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Aliss [Reading] ➿ Aliss Author Patrick Senécal – Alice une jeune fille curieuse délurée fonceuse et intelligente de Brossard uébec Canada A dix huit ans poussée par son besoin d'affirmation de soi elle décide u'il est temps de uitter le cégep Alice une jeune fille curieuse délurée fonceuse et intelligente de Brossard uébec Canada A dix huit ans poussée par son besoin d'affirmation de soi elle décide u'il est temps de uitter le cégep et le cocon familial pour aller vivre sa vie là où tout est possible c'est à dire dans la métropoleA la suite d'une rencontre fortuite dans le métro Alice aboutit dans un uartier dont elle n'a jamais entendu parler et où les gens sont extrêmement bizarres Mais c'est normal non Elle est à Montréal et dans toute grande ville ui se respecte il y a plein d'excentriues comme Charles ou Verrue d'illuminés comme Andromaue ou Chess et d'êtres encore plus inuiétants comme Bone et ChairAlice s'installe donc et mord à pleines dents dans la vie prête à tout pour se tailler une place Or elle ne peut savoir ue là où elle a élu domicile l'expression être « prêt à tout » revêt un sens très particulier.

10 thoughts on “Aliss

  1. Ashley Daviau Ashley Daviau says:

    I’ve always said reading in French is something I don’t enjoy and that it feels like a chore Then this book came along and completely blew that out of the water I absolutely DEVOURED this book and loved every single second of it It took me a bit longer to read since I am a bit slower reading in French but every single minute I spent reading this book was worth it It’s dark and gritty and incredibly sexual but not in an obscene way I’ve definitely never read an Alice in Wonderland retelling uite like this one I love the way it was written as well it was such a casual slang like French that it made it really easy and fun to read I’m glad this book was the one to start my journey down the rabbit hole into French reading

  2. Gabrielle Gabrielle says:

    This is the book that made me fall in love with Patrick Sénécal’s work I had read the very clever “Sur le Seuil” and seen the movie adaptation hilarious re titled “Evil Words” in English And I was impressed; I wanted to know what else this incredibly nerdy looking guy had in him and oh boy did he deliver“Aliss” is a retelling of “Alice in Wonderland” There’s been uite a few of those lately and some got uite dark which I love If you know anything about Mr Sénécal you won’t be surprised to know his version includes sex drugs mutilations and murders So really if you are easily grossed out you may want to skip this one But for horror fans this is a pure delightAlice is a precocious 18 year old very smart and curious A great need for independence triggers a fight with her parents and ends up with young Alice running from her uiet suburban nest to the big scary city of Montreal I jest Montreal is only scary to people who live in its periphery oddly She hops on the metro and finds herself in an unfamiliar neighborhood populated by the strangest people she has ever met; but since city people are weird she doesn’t really pay too much attention to that and decides to find herself an apartment and a job and experience real free life for a little while She wants to push the limits and experiment – and in this strange little neighborhood she can’t seem to escape she will get her money’s worthSénécal is a clever writer he can get the reader engaged no matter how horrific the scene he is describing is and trust me that guy has one hell of a twisted imagination He blends the characters from the original Lewis Carroll works brilliantly with high brow literary references Sade Racine Nietzsche Rousseau and to name a few and low life stereotypes drug dealers sex workers and strip clubs swirls a bit of Carroll’s personal scandals into the mix and sprinkles the whole thing with drug use explicit sex scenes and some of the most gruesome stuff I have ever read Of course this follows the blueprint of the original story so it can get a touch predictable at times if you are a big fan of “Alice” But I can’t dock a star off it is a retelling after all What matters is not whether or not it followed the plot points of the original work but rather whether or not you’ll ever think about sweet little Alice and the Chestshire Cat the same way after you turn the last pageSome people have been disappointed by the ending which they feel to be a bit anti climactic I can see that but I also feel like this is reflective of the author’s viewpoint on adolescent rebellion it is very intense when it happens but people eventually grow out of it and mellow outThis is a book I strongly recommend to all horror fans; I really hope for non French speakers that it gets translated because Sénécal deserves to see his name alongside Stephen King’s in the list of great horror writers

  3. Trang Tran (Bookidote) Trang Tran (Bookidote) says:

    FULL REVIEW of my favourite retelling of Alice in Wonderland A real suspense thriller and horror genre Twisted dark sexual a disturbing world of Montreal like you have never seen it before You will find your iconic characters like Cheshire Cat the Rabbit The Red ueen but in a different fashion Full review to come Trang Book BloggerBook Reviewerhttpbookidotewordpresscom

  4. Emlen Emlen says:

    Weird creepy horrifying clever and engaging I especially like Andromaue a blend of Racine's Andromaue and Lewis Carroll's Duchess which makes for a really uniue memorable character I was somewhat disappointed in the ending it seemed like the big revelation was nothing all that surprising and made Daresbury the bizarre and horrible imaginary neighborhood of Montreal where the book takes place less interesting than it had seemed up till then But overall a really enjoyable bookOh and definitely good for my French though especially so in the area of uebecois slang vocabulary

  5. Annie Annie says:

    Best book I ever read honestly I even named my daughter after Aliss This book is a masterpiece I never read a book twice in my life except for this one I read it at else one a year since it came out

  6. Elizabeth Elizabeth says:

    DNF I don't know who the editor was but I hope he never edits a book again Do you ever read a phrase and suddenly you just know This female character was written by a man? I had that moment about 4 pages in However it wasn't completly obvious so I kept going Until I got to the sex scenes It scarred me for life I mean Flouche je mouille instantanément basically floush im wet ? My personal favorite was ma noune brûle de désir my vagina burns with desire First nobody past 12yo calls her vagina noune and second if your vagina burns you think hospital not sex Basically if you want to read this book and enjoy it do it when you're 15 and too young to know better

  7. Sarah Moretti Sarah Moretti says:

    It was my first time reading a book by this author and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised I'm not usually a fan of horror but for some reason I really liked this one The beginning was a little slow but it uickly turned fromtoreal uick And it didn't stop until the end The writing was great throughout and was super descriptive which I love in these types of books However I got to say the Aliss was getting on my nerves a bit She has to be the worst decision maker in history and I get that she had to make these decisions to find out about view spoilerla Reine hide spoiler

  8. Pauline Howell Pauline Howell says:

    Not for ChildrenIt was great however I read it because my daughter said she read it in school i was horrified when I was done i couldn’t believe they had this book in schools it’s a good book for adults not for kids

  9. Fanilo Andrianjafy Fanilo Andrianjafy says:

    Very interesting book I have read a few books by Patrick Sénécal so far and I have to say that this is the first one I read that seems to have some kind of moral at the end of the story I would recommend this book to anyone looking for something shocking

  10. Ola Ola says:

    Sometimes I had to read certain paragraphs several times to realise they were actually written So strange so disturbing but damn so good

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