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Gifted (The Super Seven, #1) EPUB Gifted The Super Seven, 1 Author Celesta Thiessen Thomashillier.co.uk Thirteen Year Old Chrissy Can Read Minds And Do A Few Other Nifty Little Tricks, Such As Levitating Small Objects She Never Realized Her Gift Was Such A Big Deal Until Her Principal, Mr Kerberos, Tells Her She Has To Have A Brain Operation Soon Chrissy Is On The Run With An Unlikely Ally, Michael, A Non Gifted Can She Escape Mr Kerberos And Discover Her True Destiny

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    Gifted The Super Seven Book 2 Wow What a story I enjoyed the mystery and the adventure of the good versus the evil side But I cannot not reveal who wins here in this review you will need to get it yourself and you will not be sorry you did I sure did not A very clean read Packed with a fast placed story.may yet not a long one either On...

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    Really good storyThese types of stories aren t what I usually read but the cover was so cute I decided to take a chance I m so glad I did because once I started reading it I wanted to find out what was going to happen.I could see the story unfolding in front of me I liked both Chrissy and...

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    Suspenseful and Imaginative Gifted captures and holds the reader s attention with its suspense Amazing events spark the imagination The skillful portrayal of the main characters emotions and interactions make it easy for preteens a...

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    Cool Love the twists and turns slum city would be cool, well maybe just to briefly visit I ve read all 3 books in this series already and can t wait for the next one hope outcomes soon

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