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Eternal Hunger (The Complete Series) PDF Epub Eternal Hunger The Complete Series Francene Carroll Easyfaroairporttransfers.co.uk Lucia West Is Enjoying Her Bachelorette Party At A Nightclub When She Is Bitten By A Strange Man On The Dance Floor This Brief Encounter Takes Her Into The Glamorous World Of The Clan, The Name Given To The Vampires That Control The World S Financial And Political Systems When She Learns Of The Dark Secrets Hidden Beneath The Clan S Glamorous Facade Lucia Is Forced To Decide What She Believes In And How Far She Will Go To Defend Her Beliefs.Eternal Hunger Is About A Young Woman S Awakening As Her Society Teeters On The Brink Of Destruction, And The Healing Power Of Love Which Can Bring Even An Undead Heart Back To Life.

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    I received a copy of Eternal Hunger The Complete Novella Series by Francene Carroll The book starts out with Lucia at her bachelorette party She is out with her friends at a club celebrating her last few days as a single woman, when a mysterious handsome stranger asks her to dance And the stranger bites her on the neck Lucia doesn t realize how this event will affect her life But soon she finds herself selling her soul to a vampire named Drake L amour in exchange for immortality Soon after accepts her new life as a vampire, Lucia realizes Drake left out a few details about vampires as he enticed Lucia to give up her ordinary life as a mortal But she finds the most important thing he forgot to tell her was the emptiness of the vampire s life As she makes her way through the vampire world, she finds that it is not so easy to give up all of her humanity She abhors the hunts that many vampires enjoy, and she desperately wants to regain her mortal soul She finds out about an evil plot by the Count, the vampire leader, to take over the human world and return it to the way it was before human s advanced technologically She also learns that there is a group of rebel vampires that are fighting this plot And she decides she must be part of this group And during this journey she finds herself falling in love with Drake L amour, the vampire who is responsible for this journey she is on.I really l...

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    I ll admit it I am a vampire book virgin I haven t even read Twilight or gone to see any of the movies, and the last time I tried to read Dracula I gave up after only a few chapters Something about vampires creep me out and no matter how many sparkly new incantations they make, I still don t take a shine My cherry was popped with Francene Carroll s book Eternal Hunger Eternal Hunger starts out simply enough Lucia is out celebrating her bachelorette party when a sexy stranger asks her to dance and bites her on the neck Lucia is initially horrified with the amorality of the vampire life and vows to stay a human Her struggle to defend her position becomes increasingly difficult as it becomes clear she doesn t love her husband, she hates her dead end job, and she has no desire of living happily ever after in the burbs with two kids It is this struggle and the rest of the human struggles about our choices in life that give this book its heart and soul When Lucia gives into the allure of absolute freedom and becomes a vampire she is immediately filled with regret Much like the way anyone feels when a dream doesn t go their way Banal amorality is fun to watch, but being a willing per...

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    Yes, I m the author of the Eternal Hunger series I had a great deal of fun writing this series because it is very loosely based on one of my favourite books of all time, Bram Stoker s Dracula See if you can pick the parallels the names are a dead give away I couldn t help being a bit snide with the character of Jasmina because Mina is so sickeningly perfect in the original.The series also delves into some heavy issues such as greed and poverty which I believe are very relevant in this post GFC world My vampires might glow a bit in the dark but they are not sparkly, and although this is a love story, it s not erotic vampire fiction.Everything I write tends to have a political edge to it, even when I set out to avoid this, because it s so much a part of who I am If you want to find out about my motivations for writing this series you can visit my blog, particularly my review of t...

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    I had the pleasure of reading Eternal Hunger, a novella from Francene Carrol The novella is a set of 5 mini stories based around the main character Lucia, a girl who in the first story is set to be married This is a vampire novel of sorts but is a little different from most other vampire novels that I have read I was immediately drawn in from the first chapter because let s face it, who doesn t love...

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    My first book with this author At first it felt like it was just out of the Dracula movie with Bella Lugosi The story jumped around too much that it made it difficult to follow around The love story was touching, but I want vampire stuff I guess It was free, so I don t feel like I lost anything.

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    Even though there seem to be quite a few typos throughout the book, it kept me interested and had a good ending.

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    It was so bad I sort of enjoyed myself, but it got to a point that it just got so bad I could not finish it All it needed were sparkles.

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    Just ok