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Strontium Dog Strontium Dog Ebook Author Alan Grant Wgf2011.eu Following The Atom Wars In The 22nd Century, Many Of The Survivors Were Mutated By The Strontium 90 Fallout Unable To Get Regular Jobs, Forced Into Ghettoes And Considered An Underclass By The Norms , The Only Work Open To Them Was Bounty Hunting One Such S D Agent Is Johnny Alpha, Whose Eyes Enable Him To See Through Solid Objects.Collects Portrait Of A Mutant Progs 200 221 The Gronk Affair Progs 224 227 The Kid Knee Caper Progs 228 233 The Moses Incident Progs 335 345 The Killing Progs 350 359 Outlaw Progs 363 385

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    This is the second volume of 2000 AD s b w collection of the Strontium Dog material from the 2000 AD magazine home of Judge Dredd, Nemesis the Warlock and many other brilliant British science fiction and fantasy series The material is written by co creator John Wagner and his oft time partner in crime Alan Grant, and drawn by co creator Carlos Ezquerra, with the exception from the final short story Strontium Dog from 2000 AD Annual 1982, which is written by Gary rice and drawn Steven Kyte and in all honesty is not too impressive, especially not by comparison.If the first volume, which is also highly recommended for fans of British science fiction comics of the 70s and 80s, focused on short Strontium Dog stories, this one offers lengthier arcs and consequently complex adventures for mutant bounty hunter Johnny Alpha and his Viking norm partner Wulf Sternhammer.First out is the 19 parter Portrait of a Mutant , which admittedly features Sternhammer very little as deals with Johnny Alpha s back story It gives us a good insight into the world of Alpha, his origin, and the politics of one Nelson Kreelman and the war between his forces and freedom fighters in the m...

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    Back then.Just took a hop back to childhood artwork is what it was Think my paper samling from then can now be konverted to the digital But don t try to explain to the kids

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    Everything in this is a stone cold classic, simple as.

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    18 20.

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    Such good stuff, really good stuff Long nice epics with great Esquerra art In this volume Grant found voice for Doggy and haven t lost it since Good stuff

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    More good stories from Johnny Alpha.

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    While volume 1 gave us a collection of short stories that were essentially case of the week , it s clear that by this volume, Strontium Dog had really found its feet, containing two epic length stories with Portrait of a Mutant and Outlaw , with a variety of shorter stories in between I really enjoyed how a great deal of this volume went deep into the psychology of our anti hero Johnny Alpha, with Portrait of a Mutant revealing the early years of his character, and even the shorter stories like The Moses Incident exploring what happens when one tragedy comes close to pushing him over the edge and making a terrible decision The Killing is pure fun, as Johnny and Wulf take part in a contest to be last man standing against a ton of other killers Outlaw is a great story to end the collection with, as it s not only a great story of Johnny up against all the other bounty hunters but, without going into too much detail, deals with a few major loose ends, too.Chances are, the stories you d get in this volume are stories you ve experienced a few times before, such as the Battle Royale style o...

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    Another good volume of Strontium Dog action A 3 and a half This one contains longer stories than Volume 1 The last third of the book is the 20 something part Outlaw arc And the first chunk details Johnny s background.It s slighty odd reading these early 80 s comic strips as a 40 year old in 2014 I would have been 8 9 when they were first published although I never read 2000AD as a boy So what s it got going for it Mainly, the situations Johnny is involved in challenge strong themes like prejud...

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    Covering the stories printed between Progs 200 385, this collection gives a lot of background to Johnny Alpha and how he ended up as a bounty hunter Pat Mills has been revisiting some of this history in recent 2000ADs, so it was interesting to compare the different emphases between the two tellings.

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