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Loved Honor More PDF Epub Loved Honor More Author Sharon Wildwind If The First Casualty Of War Is Truth, The Last Is Hope Soldiers Die Even On The Last Day Of A War For Elizabeth Pepperhawk, One Of Those Casualties Was A Dear Friend Reeling From Emotional Fallout Created By The Disastrous American Withdrawal From Saigon, Pepper, Avivah, And Benny Are Certain Of One Thing Pepper S Friend Lied About The Vietnamese Infant He Sent To Them And About The Person Who Brought Them The Child Whose Baby Is It Whose Honor Is At Stake Has Viet Nam Finally Invaded Pepper S Homestead

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    The last book in the series delivered another mystery with ties to Vietnam a baby girl delivered to Pepper with a letter from Darby to look after her Was she his illegitimate daughter The baby courier is found dead in the same clinic where Pepper works and Avivah is on the ...

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    It took a while to finish this last in the Elizabeth Pepperhawk series, and I m sorry that the series is over The series follows four veterans of the Vietnam war and their lives after they return to North Carolina.

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    For those of us who remember the late sixties and early seventies, the Vietnam War hangs over us as a dark cloud, now rapidly fading into past memory except for those who were part of it For some my children it is only something they ve heard about in school That war is at the center of Sharon Wildwind s Loved Honor More As survivors back home in this country, would say, it was the war that followed them home The book highlights military culture with its need to know discipline and its penchant for disguising and missing facts the first war to really introduce the concept of post traumatic stress syndrome and painful flashbacks Vietnamese refugees and the shameful anger and animosity toward them and the disrespect for many veterans who came home after that war.Sharon Wildwind spent a year in Vietnam as an officer in the U S Army Corps of Nurses, as did her protagonist, Elizabeth Pepperhawk, usually called Pepper Both author and fictional heroine remember too clearly the fall of Saigon The sad facts of civilian readjustment here are complicated by an orphaned Vietnamese infant, greed, in...

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    Since I write about military characters, I like to read military characters I hadn t heard of this series before and it sounded interesting because of the veteran angle I didn t check until I d finished reading, but this is the fifth book in the series and takes place just days after the Viet Nam war ended.I m no history buff, but I do like mysteries As a mystery, this one had so many twists and threads, I almost couldn t keep track of them all I can honestly say I didn t know what was coming next, so in that regard, this is a great mystery However, in the end, I did not understand why exactly Darby Baxter felt so strongly about the baby Considering that was a central tenet to the story, this is not a good thing to still be wondering after you ve finished the book.I like reading about a character s emotional journey based on what has happened to them That can be in a mystery or a romance or a mixed genre What these characters are going through is very emotional, and yet I just couldn t seem to get close to them.The way that Pepper was reunited with Darby whom she thought was dead was excellent But after that, I would have expect...

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    This book concludes the Elizabeth Pepperhawk mystery series featuring Vietnam veterans A definite and satisfying read if you have read the first four if not, why are you waiting Go read them in order.