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シドニアの騎士 4 [Shidonia no Kishi 4] Read 4 Shidonia No Kishi 4 By Tsutomu Nihei Capitalsoftworks.co.uk Mentre Continuano Le Misteriose Macchinazioni All Interno Della Sidonia, Il Ruolo Di Nagate Sempre Pi Centrale Nelle Missioni Che I Difensori Intraprendono Per Contrastare I Gauna Passato, Presente E Futuro Si Intrecciano In Un Susseguirsi Di Scoperte E Cambiamenti Nell Appassionante Quarto Capitolo Dell Ultima Serie Di Tsutomu Blame Nihei.

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    4,25 5El mejor de los cuatro que llevo le dos Sin fanservice Buena acci n Gran intriga Nuevas armas Nuevos secretos Alguna revelaci n Y por fin se ha puesto a tono Nihei con el dibujo.La historia est empezando a complicarse, a tomar caminos interesantes y a desarrollarse con gusto Se revelan nuevos secretos que hemos ido pasando en segundo plano, como una lucha entre dos facciones dentro del mismo Sidonia Tanikaze sigue demostrando que es un piloto superior a lo habitual en cada salida al espacio, pero siguen elucubr ndose algunos temas respecto a su origen y capacidades La gran amenaza Gauna est cada vez m s presente, y es tenida en cuenta para la creaci n de nuev...

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    I wish the drawing was better It can get confusing in black and white.

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    Why does nobody raise questions about Kobayashi secretly running a ryokan

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    This story is starting to get complex Getting this far in has definitely convinced me to watch the series It is labelled as mature on Netflix and I am still waiting to see why We are beginning to see what has gone...

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    Probably all of this series is going to get 3 stars I m getting better at keeping track of who s who, but it s still bad character design Exciting, interesting, ambitious, intriguing concepts and still very confusing.

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    I thought the ending was a little confusing, but it was a cliffhanger that I understood better upon starting the next volume I m really loving thits series, even though I wasn t sure about in the begining It s really grown on me.

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    190427 KOBO 181020

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    The story thickens and new secrets were revealed Tanikaze was proving himself as superior pilot and defender of Sidonia We learn some interesting facts about Kunato.

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    It s getting better We re finally leaving some of the secrets around Kunato s childhood At times there is just too much happening between panels It can make it hard to keep up.

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    A new weapon is tested, hidden secrets inside Sidonia are revealed and someone gets a robotic arm Good stuff.