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Punch↑ PDF Epub Punch Author Shiuko Kano Brazilianportuguesetranslator.us Architect Motoharu Maki Is Hanging Out At The Construction Site Ogling A Particular Hunky, Well Toned Construction Worker When He Is Unexpectedly Reunited With His Lost Cat, Shinobu The Reunion Is All Thanks To Kouta Ohki, A Foul Mouthed Young Ironworker Who Found And Cared For The Lost Cat Unfortunately For Kouta, This Act Of Kindness Led To His Eviction When Motoharu Agrees To Take In Young Kouta, Will He Be Able To Tame This Feisty Stray Includes A Bonus Play Boy Blues Side Story.

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    Not For the Faint of Heart Punch Up Vol 1 ReviewIt s time to take this on the road We re in sunny Madison for the weekend and it just so happened that I took this book along with, and so thanks to some sake and plum wine here we are and it s go time This is the second book from SubLime Publishing, which is the same that brought me Three Wolves Mountain, which has been one of my favorite yaoi mangas Punch Up takes a fairly standard approach, though, ditching the supernatural elements and showing a traditional read messed up relationship This serves to show a rather dramatic series of events, but leaves much to be desired in the whole these characters being decent people front.The volume does a nice enough job setting things up, and while this is a spin off of another series by the same author I didn t feel lost at all, didn t miss anything These characters have other stories, but for most part the relationship between the two main characters stands on its own and is given enough space to grow and breath This is not a healthy relationship, though The architect characters is a jerk, very possessive and controlling, very concerned with his own appearance and not really as...

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    Actually really liked this story It s about an architech that falls in love with a construction worker They are connected by a stray cat that one of them finds and gets evicted for So, they decide to li...

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    3.5 stars.While it does not break any new ground in the genre nor is it extraordinarily titillating, this first volume in the series gets a few extra points for the following 1 Having a couple that is comprised of actually gay men that this need be stated is a bit problematic but what can you do 2 Having lead protagonists who are goofy and weird I like that Maki the seme is such a weirdo, wears his heart on his sleeve, and tries so hard to be a good boyfriend Another nice change of pace.3 Exploring the problem of starting a relationship with sex and trying to make it work after that.All that said, this volume mostly used the situations to get the characters to getting it on, which is fine, but there are better examples of both erotica and plot driven romances in the genre see others that I have read and reviewed here Overall, it s just fine with a coupl...

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    Spin off from Play Boy Blues series Even cold hearted bad boys can fall in love Maki Motoharu egotistical Architect and Ohki Kaouta construction worker come together all due a fight over the love of a cat I loved the tension between these too Th...

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    Lots of sex scenes but the characterization is wobbly and honestly the relationship isn t terribly compelling The cover and back copy sell this as a romance where the conflict will be class difference but honestly almost all the conflict comes from the two protagonists being unbel...

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    2.5 5 This graphic novel was pretty good and entertaining It was pretty difficult at times to be able to tell who was speaking because it wasn t all that clear The characters themselves were good, but I was a...

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    I do like this series, it just isn t my favorite I find the relationship interesting and the cats ARE TO CUTE

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    It s Yaoi not TolstoyThere were some really cute and funny partsbut like most bl manga it s about the sex and then sex again

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    Outrageous.Atrocious.hilarious Three words which describe this series perfectly I didn t think that I would enjoy this book this much but Maki s outrageousness and absolute shamelessness makes this a fun read.

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    Punch Up, story and art by Shiuko Kano, is a yaoi manga series Here s a quick synopsis Basically, an architect by the name of Maki Motoharu is at a construction site sizing up an attractive construction worker because he s a lecherous old man when his cat Shinobu happens to turn up He discovers an ironworker, Ohki Kouta, had been caring for Shinobu, and Ohki lost his home because of the cat Maki feels responsible and takes Ohki in, allowing him to live at his place Maki is a pervert with a wandering eye, and Ohki has a foul mouth and bad temper They like each other, but have a long ways to go in the relationship department, which expands and develops further along in the series Each has to make a number of sacrifices and learn to curb their bad habits It takes Maki time to admit he loves the young man.I purchased the entire series and read it in several hours Initially, I ve got to say Maki irked me his sleazy personality, going for every guy and his sexual perversions in the beginning, were a real turn off I couldn t tell if his feelings for Ohki were genuine or not, or if he was just an old dog trying to learn a new trick Not to mention, I didn t find him to be the most attractive seme I mean Asami Viewfinder is drop dead gorgeous, the iconic seme ruthless and stoic, but has a soft spot for his prey Another is Kei Kizuna a tough...

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