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    The opening line of the Foreword by Simon McBurney is Why are you here And answering that question is a good reason to read the main story of this book I read it after having twice seen the book based Broadway production of The Encounter with Simon McBurney If any Goodreaders are in NYC or the vicinity and can make it to see the play before it closes January 8th and moves out of the country, you can probably get half price tickets at TKTS booths The main story of both this play and the book written by Petru Popescue as if he witnessed things firsthand is National Geographic photographer and explorer Loren McIntyre s search for and residence with an elusive ian tribe called Mayoruna, or cat people they have cat like tattoos and whisker piercings because they believe they are related to jaguars The main drama of this story is McIntyre s experience of telepathy or the Beaming in the title with headman Barnacle and McIntyre s changing understanding of man s relationship to time and exactly what time is Eventually his personal experience of beaming and his later quest for the source of the River become a quest for true Source.I have no doubts about telepathy, but I was fascinated by the explanation for why some people...

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    Curious about reading this in connection to seeing Complicite s The Encounter.

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    What happens in this book is so wild it s hard to believe Quite an amazing tale of deep adventure.

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    The story of Loren McIntyre and his time in the is told in an unusual way, in a mixture and first and third person and in a book of two halves The main part of the book is of his few weeks living with the Mayoruna tribe The smaller part is of his short less than a week expedition to locate the source of the There is an interesting epilogue where he returns to the Mayoruna after almost 20 years.McIntyre talks about the tribe s cleansing of the past to return to the beginning where things were simpler and the risk of invasion from the whites was unknown They also lived a life where things were done for the good of the tribe and individualism was unknown He talks about a level of telepathy were the elders could communicate with him and he could somehow translate these thoughts into English He also talks about various ceremonies involving hallucinogen...

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    It is an interesting and slightly bizarre account of a journalist s encounter with a remote ian tribe and a few weeks spent in their ritualistic drug fuelled possible attempt to occupy a different time and space The second part is about the discovery of one of the sources of the Somehow the author neither has the mastery of the language to tell a good tale nor the prowess to connect ...

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    Loren McIntyre, Seattle National Geographic Lake McIntyre 1969 Loren McIntyre Petru Popescu Petru Popescu Javari , , Javari , , National Geographic , , 4 JAGUAR , , Piranha Loren McIntyre, McIntyre, TELEPATHY Telepathy , McIntyre , , , Cross cousin marriage .McIntyre , sidereal , terrestrial , chronometric , Quantum Mechanics , , , , , spirit , Loren McIntyre , Knowi...

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    Definitely a fascinating read I was somewhat wary going in about the hippy sounding weirdness of McIntyre s bond with the Mayoruna headman, but thankfully McIntyre is an engaging narrator as channelled through Popescu at least and never overdoes the mystic wonder He s deeply curious, rather than evangelical, about what he experiences, and maintains a healthy level of reserve It also helps that...

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    Very interesting, even so since it is based upon fact I read it in preparation of seeing THE ENCOUNTER on Broadway The show was very true to the main events of the book am glad I read the book first.The middle section, upon searching for the source of the , was ra...

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    I found a very tattered copy in a charity shop Once started it was hard to put down A gripping account of one man s contact with an ian tribe Have always been fascinated by Bruce Parry, but this is much closer...

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    The adventures of a National Geographic photographer who discovered the source of the River In doing so, he made the first contact with an undiscovered tribe of Mayoruna in Southern Peru After being kidnapped by the tribe, he relates his experiences of interacting within this ancient culture.

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