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    Tony Speaks and I m sure he wished he hadn t Well at least not anywhere where what he said was recorded and or published or televised To quote one of his oft repeated observations, Sh t happens Regrettably we have had to listen to and or read most of his ill considered observations This book conveniently collects ...

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    Quotes from Tony Abbott are both amusing and scary.

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    Equal parts amusing and depressing.

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    Lame churchy loser is my new favourite insult.

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    Hilarious, he really is Australia s funniest joke.

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    So good quoted from it so much

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Tony Speaks! The Wisdom of The Abbott Reading Tony Speaks The Wisdom Of The Abbott By Russell Marks Ivogue.co.uk You Ve Seen Him Wearing Speedos, Kissing Babies, Diving A Mining Truck And Chatting To His Flock.But Who Is The Real Tony Abbott In The Grand Tradition Of Bushisms And The Wit Of Whitlam, Here Are The Sayings Of Abbott, Unvarnished And Rich In Revelation The Very Best And Worst Of Australia S Irrepressible Mad Monk.