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Mind The Thorns Issue 1 Mind The Thorns Issue 1 Author Rob Osterman Regan Knew Her Day Was Going Down Hill When She Said I Don T While All Her Friends And Family Expected To Hear I Do , Passed A Middle When She Found Herself Attacked And Killed Outside Her Favorite Pub, And Hit Rock Bottom When She Awoke In A Coffin Still In Her Wedding Dress In Issue 1 Regan Awakens In Her Coffin, Still Dressed From Her Wedding And Has No Choice But To Face Her First Night As A Member Of The Living Dead Alone She Will Meet Other Vampires, Their Thralls And Even Her Former Fiance As She Tries To Understand What She Is, And What Life Or Unlife May Lay Ahead For Her.This Is Not A Full Novel But Chapters 1 3 In The Ongoing Web Serial Mind The Thorns Hosted At

  • Paperback
  • 52 pages
  • Mind The Thorns Issue 1
  • Rob Osterman
  • English
  • 15 July 2017
  • 9781478176480

About the Author: Rob Osterman

Mr Osterman lives in South east Michigan with his wife and partner Jennifer, their son Xander and daughter Kaylee The modest house is also home to four cats, Marley, Mina, Currie and Serendipity By day, he is a mild mannered high school math teacher, and by night a writer and gamer He began his writing career in high school, penning back stories and adventures for a variety of characters base

10 thoughts on “Mind The Thorns Issue 1

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    I received this book from a First Reads giveaway.With such a small glimpse of the story, I was left wanting to know what happened to Regan next This novella offered a tantalizing look at some potentially interesting characters, but I felt like I just didn t get enough of a chance to figure out who they were.I really like Regan, though She definitely strikes me as th...

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    Edgy and dark with touches of lightness, this is a fantastic read that doesn t get weighed down by the typical undead angsty wailings of late coughvampirediariescough I ve read the first three chapters and am now following the series online I d recomme...

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    I won this book on a first reads giveaway It was a quick read about an hour , and the author sets it up for a great series though I think it would be better to compile it all into one whole book rather than a lot of self published novels I found the description of the lead character funny, Accountant, bachlorette, and Vampire Especially since I can relate to the accountant and vampire a long standing family joke part I would be interested to see how the author expands on the personal professional life of the leading character, especially since he doesn t even tell you that she is an accountant in this first installment, only hinting at one financial tool I might also mention that the hinting wasn t really an accounting tool, rather a financial advising tool from my experience So, like I said, it will be interesting to see the progress of that He did a great job with her awakening I personally was very pleased with the added notes of what Hollywood was doing to vampires and her reactions, such as when she first finds the blood bag and immediately stating that she wasn t going to drink it, also thinking that this was all a joke, to me that is a very realistic approach to a person finding themselves the newly undead My o...

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    I recived this book for first reads giveaway and I was a little dissapointed that it was such a small part of the story I did like it and would recommend reading it but it was such a short read, it took me ...

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    I won this book on goodreads from first reads I finished this book last night I thought it was a funny story how she thinks they played a bad joke on her just to find out she is a vampire I loved the story it was cute but think the book could ve been longer I felt compelled ...

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    This was a book I won from goodreads. I was a little disappointed when I realized that this was only the first 3 chapters of the story After reading them though, I will definitely be going online to see if I can read t...

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    itwasgreati loved it

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