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    Monday, February 29th, 1988 that was the day the daily strips went from 4 panels to three, and occasionally two Discombobulating at first It also contains one of my all time favorite panels, which I used to have cut out and saved on my refrige...

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    Best things about this collection The introduction of Linus cute and oh, so frustrating schoolmate and sort of crush , Lydia Today my name is , and perhaps my all time favorite Peanuts strip from 2 29 88 Patty staring in...

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    Amazing that Schulz just kept better and better And I have to say after reading every single comic he did up to this point, Marcie has to be one of the best characters Schulz created.

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    On February 29, 1988, the daily strips excluding Sundays went from an average of four frames to three frames Somehow it doesn t seem fair Best quote from Lucy Nothing that s going on in the world today is my fault

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    There is something comforting about reading these strips were initially run after I had stopped actively following Peanuts Schulz s gentle touch is fully evident, and he still has the ability to make me laugh out loud a few times, for example the strip with Peppermint Patty as a sheep in a play forgetting her lin...

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    An up and down collection I don t know if the panel reduction was a request from newspapers or if Schulz just couldn t keep up with doing 4 panels a day any It also occasionally drops to 2 or even 1 panel strips that come off as lazy Peppermint Patty is starting to get ...

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    February 29, 1988 the daily strips went from 4 panels to 3 panels There are even some that are two panels, and a couple that are only one panel It is almost exactly at this time that the humor seemed to really come down It almost seemed forced There are many notabl...

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    I read this a long time ago but it made me laugh out loud This book contains comics that inspired the peanut films It is overall a funny book that quickly passes time.

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    10 out of 10

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    Nice collection of Schulz s late 80 s material, with just a few mis steps too many Spike strips with the same punchline Very thoughtful intro by Garry Trudeau.

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The Complete Peanuts, Vol. 19 Download The Complete Peanuts, Vol 19 Author Charles M Schulz Jobs In Kingston.co.uk So What Do We Have For Peanuts Fans This Time Around An Ill Considered Attempt At Flirting Sends Charlie Brown To The School Doctor Linus S Ongoing Romance With The Too Young Lydia Of The Many Names Continues Snoopy Is Joined In The Trenches By His Brother Spike Sally Engages In A Career As A Playwright By Penning The School Christmas Play But Mixes Up Gabriel And Geronimo A Hockey Mishap Sends Snoopy To The Doctor For Knee Surgery, In A Clearly Autobiographical Sequence That Lasts Only Until Everyone Figures Out That Dogs Don T Have Knees Linus And Lucy S Kid Brother Rerun Begins To Take On The Greater Role That Will Lead To Him Being One Of The Dominant Characters In The 1990s And Snoopy, Inevitably, Writes A Kiss And Tell Book As We Reach The 19th Book In This Epochal, Best Selling Series Collecting Arguably The Greatest Comic Strip Of All Time And Head Toward The End Of The 1980s, Charles Schulz Is Still As Inventive, Hilarious, And Touching As Ever And This Volume Even Features A Surprise Format Change, As The Daily Strip Switches From Its Trademark Four Square Panels Format To A Flexible One To Four Variable Panels Format Which, Along With Schulz S Increased Use Of Gray Tones, Give This Volume A Striking, Distinctive Look.