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  • Hardcover
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  • The World According to Garp
  • John Irving
  • Finnish
  • 11 January 2019

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    This book is one of my favorites Because I like it so much, I m not going to say much, except that it s always worth reading, even if you have read it before.There s a scene in this book it s a revealed that a high up publisher gives all his manuscripts to his cleaning lady, and she s the one that tells him whether they re worth publishing or not When he asks her why she read a particularly disturbing novel, she answers To find out what happens next Later, she adds, A book s true when you can say yeah That s how damn people behave all the time This says a lot about John Irving I love John Irving in particular, partly because I m always wondering what s always going to happen next, and partly because, despite all the outrageousness of his characters, they behave the way real people behave Of course, I wouldn t want to be a John Irving character,because terrible things are always happening to them They re orphaned, abandoned, stranded, confused or unhappily pregnant They re the victims of rape, car accidents, and infidelity They re a mess and Garp may get the worst lot of all but that s why I like them Some authors fade to black when things get gruesome, messy, or explicit, but John Irving never does and li...

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    I had heard so much positive about this bookthat it was on my Books to Read Before I Die list Well, I will die with having read 1 2 of it I kept reading, I guessbecause of how great it was supposed to be I meanJohn Irving I got to the half way...

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    I d say that Lolita and Love in the Time of Cholera are the two best written books I ve ever read But if I had to pick my all time favorite book I d probably go with The World According to Garp Irving takes us on the path of T.S Garp s life from conception to death and I was enthralled every step of the way This book is full of humanity, full of both light and dark humor, and full of insight into the human condition Irving took over from Charles Dickens and put his own unique spin on telling a tale and creating characters that stay with you I ll also add that while the movie based on it is less than a masterpiece not that it wasn t a valiant effort to condense a lenghthy complex story , Robin Williams gave an admirable performance that showed he had a lot range and substance as an actor than most people probably realize...

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    Oh My I think I need to read this again..Maybe I was on drugs the first time I read it. wait I didn t do drugs even during the 60 s while living in Berkeley..I was a straight arrow Maybe that was my problem..Help.I must read this book again I have my reasons I m leaving it at that

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    Indeed there are enough freaks sufficient eccentricity here to make this a SUPER enjoyable read It lacks what the only other Irving novel I ve read so far, A Prayer for Owen Meany, has plenty of melancholia It deviates to a semibiography of a writer, from an incredible birth story involving a strictly asexual nurse and a vegetable memento from the war named Garp The name is onomatopoeia She becomes an early figure of the feminist movement Hilarity ensuesThe son, Garp, is a writer who becomes one to conquer the girl Forgive my disgust for this Norman Rockwell portrait, this American fairy tale convention But wait a minute This is like a distortion of a Rockwell American dreamscape, really There are mutilations aplenty Garp s life is one of self awareness and inflated to the point of exploding superego There are poetic afterthoughts and wondrous threads of whimsy But though I must admit parts read like my all time fave Con...

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    This broke my heart, then broke my heart a little every time Why did I continue Habit, I guess It s damn well written even if not really a dazzling ball of a time I always read through the pages no matter how upsetting because something better might happen, or something else I guess in this case it paid off because, if you re reading this, then I ve written a review I promised myself I m going to write something worthwhile, but honestly I feel like this won t live up to the sincerity, this ll probably be crap I just hope it s the kind of crap that ll make you feel better, or the kind of crap that ll emphasize something important you already know, or the kind of crap that feels real, like my experience with this book Well, here goes The World According to Garp is a powerful caricature of life s odds and evens, a condensed experience of what hearts go through in all the years you ve had and all that s left The novel tells the birth, life, and death of T.S Garp, father, husband, son, writer, feminist, wrestler, and cook His joys, his troubles, his weaknesses, his anxieties, all abound in the pages There really is a sort of characteristic richness to American literature that separates their body of work from other countries, and there is no better writer who exemplifies this literary richness like John Irving It is a...

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    4.5 5 stars Right from the beginning, I saw that this was going to be one of Irving s quirky masterpieces So many weird and crazy things were happened as we followed Garp and his mother, Jenny, but each quirky thing I encountered only made me fall in love with the book even The World According to Garp is the story of Garp who got his ear bitten off by a dog as a child His mother is a nurse who got pregnant through very worrisome measures The book is the story of Garp from beginning to end, and it s a story that takes you from Vienna to New Hampshire,...

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    Dull, dull, dull Boring people doing boring things Even the sex is boring.I ve spent some time wondering whether everyone is so boring because it s the world according to Garp, and Garp himself is boring The novel is cleverly structured it could be a literary theorist s wet dream Garp himself is a novelist, and shards of his work appear throughout this novel, including the third chapter of his third novel, The World According to Bensenhaver Excuse me if I got the name wrong Both start with rape well, in the case of Garp, that s pushing it, but the relationship is clearly intentional Lots of clever stuff that might be interesting to think about Is Garp so boring because his boring mom ascribes all the world s problems to lust, which she understands about as well as the Victorians who put dress...

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    I heard about this book for the first time in early eighties this was a specific time in Poland I ignored it completely escaping into music and books Catch 22 , Birdy , One Flew Over the Cuckoo s Nest , World according to Garp Those are some examples from my reading list from that period And I think one does not have to be too much insightful to see the common denominator for these readings World according to Garp , the most known Irving s novel narrates about this strange thing called life We ve got almost everything here sex , love , writing , bears on bicycles , maimed people and all sort of misfits death is always tragic and lust mercilessly punished This is a book people love or hate or love to hate Ones say it s too vulgar , obscene , too literal in some descriptions Yes it is and what of it But it s also touching , makes you laugh and cry.And in spite of all its grotesqueness , dark humour and...

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    Book 4 in my John Irving Challenge, and the best one yet.The idea that men and women are equal seems to me a basic truth What sets us apart, medically, is our reproductive organs Yes, you can have gender reassignment surgery, but a person born a man cannot carry a child conceived using one of that man s eggs because he doesn t produce eggs Science has a long way to go on that advancement, if anyone is even working on it Likewise, no person born a woman is out there fertilizing an egg with her semen, because she does not produce semen So, when speaking about medical classification, our reproductive organs are the only things that separate us You can joke and giggle and play the men are dumber card I know I have, because there seems to be loads of evidence that we are, in fact, dumber, or, at the very least, slower to think and quicker to act, but there is no scientific proof that, say, a man s brain is smaller or less active than a woman s If you argue this in the comments make sure to back up your findings with cited proof Thank you You can even say women are emotional, which isn t a negative in my book, but ...

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About the Author: John Irving

JOHN IRVING was born in Exeter, New Hampshire, in 1942 His first novel, Setting Free the Bears, was published in 1968, when he was twenty six He competed as a wrestler for twenty years, and coached wrestling until he was forty seven Mr Irving has been nominated for a National Book Award three times winning once, in 1980, for his novel The World According to Garp He received an O Henry Award