences as a sex worker her childhood and her psychoanalysis But there is no clear divide between these themes she writes through an association of ideas The real central theme in this book the way I understand it is the narrator's struggles and profound heartfelt pain vis à vis her feminity partly due to her difficult childhood her hatred for her clients and men but also her conscious internalized misogyny and hatred for women and finally her hatred for herself It's not an easy book to read not so much because of the type of narration and vocabulary it is difficult because it deals with heavy subjects and is very impactful emotionally speaking All in all this book is a total page turner definitely worth a read however tread lightly if subjects of sexual abuse incest raw language and misogyny are a trigger for you

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