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 A Monster Calls Il Mostro Si Presenta Sette Minuti Dopo La Mezzanotte Proprio Come Fanno I Mostri Ma Non Il Mostro Che Conor Si Aspettava Il Ragazzo Si Aspettava L Orribile Incubo, Quello Che Viene A Trovarlo Ogni Notte Da Quando Sua Madre Ha Iniziato Le Cure Mediche Conor Si Aspettava L Entit Fatta Di Tenebra, Di Vortici, Di Urla No Questo Mostro Un Po Diverso Un Albero Antico E Selvaggio Antico Come Una Storia Perduta Selvaggio Come Una Storia Indomabile E Vuole Da Conor La Cosa Pi Pericolosa Di Tutte La Verit.Un Potente Romanzo Di Formazione, Ruvido E Accecante Come Un Diamante Grezzo Che Illumina Di Un Unica Luce Il Bene E Il Male.

  • Hardcover
  • 222 pages
  • A Monster Calls
  • Patrick Ness
  • Italian
  • 27 August 2019
  • 9788804616658

About the Author: Patrick Ness

Patrick Ness, an award winning novelist, has written for England s Radio 4 and Sunday Telegraph and is a literary critic for The Guardian He has written many books, including the Chaos Walking Trilogy, The Crash of Hennington, Topics About Which I Know Nothing, and A Monster Calls He has won numerous awards, including the Guardian Children s Fiction Prize, the Booktrust Teenage Prize, and the Co

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    You can also find this review on my blog, Cait s Corner First things first This almost never happens, but I have to admit that I cried at the end of this book I clutched my cute little kitty kat and bawled.However, I didn t cry because of what the book in general, necessarily, but because of what it did to me It drags out your saddest memories and pains, kicking and screaming, makes you look them right in the face and watch them all happen all over again, no matter how much you don t want to It effects you on the deepest levels and makes A Monster Calls really turn into what, I think, truly deserves the name of a novel This book resonated with me so deeply on so many different levels it s just astounding.My dad died suddenly, in a span of only thirty short minutes, of heart failure three years ago when I was just fifteen Beneath all of the sadness from his passing, I ve also been horribly mad I never got the opportunity to even see him alive even once on that Tuesday, to let my monster come walking and hold me up with its monstrous hands as I said the words I didn t think I d ever have the bravery to utter All of the little things that you thought would be indelible really can go away, just in the last couple of months I can t remember what my dad s voice sounds like any, and every time I look in the mirror, I see my dad it s a ...

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    Please excuse my ramblings, I read A Monster Calls in three hours and I am still extremely emotional I should not have been given access to a computer after such a powerful book.As I am writing this, there are still tears coursing down my face black from my mascara I may look like something straight out of a horror movie, but my soul feels lighter somehow I was fooled into thinking this would be a simple story as it is only 200 pages, ...

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    I got back to my apartment in Bulgaria and thought I d read a little bit of this novel before I went to bed 2 hours later I was still sat in my original position but by this time I was sobbing my heart out Literally sat there crying like a baby to myself I doubt this book will be everyone s cup of tea but, whatever it has, it really worked it s magic on me.I thought A Monster Calls was pretty much amazing in every way from it s darkly beautiful illustrations worth buying a paper copy for to the great big touching metaphor that is the backbone of the story.Didn t like The Knife of Never Letting Go Not a problem Forget it s by the same author whether you liked his previous books or not Pretend you ve never heard of Patrick Ness before because this is nothing like anything he has ever written It s nothing like anything I ve ever read Where the Chaos Walking trilogy was a fast paced adventure story, this is a very moving, well written tale of a boy who s mum has cancer It s about loss, and that doesn t necessarily mean death, and it s also about learning to let go and forgive yourself and others around you.Think you ve got it Think you ve worked out that the monster is going to be cancer itself Think again.Like I said, this is a very different sort of idea credit t...

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    I just read this book from cover to cover.I have no idea how to rate it.It is the worst book I ve read.I would never be able to recommend it,because I hated it.It s ripped my heart in two.It ll make you think of losing the one person who means the...

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    In the dark of night, when the house is still, what fears creep into your heart For Conor O Malley, his nightmares take the shape of a very old and very dangerous monster who visits him every night at seven minutes past midnight He s half convinced that these must be dreams of his fevered mind But how can they be, when the visits are so vivid and when he finds physical evidence of the monster s existence the next day Conor s nightmares begin shortly after his mother starts her treatments for cancer He s also dealing with a father who lives far away and is engrossed with his new family, a brisk and determined grandma who doesn t understand him, and schoolmates who don t seem to see him any As readers learn and about Conor s story and the terrible monster who comes to visit, it is impossible not to feel worry and fear and sadness for this boy, whose must shoulder problems that have toppled many adults before him But even in his anger and pain, Conor s defiant spirit shows flashes of dry humor and painful hopefulness that are difficult to witness, but make him impossibly endearing A Monster Calls is a middle grade children s book, but it s a children s book in the way that Roald Dahl or Shel Silverstein wrote children s books that is, the surface stories are certainly well written and compelling, but underneath that are the themes of confusion and loneliness and sadness that elevate them to timeless works of literature And whi...

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    The monster showed up just after midnight As they do Seven minutes after midnight ANDone hour after finishing the book sits in a pile of tissues and STILL weeps This was me on Saturday.This is me now, four days after reading the book sits down to write a proper review but immediately starts to cry again I can t write a review about this book, I just can t Heaven knows I ve tried to, but whenever I think about A Monster Calls I m tearing up again Just to think about this book is already dangerous It makes you feel, it causes your heart to ache, it makes your throat go tight with sadness and pain It forces you to think And this probably might be the most dangerous thing Stories are the wildest things of all, the monster rumbled Stories chase and bite and hunt I can t even tell you what exactly causes me to cry Maybe it s the entire book, maybe it s the monsters painful wisdom, maybe it s just the bitter truth All I know is that this story moved me It moved me on a level books rarely do and it s one of those books you wish you never read, but at the same time you re so glad that you actuall...

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    Such a beautiful and gripping story I feel like this is one of those books that will stay with you long after you ve read it.

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    To see this review and others, please visit www.readrantrockandroll.com A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness is a book like no other and one that I ll never forget My first rating in January on this book was 4 stars I couldn t figure out why, I just didn t love the story I re read it this past weekend and I ve revised my review This review may contain spoilers for those who haven t read the bookI was very angry, then sad, then had mixed emotions in between My main issue when I first read it was that I wanted of an ending, or perhaps before the ending Maybe I wanted a different outcome because I was so hopeful for Conor I don t know, but after reading it again, without a doubt, I know I just can t handle the truth As a mom, my worst nightmare With that said, I ve pondered over it and feel this book deserves 5 stars.It s a boo...

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    Whyin the world did I re read this right now YESTHIS BOOK IS A HEART BREAKER Conor s mom is dying, he won t believe it He says she s just having her treatments and she will get better like last time I m not really sure if the yew tree monster is in his mind to help him or if it s real I like to think it is a little of both It is there coming to Conor s window trying to get him to come out and talk to it I really liked the graphics in this book, they are not not oh and ah, they are just graphics that tell a tale Conor gets bullied at school, but this doesn t really seem to bother him Maybe it dulls the pain of what s going on with his mom Conor s dad comes back from the states to visit with him a little bit before. Conor is living with his grandmother, whom he doesn t seem to like very well at first Conor was hoping the yew tree monster would visit him at her house and he finally did this caused a lot of destruction I ve been thinking it for the longest time, Connor said slowly, painfully, struggling to get the words out I ve known forever she wasn t going to make it, almost from the beginning She said she was getting better because that s what I wanted to hear And I believed her Except I didn t No, the monster said Connor swallowed, still struggling And I started to think how much I wanted it to be over How much I wanted just to stop having to think about it How I couldn t stand the waiting any I couldn t stand how alone it made me feel He really began to cry now,...

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    this book is a perfect modern fairy tale.not a nice disney one with singing birds where everyone gets to go home with their prince and all of their limbs, but the older, darker kind involving foot choppery and decimation.lemme step back a bit i added this book to my to read shelf the moment i saw its cover here on goodreads.com i knew nothing about it except that something in me bellowed WANT i did not win it in the firstreads giveaway naturally and as and people began writing reviews for it, i discovered that it was not at all the kind of book i had thought spooky horror , and was in fact something far insidious and lasting.WHY AM I TELLING YOU ALL OF THIS 1 this is how all my reviews are welcome.2 i am afraid of reviewing this book.it is tricky business, isn t it, sometimes on the one hand, if i had not read other reviews on here, i would have gone into it thinking it was going to be a typical horror story and who knows how i would have responded when i found out the actual tone of the book but by not saying anything, who knows if this book will reach the correct audience decisions are hard.i will say this it is a beautiful book and i mean that both in the book as object sense and in its contents don t ever read this book on a device you are missing half its power a unicorn without its horn is just a horse, after all.this is a nearly perf...

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