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Nobody's Angel (Earth Angels, #1) Investigative Journalist Kendall Glynn Is Horrified When A Friend And Colleague Signs Off Permanently During A Live Newscast, Jabbing A Pen Into His Jugular Kendall S No Expert, But Judging By The Strange White Veil In The Anchorman S Eyes, She Would Swear He Was A Man Possessed.A Descendant Of The Accursed Nephilim, Zeke Reece Prowls San Francisco By Night, Keeping The City Free From Paranormal Phenomena But Even He Is No Match For Whatever Malevolent Force Is Behind A Recent Rash Of Murder Suicides And When A Beautiful Tenacious Reporter Becomes The Next Target, Zeke Has No Choice But To Stay Close To Her, Until He Can Find The Evil Spirit And Cross It Over.The Closer Kendall Gets To The Truth, The Danger She S In Fortunately, A Sexy And Mysterious Masked Stranger Keeps Swooping In To The Rescue Kendall S Life Depends On Finding Who Or What Is Responsible For The Killings, Before It Finds Her.

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    3 Stars Okay, but it needed something This was sort of like an angelic take on The Lone Ranger and Superman Didn t quite understand the whole masked man thing It was a short, so I have to cut the author some slack as far as character development and plot goes It just didn t grab me like I hoped it wouldlike the cover did5 stars for the cover I might try another one in the series, maybe the next one will be better A copy of this book was provided by Carina Press via NetGalley

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    Kendall Glynn witness the suicide of her co report during a live newscast She watches her friends eyes white over, grab a pen and jab himself in the jugular Horrified why her friend would do such a thing, Kendall s investigative tendencies take over Her research into this bizarre behavior leads Kendall into a world she never new existed and gives her with unanswerable questions.Zeke Reece is Nephilim and a paramedic Trying to keep his existence secret from the heavens, he cleans up any wayward souls and sends them on their way When he sees all these murder suicides, he realizes that some unusual force is directly responsible When Kendall gets involved and is targeted by the evil, Zeke has no choice but to stay close to protect her.Kendall and Zeke together must figure out who is behind these attacks before Kendall now an obvious target is the next victim.This is a novella length story with a nice change up from your average hero The Nephilim aspect was a fantastic twist to a haunting storyline I enjoy this story but found it a little rushed and shortI wanted Stacy Gail did do a terrific job fitting a lot into Nobody s Angel and I am definitely looking for to reading about the Nephilim s hidden among us 4 stars.This ARC copy of Nobody s Angel was given to me by Netgalley and Carina Press in exchange for an honest review Publish Date January 21, 2013.

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    For some reason It took me a little while to connect with the story It was ok with good characters and a decent mystery Recommended.

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    Reviewed for Sara at Harlequin Junkie Come check it out Review copy courtesy of the publisher via NetGalleyLooking for a little superhero in your romance novel Want a little Lois and Clark action Well, look no further than Nobody s Angel by Stacy Gail It has all of that AND a super secret fortress We meet Kendall Glynn She s an investigative journalist Now, I would imagine that writing a sympathetic investigative journalist is a pretty tough job Usually, they re depicted as heartless jerks But not so with Kendall Sure, once she gets her teeth into a story, she s impossible to shake off She s certainly tough and ballsy but she s also sweet and vulnerable Kendall is on scene as a couple of her co workers are doing a news story when things go terribly wrong and people are badly injured In the aftermath, Kendall is treated for minor injuries by the sexiest paramedic she s ever seen Zeke Reece is a paramedic Also, he s a Nephilim You know, a half angel half human I m sure some of us have read books featuring Nephilim in the past but this one is a little different In Nobody s Angel, the Nephilim were destroyed by a big flood back in biblical days Y know, the one that lasted around 40 days, give or take Yep, that s the one But some survived and Zeke is a decendant of one of the survivors Zeke believes that God Heaven hates the Nephilim and somehow doesn t know that there are survivors of the flood So he tries to keep a low profile no flying unless its an emergency and he works to keep San Francisco free from paranormal baddies See, Zeke thinks that if he keeps them away, that God Heaven won t take a close look at San Francisco and accidentally see that he exists If they know he exists, he thinks he will be destroyed The attack that happened with Kendall arouses Zeke s suspicions about what prompted the attack But Kendall saw something strange as well As she s determined to figure out what the heck is going on and why he colleague flipped out like that Because they are both, in their own way, hunting the cause of the attack, they end up crossing paths during the investigation and they get closer and closer.You may be saying, Ok, ok great but where s the secret fortress come in I really don t want to give away any information that I already have, but I promise you that its in here I don t have many complaints about this book Only that it was WAY too short I want Zeke and Kendall They were so great together They had this great teamwork thing going on Sure, he s like the superhero and she s the human but somehow it works and they really DO make a great team And oohh they are HOT together too I would honestly, truly read this book again You ve got some mystery, plenty of laughs and a tidy ending that still teases you about future books And let s not forget about the hot stuff Again, Kendall and Zeke have great chemistry and the Sexy Time is really hot between these two It s a little bit of a slow build up but I didn t really didn t notice it because of all the other action going on Please do yourself a favor and give this book a chance I know you won t regret it

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    I have a deep, dark secret to admit to Prepare yourself I am smitten Both with Stacy Gail s writing and the fact that the beautiful man on the cover of this book is not waxed to within an inch of his life swoon Also, his wings are kinda awesome.Now, Kendall and Zeke have this smoldering longing going on The type that makes you want them to smoosh together in a small, enclosed space and possibly get sweaty Or just kiss Whichever They have the sneaking looks and the throbbing loins and all that other stuff that s pure awesome I m a sucker for this type of smolder An absolute sucker ahem Right So, Zeke s ancestry and the gifts he s been given are intriguing Kendall s probing, investigative type questions about the consequences of using his gifts opened up a whole world of possibilities that I hope we get to explore with others of his kind in later books.The book was just flat out fun It was dark, often dangerous, and definitely sexy Stacy Gail has created a compelling set of characters and a bad guy that was skin crawlingly creepy I m ready for the next book Kelly Reading the Paranormal

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    For this review and visit my blogI went into this with low expectation and I have to say I came out the other side pleasantly surprised, this book is quite a little gem I have heard next to nothing about it and am glad that I took the chance and requested a review copy from Netgalley.Nobody s Angel is one of those books that just seem to get everything right It was just the right length, its plot kept me entertained and I didn t bore of it at all The writing was good and I liked that Gail took this into some dark places.The characters were awesome, Kendall was exactly the kind of woman I like She is smart, sensible and brave She is not over the top or over dramatic, she is also sweet and funny and I just couldn t stop myself from liking her.Zeke was amazing I have a fascination with tall, big men not overly muscular men, just big built men which is exactly what Zeke was I also have a thing for masked men probably due to my infatuation with Phantom of the Opera so he ticked all my boxes Zeke is strong and tough but there is also a sense of vulnerability about him which endeared him to me even The romance between them was brilliant and I really liked them together.Nobody s Angel was a great surprise and I really, really enjoyed it I cannot wait for the next book in the series.The publisher provided me with a free copy of this book in exchange for and honest review

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    To create Nobody s Angel the first book in Stacy Gail s new fiery hot Earth Angel series you will need to take one smoking hot descendant of the Nephilim, a little Supernatural, part superhero and then stir in an investigative journalist named Kendall who just has to know the how, what and why of everything Gail s first book in this series was highly entertaining, completely swoon worthy and held me completely captive It is the perfect escape on an icy cold night The tale begins with a horrific on air attempted murder and successful suicide Kendall Glynn was on cloud nine as her friend and colleague began reading her report about a rash of murder suicides live on air that is until he begins to try to kill his anchor partner all while screaming, Somebody stop me Kendall is able to thwart the murder attempt but isn t fast enough to stop her friend from killing himself with a pen to the jugular As Kendall goes into shock in the aftermath, she tries to work out what she saw Just before he snapped a white veil covered his eyes that no one else seems to have seen If she did not know better she would say he was possessed Zeke Reece is the paramedic on duty and he checks out Kendall all the while asking her questions about her friend s eyes He knows something and Kendall needs answers Zeke knows a lot than Kendall thinks but he s determined to keep her safe and the ooh la la tale that unfolds was so much fun.First I have to tell you that I loved Kendall and Zeke Kendall is a rocking investigative reporter who is really good at connecting the pieces even if it ends up putting her in the middle of things Zeke is smexy walking and a Nephilim to boot He spends his time protecting the city of San Francisco from malevolent forces By day he is a paramedic and your average drop dead, abs of steel guy By night he is the masked hero known as the Guardian Angel He has this whole Batman Superman vibe right down to his crib and while these are all elements that felt familiar Gail s made it her own The characters were lovable and had depth Zeke is not perfect and he has some emotional baggage which just made him all the desirable The banter, sexual chemistry and escapades of these two really worked and I was quickly caught up in their story Nobody s Angel was a delightful, fun escape While a lot of the elements were not new, Gail added her own special ingredients to the mix and gave me characters and a storyline that held me captive and made me smile Kendall s view on coffee and her witty one liners made me laugh aloud Zeke was the perfect superhero I mean who doesn t like a smexy dark haired man who saves the day and makes your toes curl The tale behind the murder suicides was fascinating and I loved the supernatural elements I liked Gail s approach to Angel mythology and look forward to seeing where she takes this series I want to thank the author for sending this ARC in exchange for my unbiased review.Kimba Caffeinated Book Reviewer

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    Originally published at Reading RealityMaybe not an angel, but definitely a hero Possibly even a superhero.Stacy Gail has taken the legend of superman and mixed it with the biblical origin story of the nephilim, the fallen angels, in order to create one gorgeous alpha male.He s got his own fortress of solitude, his black mask to hide his identity, his mild mannered alter ego, but no cape, because it would just get in the way That whole fallen angels heritage, well, this dude has his own wings to fly with Wow The mild mannered alter ego, Zeke spends his days as the most gorgeous EMT that San Francisco has ever seen He spends his nights sending restless ghosts on their way.But the ghost that investigative reporter Kendall Glynn sees transform her friend into a rabid murderer refuses to be caught So Zeke appoints himself Kendall s protector, just to keep her from becoming the geist s next victim.Yeah, right Pull the other one.It s really because he can t make himself resist her Lucky for him, the feeling is mutual Even if Kendall does worry that she s falling for two men for a bit, Zeke the hunky EMT, and the mysterious Guardian Angel who keeps rescuing her.While she chases a story about multiple crazed murder suicides by seemingly normal folks who get possessed by spirits.Turns out there s a new wizard in town, and he s out to play games with everyone who ever did him wrong And well, just plain everyone Unless Zeke and Kendall stop him first.Escape Rating B Nobody s Angel is short and sinfully delicious It s the first novella in Gail s Earth Angels series, and I m happy that the next books are a bit longer I liked this one but I wanted just a tad story.Zeke s heritage is sad, and yet so cool He s Superman but with a tragic, and slightly biblical backstory instead of the tragic extraterrestrial backstory His status as a fallen angel descendant gives him some serious self esteem issues.Kendall is just a bit too good to be true She s perfect at everything, and she can see spirits She and Zeke fall into the insta love trope trap, which made for terrific chemistry, hot sex and a quick story, but I d like to have seen a bit effort to make their bond real, or real er.But I still can t wait for the next book in the series, Savage Angel, in February.

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    I wanted to like this story, and I thought the beginning showed potential But this book didn t hold me In fact, I had to struggle to make it to the end.It all starts when Kendall watches a co worker attack another woman then kill himself He has a strange white glaze over his eyes and the event thrusts her into the world of spirits and the supernatural A sexy EMT and a mysterious, masked guardian angel enter her life and she begins to understand the things she is seeing Through her investigations, Kendall uncovers the truth about what is eventually revealed to be a string of murder suicides And she falls for the sexy Nephalim who spends the entire book trying to save her life.Sounds pretty good but it wasn t That s because the romance failed I don t know if the guardian angel identity reveal was supposed to be a surprise I m hoping it wasn t because it was painfully obvious from the beginning Then, the way the love story progressed was at lightning speed It s total insta love with some shallow hero angst thrown in I felt nothing for either character and I surely didn t believe in any feelings between them The sex was over the top, and unexciting since we had virtually no chance for any sexual tension to build.As for the action mystery part of the storyline it was meh Not terrible, but again, I just couldn t make myself care.This wasn t good for me Maybe if it were a full length book and we had elapsed time and character development, it might have been better.Rating D ARC Provided by Carina Press via NetGalley

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    Who was that masked man Why is investigative reporter Kendall Glynn seeing him since witnessing a TV anchorman attack his co worker and then kill himself LIVE, on camera Kendall s natural instincts to help, allow her to meet hot paramedic Zeke Reece He has gotten under her skin for sure Her natural instincts to sniff out a good story put her in the crosshairs of evil She is rescued by a dark masked man with superhuman powers The closer she gets to the answer, the danger she is in, the rescuing she needs Not only does this masked stranger make her heart flutter, but he flies Two guys, one Kendall, both are making her heart, imagination and body crazy, until the kissCould Zeke and her masked hero be the same man The kiss tells all Zeke is nephilim, part human, part angel, hiding out from the wrath of Heaven, all while doing his part to keep humans safe from evil Kendall is strong, yet vulnerable Zeke is definitely knight in shining armor materiala little damaged, alone, and completely taken with Kendall Both the characters and plot were reader friendly The dialogue between the two of them was believable, the attraction, hot, but not too hot to handle Seriously, hot guy with wingswhat s not to like A great read when you re looking for a little romance and a little adventure This copy was supplied by NetGalley and Carina Press in exchange for an honest review

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