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    This was fine Great art Lots drawings of hot babes this could be a plus or a minus depending on how you take it A spinosaurus shows up, which is a plus On the other hand, some panel progressions were really confusing I still don t r...

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    Like her zen having the Witchblade

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    I had a lot of mixed feelings going into Top Cow s Rebirth of The Darkness and Witchblade while I feel the relaunch has paid off in spades for The Darkness, Witchblade has been less than stellar It almost feels like Top Cow has no idea what to do with Sara now that her life has literally been rewritten Rather than delve into new territory, the writers are choosing to rehash old themes in something that reads like a twisted version of Artifacts than a Witchblade relaunch First, there are the versions of the Witchblade and Darkness made flesh, and now there s some convoluted storyline that keeps threatening but never quite delivering other players from Sara s old life.There are also alternate realities accessible by shadow portals, and fantasy worlds with orcs and elves and.dinosaurs Yep, dinosaurs Also, something about a mana trade and a subplot about dark magicians that is being dragged out so long that it s ultimately going ...

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    I think a lot of reviewers who loved Ron Marz s run on Witchblade are being too hard on Seeley and Bernard s reboot Seeley consistently writes credible, believable female protagonists see his work on Hack Slash and Revival and he continues to develop not only Sara s character, but Jane aka Big Woz as well Seeley is also continuing to develop plot threads established in Vol 1, especially those to do with the magical essence leaking from the Vein which caused The Flesh to be born, and now has led to the creation of an anti Magdalena, a hipster girl Anti Christ A lot of new plot threads were established in this volume Faerie, the Anti Christ, the Boatman of the Ashenlands but very little was resolved I m looking forward to seeing how these threads all come together in the next volume, and I m especially keen on finding out what happens...

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    I m beginning to see the weakness and indecisiveness of the writer I wonder if he knows where he s going or if he s just pulling random ideas that sound cool out of his butt Man, I miss Ron Marz the steampunk faeries in this volume cemented t...

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    Barely a 3 More like 2.5.Disappointing follow up to Seeley s first Witchblade Rebirth book Storytelling felt lacklustre, narrative flow was sloppy and missed some things jumping ahead, glazing over details Disappointed Artwork as expected, though.

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    Life as a private eye in the Windy City is proving to be quite the challenge for Sarah and a good read for the people who follow her adventures Volume 3 here I come.

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    For the first time since Sara moved to Chicago, I m honestly beginning to wonder if they ve run out of ideas already.

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Witchblade Rebirth, Volume 2 Ebook Witchblade Rebirth, Volume 2 Author Tim Seeley Easyfaroairporttransfers.co.uk Collects WITCHBLADE 156 160THE REBIRTH OF WITCHBLADE CONTINUES The Upstart Creative Team Of Tim Seeley Hack Slash, Bloodstrike And Diego Bernard The Man With No Name Continues Their Hot Run On Top Cow S Flagship Title Even As Sara Pezzini Tries To Settle Into Her New Life In Chicago, The Witchblade S Talent For Seeking Out Weirdness Pulls Her Into Bizarre Case After Bizarre Case This Volume Sees Pezzini Dealing With Mercenary Mana Hunters, Spirit Realms, Fantastical Steampunk Warriors, And The Most Distilled Embodiment Of Evil She S Ever Encountered And That S Before The Local Cops And Corrupt Political System Complicates Her Life