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    Allen Hoey s writing is utterly unflinching Whether describing war atrocities in Vietnam, or the quieter war fought between long married couples, Allen s prose never compromises, never shies away from the digging, the getting into the very marrow, the truth and true nature of things.In Allen s work there s an encompassing knowledge, both through book learning and experience, the desire to know, and artfully disguised in the voices of the characters, to impart He displays a willingness, almost a compulsion, to attempt to explain, risking diverting the reader But the diversions are most often fascinating, informing the reader, filling in the cracks in the story, helping us understand both the characters in Words Beyond the Dead and the times in which they lived It is hungry writing As a section goes forward, Allen might pull in jazz, then mythology, or the bible, then the specific experience of his fictional characters in lesser hands, all this could just be a mess But with Allen, it s passion, deeply felt, yet expertly controlled and focused There are eye openingly trenchant observations, on politics, or relationships, and other vital things, ideas that would supply whole chapters, that go by in a blur.Allen has a way of describing process that draws the reader in shoveling snow, sinking a ball in pool, making tea, emptying and filling a pipe Actions that seem so simple, yet i...

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Voices Beyond the Dead Read Voices Beyond The Dead Author Allen Hoey Liversite.co.uk Earle Mackey Has A Secretaone Heas Kept For Thirty Years, Even From His Wife And Closest Friends Thirty Years Later, With The Events Unfolding From September 11, 2001, The Past Comes Back To Shape Mackeyas Present Voices Beyond The Dead Traces The History Of Mackey, His Wife Ellen, And His Former Mentor And Longtime Activist Thomas Del Giudice, From Their Earliest Time Together In 1973 To The Present, When They Are Reunited In Suburban Philadelphia Del Still Suffers From His Oldest Sonas Death The Two Men Would Seem To Share A Significant Loss, But Mackeyas Secrets Include Circumstances Surrounding The Death Of Delas Son.