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Vimohs Fables Ebook Vimohs Fables Author Vijayendra Mohanty Undercostruction.eu Vimoh S Fables Is A Collection Of 9 Short Fables That Are About The Pursuit Of Happiness Through Bad Times, Pain, Fear, And Sometimes Even Through Reality Whether It S A Boy Taking Aim With His Arrow, A Dog Chasing His Tail, A King Worrying About His Death, Or A Nuclear Missile Becoming Self Aware And Falling In Love With Itself These Stories Are About Perspective.The Ebook Is Being Released Under A Creative Commons Attribution NonCommercial ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License And Is Freely Sharable With Almost No Restrictions Also, It Is 100% DRM Free So You Can Read It Any Way You Want On Your Device Of Choice.

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    Finally I read it Sent in by a well wisher This surprised me that normally the genre I don t like, a story giving life lessons, here I just loved all of them Lovely little tales that stares at you while you finish them Wanting answers And making you analyse where did this hit you.

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    In my personal opinion, Vimoh is really one of the best storytellers in India at the moment I have been a fan of his writing since Ravanayan and I love how he has a very different perspective to seemingly mundane things This small book of fables simply shows how powerful his writing is and what a genius Vimoh is with words because I know writing a meaningful short story is far difficult than writing a long novel as brevity is always breathing down your neck All the stories are metaphorical and they stay with you for a long time even after you ve read them I took three days to finish this small book because after every story I would stop and reflect upon it to find the other layers to it which were hidden between the words that were unwritten The stories may seem campy and cheesy to some but I found them ...

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