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    Just another sad love storymaybe But not as written by the Russian master, author Ivan Turgenev a glimpse into the human mind, a dense jungle with meandering rivers flowing in different directions to who knows where, it ends someday The plot, a wealthy , young, very inexperienced man Fyodor Ivanych Lavretsky, falls for a beautiful girl Varvara Pavlovna, the first woman he feels attractive to , marries for love, the father, a greedy, poor retired general, with a shady past, consents rapidly, wonder why she adores money, in mid 19th century Saint Petersburg, the capital, of the Russian Empire An unexpected, at an early age landowner , inherited estates from cold, uncaring, miserable relatives , that showed no affection, especially his disinterested father, to busy stealing from people , couldn t be bothered , the useless brat was unimportant, the meek, peasant mother, had died a few years after his birth, the young, lonely boy suffered in silence The restless lady, soon after the wedding gets Fyodor away from the dull and even duller mate , life of country living, to the glamorous city of lights, Paris, the wife wants to have fun Varvara quickly meets men that attract her, she spreads her charms around generously, the silly husband, a real dud in comparison, is always reading voraciously, no joy there Yet even a trusting blind man will discover the truth, it wouldn t set him free, nevertheless he departs leaving his little daughter too , a reminder of his big mistake, b...

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    Introduction Home of the Gentry Notes

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    The greatest of the nineteenth century Russian novelists wrote out of the profundities of a silent country, writes translator Richard Freeborn in his introduction to the Penguin Classics edition of Ivan Turgenev s Home of the Gentry In a real and literal sense Dostoyevsky wrote out of the nocturnal silence of St Petersburg, Tolstoy from the rural silence of Yasnaya Polyana and Turgenev from the summer quiet of Spasskoye Turgenev s estate was located at Spasskoye, south west of Moscow Their novels have the special, spell binding absorbtion of voices speaking out of a natural stillness, continues Freeborn None of Turgenev s novels is eloquent of such stillness than Home of the Gentry Stillness seems to suggest that nothing much happens in Home of the Gentry, which is far from the case For Ivan Sergeyevich Turgenev 1818 1883 was a master story teller, poet and dramatist A Month in the Country is undoubtedly his best known play Other notable works include his first novel Rudin, The Torrents of Spring, Fathers and Sons regarded by many as his best work and the delightful short stories, Sketches from a Hunter s Album.After 1856, the writer lived mostly abroad, and he became the first Russi...

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    Nido de nobles es una novela escrita por Iv n Turgueniev en 1859 El concepto argumental gira en torno al t pico tri ngulo amoroso que se estilaba en demas a en esa poca, mediados del siglo XIX, tanto en Rusia como en Europa Turgueniev, es un renombrado escritor para m un poco a la sombra de los grandes novelistas rusos con los que comparti su tiempo literario y creo que m s all de contar con t tulos muy importantes como Padres e hijos , Aguas Primaverales , Relatos de un Cazador o Primer amor , no posicionar a a estas obras junto a libros de la talla de La guerra y la paz de Tolstoi o Los hermanos Karamazov de Dostoievski.En qu me baso en que Turgueniev orient sus letras a Europa y esto en cierto modo tendi a ir en su contra, m s precisamente luego de ese contrapunto pol tico y cultural m s pol tico que cultural entre los eslav filos , f rreos defensores de la idiosincrasia del pueblo ruso y de los occidentalistas , que tend an a apoyar m s abiertamente la influencia de Europa, sobre todo de Francia, Alemania e Inglaterra.Este occidentalismo se nota claramente en Nido de Nobles Voy a explayarme un poco m s acerca de este conflicto porque los que me conocen saben de mi incondicional admiraci n por Fi dor Dostoievski, aunque debo reconocer que si bien la novela posee un argumento s lido y entretenido, s lo queda dentro de esta cuesti n, dado que Turgueniev narra s lo los acontecimientos y las atribulaciones de los personajes sin ahondar suficient...

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    Un cuib de nobili este un roman care eman melancolie O boal contagioas Paginile sale descriu prima iubire a unui t n r nobil rus, o iubire care pentru el ncepe cu capul n nori i, psihic, se termin cu capul de to i pere ii C teva pasaje care ar surprinde cel mai bine melancolia 1 n inim am noi sim minte rare, Din suflet soarta pruncul nu mi a smuls, Mi am ars icoanele din sanctuare, Iar azi m nchin la tot ce am ars demult. 2 Eu i cei ca mine, b tr nii, avem o ndeletnicire pe...

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    Las pocas novelas de Turgueniev que le re nen estructuras y recurrencias dram ticas muy similares Siempre la naturaleza, siempre la presencia digna de los mujiks y siervos, la influencia de la cultura francesa y alemana, etc Y sin embargo, no me canso de leerlo He vuelto sobre este p rrafo bell simo, la declaraci n de principios de Lisa, la hero na sublime No, t a m a profiri , no hable usted as estoy decidida he rezado, he pedido consejo a Dios todo ha acabado ha acabado mi vida con vosotras Esta lecci n no ha sido en vano ya no es la primera vez que pienso en ello La felicidad no venia a m aun cuando ten a esperanza en ella, sent a oprimido el coraz n Lo s todo conozco los pecados m os y de los dem s, y de qu manera ha adquirido las riquezas mi padre lo s todo Es preciso rezar, rezar por todos Lo siento por usted, por mi madre, por Lenochka pero qu se va a hacer siento que no debo vivir aqu ya me he despedido de todo, ya lo he saludado todo en la casa por ltima vez...

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    Tragische und ausweglose Liebesgeschichten Ist gut Turgenjew, du hast mich schon berzeugt

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    Another wonderful book of Ivan Turgenev that combines the reflection on the present and the future of Russia of that time and its relationship with the West with a very beautiful love story The first he manages to do it in a simple way, through the main story and the parallel with it, without long discourses that extend into many pages So the writer brings us his thoughts in a way that is accessible and comprehensible The second, which is the most important, he begins to do it by introducing us the adorable Lisa, who with her innocent heart who does not have a trace of malice in her wins the hearts of all and above all of the readers Of course, the world we live in makes the happiness of such sensitive creatures very difficult, and our heroine is not excluded from this, something that gives a melancholy tone in our story that may also reflect a pessimistic perception of ...

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Дворянское гнездо PDF Epub Author Ivan Turgenev Jwdfitness.co.uk On One Level The Novel Is About The Homecoming Of Lavretsky, Who, Broken And Disillusioned By A Failed Marriage, Returns To His Estate And Finds Love Again Only To Lose It The Sense Of Loss And Of Unfulfilled Promise, Beautifully Captured By Turgenev, Reflects His Underlying Theme That Humanity Is Not Destined To Experience Happiness Except As Something Ephemeral And Inevitably Doomed On Another Level Turgenev Is Presenting The Homecoming Of A Whole Generation Of Young Russians Who Have Fallen Under The Spell Of European Ideas That Have Uprooted Them From Russia, Their Home , But Have Proved Ultimately Superfluous In Tragic Bewilderment, They Attempt To Find Reconciliation With Their Land.