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10 thoughts on “And Then I Cried

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    A wonderful book that should be read by everyone An honest, funny, real, sad and wonderful story to be told and read.

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    I stretched out on my bed to read a chapter A single chapter to relax and help to sleep I then realize i ve read six chapters and wanting to read Wanting to give Justin a hug and support Wishing I had tissues to dry my tears I m so surprised by the detail he gives in telling his story it puts you right there beside him and almost gives you that I want to run away feeling, but you can t your bound by the same responsibility Justin has You can t run and hide cause you to hav...

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    Reading this book is like sitting down with a friend and having one of those conversations that stays with you forever Jordan takes the reader into his world and offers a view that most could never conceive of This book will open your eyes and your heart t...

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    This was A great book start to finish I couldn t Stop reading it I read the whole book in 4 hours The joy the tears and everything kept my hooked into it Couldn t recommend a better book to read about the real life of a soldier.

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    loved it, read it than once, everyone needs to read it

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    Interesting look behind the curtains but I felt like the author gave too much details on certain things dragging things while he rushed through others Unfortunately the rushed parts where the ones I was most interested in.Interesting look at something we don t usually think about though.

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    The book struvk a chord.Being a veteran of Vietnam i found this very interesting We never saw this side of war or the impact a death had on anyone in the States Thank you for writing this.

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    Awe inspiring Highly recommended This is a raw and honest story Thank you for writing it for others to read Very well written, obviously written from the heart Recommend this book to anyone who has any compassion in their heart Congratulations

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    Great book gained knowledge of the way military funerals take place

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    Very honest and interesting to peak into his mind and has a very good ending The only reason I m giving it 4 stars instead of 5 stars is because he is very negative in many places in the book.

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And Then I Cried EPUB And Then I Cried Justin Jordan Larringtonlifecoaching.co.uk And Then I Cried Stories Of A Mortuary NCO Is The First Work From Justin Jordan Jordan Details Life As An Air Force Mortuary Non Commissioned Officer In His Stunning Debut Jordan Forces The Reader To Walk Beside Him On His Journey In This Gruesome World Jordan Holds Nothing Back, And Shares In Graphic Detail How He Honored Americas Heroes, Both At Deployed Locations And Stateside This Book Will Pry Your Eyes Wide Open As You Gasp From The Sheer Horror He Faced Daily, From Dealing With The Families Of The Fallen, To Witnessing The Embalming And Preparations Of The Deceased Jordan Also Shares How This Job Taxed His Mental Well Being, As He Suffered In Silence, Longing Not To Care Jordan Is Still Serving On Active Duty And Suffers From The Crippling Effects Of PTSD, His Story Will Enlighten You, It Will Touch You, And Yes, You Will Cry.