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Ramayana 2.0 PDF Epub Ramayana 2.0 Author Vijayendra Mohanty Buyantivirus.us The Hindu Epic Ramayana Was Composed By The Sage Valmiki Thousands Of Years Ago Which Is Why It Is Nothing Short Of A Wonder That The Story Has Such A Formidable Presence In Contemporary India Even Today.Ramayana 2.0 Pays Tribute To Sage Valmiki S Original Sanskrit Composition 24,000 Verses Spread Over 7 Books By Being A Small Little Flash Fiction Anthology That Uses Characters And Events From Ancient Epic To Tell Stories That Are Concerned With The Contemporary Democracy, Gender, Patriotism While At The Same Time Also Addressing Timeless Issues Belief, Justice.With Simple Language And At Slightly Over 5000 Words, The Ebook Is A Light Read Suitable For People For All Ages It Is Released Under A Creative Commons Attribution NonCommercial ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License And Is Freely Sharable With Almost No Restrictions.

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    This book is potentially a heroine injection for an atheist IT humorously details eccentricities of characters of Ramayana If Ramayana, was ever written in modern narrative styles, this is how it would look like A very short read of just 30 pages of pure good humour

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