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砂時計 (1) After Her Parents Get Divorced, Ann Uekusa And Her Mother Move From Tokyo To Rural Shimane Accustomed To The Anonymity Of City Living, Ann Can T Get Used To The Almost Overbearing Kindness Of The People In Her Mother S Hometown But When Personal Tragedy Strikes, Ann Discovers How Much She Needs That Kindness

  • Paperback
  • 200 pages
  • 砂時計 (1)
  • Hinako Ashihara
  • English
  • 12 August 2017
  • 9781421514772

About the Author: Hinako Ashihara

Debut with Sono Hanashi okotowari shimasu in 1994 on Bessatsu Shoujo Comics GenresShoujo 17 Romance 14 Drama 11 School Life 6 Slice of Life 5 Sports 2 Comedy 2 Historical 1 Mystery 1 Mature 1 Gender Bender 1 Japanese name

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    Sand Chronicles took me surprise I was expecting a sweet, light, maybe even shallow romance And it wasn t Oh, the romance itself is sweet enough This is not instalove, thank goodness It s a first romance that grows over time between friends There s also surprising depth to Ann s personal life, with a mother struggling with undiagnosed in the book, but really quite obvious depression and Ann building a second family of friends There s a lot to identify with here, and the characters are realistically and sympathetically written Two minor issues for me there s a little too much girl smacking boy because he s offended her for my taste, and the plot in this volume was a little bit thin Still, I enjoyed the writing and the characters enough to continue with the series.

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    An Emotional Roller coaster This manga series is upon one of the best that have ever been drawn The story is so realistic to the point where you wonder if whats going on is going to happen to you This is a story about a girl who falls in love with a boy, then the boy falls in love and then they think they will fall in love forever but. SPOILERS All I have to say is that this manga has LOVE, BETRAYAL, ADULT STUFF, and DRAMATIC DRAMA and I am not surprised that the author has won the 50th Shogakukan Manga Award for this manga and that this manga was labeled as one of the best teenage manga by the American library association read in wikipedia

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    This story is one of my favourites of all time It is honestly a part of my heart and soul I randomly just re read this first volume and it took me right back I will always cherish this story and everything it makes me feel.

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    After her parents divorce, Ann moves back to her mother s hometown Rural Shimane is a lot different to busy Tokyo and at first Ann struggles with the lack of anonymity in the small town.There was so much emotion to this manga and I was surprised at how deeply it made me feel Ann s mother struggles with depression her over bearing mother and the fact she never wanted to return to Simane only makes this worse Not long after moving, Anna s mother kills herself After this tragedy, the story advances until Ann is 14 years old As Ann grows up, she struggles with grief and common teenage issues of self image.The sadness and heartbreak of this story was counter balanced with the other characters kindness and warm heartedness Ann forms a strong friendship with a neighbourhood boy, Daigo, which verges on becoming something Meanwhile, she also starts getting closer to another boy, Fuji At the moment, I m totally team Fuji haha This story really pulls at the heartstrings I loved the characters and their interactions they leapt of the page The only issue I had was it was sometimes hard telling different characters apart I suppose the black and white drawings make this difficult After reading this first volume, I really want to continue with the rest of the story, as the strong themes of friendship, grief and growing up really appeal to me.

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    I ve read a string of manga series lately that focus on the embarrassing, silly, humorous side of love Unfortunately, most of the attempts at being funny come off as stupid to me Perhaps it s a problem with translation or perhaps it s just that I don t appreciate the series sense of humor Either way, Sand Chronicles is a welcome change from the stupid funny manga I ve read recently.The first volume of Sand Chronicles starts when Ann is 12 years old and moves with her mother from Tokyo to the small town where her mother grew up Ann is lonely and angry about moving Her mother is miserable seriously depressed Ann s strict, over bearing grandmother only makes things worse Not too long after they arrive, Ann s mother kills herself.Ann is of course devastated at her mother s death But slowly she finds a group of steadfast friends and a place in this rural community Her best friend is Daigo She s also friends with Fuji and Shika, two kids from a wealthy family The volume advances two years to the point when Ann is 14 years old Her friendship with Daigo is on the verge of something Both Ann and Daigo are just discovering it But of course, there are those mean girls who want to thwart Ann s chance for happiness.My only complaint about this volume was that I often had difficulty telling the characters apart, particularly the boys Daigo and Fuji At this point, I m not too upset about that, because it often takes me a few volumes to grow comfortable with the characters in a manga series I loved the emotion in this book It felt real Even the attempts at humor or the various troubles Ann got herself into brought out emotional reactions from me as opposed to rolling my eyes at one farce after another The first volume is a heartfelt, serious beginning to what I think will be a wonderful tale of friendship and love.

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    This manga has such a nostalgic feel to itThe title, Sand Chronicles refers to the sand in an hourglass and how you can t go back in time An interesting concept.Most of the time I have a tendency to complain about shoujo manga because most that are realistic fiction fall in a handful of categories sport with romance, high school romance, which guy should I choose , etc This one is different, or at least from what I can tell from Volume 1 This one is down right depressing at times And so far, nothing all that superficial Oh no My boyfriend left me I can t live.The main character, Ann, moves with her mother to a small village in the middle of nowhere after her parents divorce The story revolves around Ann dealing with the change of scenery as well as family problems and her feelings not just for boys cough most Shoujo I ve seen cough cough but for all her experiences She s the kind of character who could leap off the page any moment and become a real girl.It s amazing that this is the same mangaka who brought us Forbidden Dance Ashihara has grown so much as an artist and storyteller I look forward to reading of this series.

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    Talk about a surprise I don t know what I had initially been expecting when I looked up this title and wanted to start the series, but it absolutely has won my respect from right out the gate with its heavy, hard hitting themes and the exploration of growth while enduring tragedy This was a Shoujo Beat title I ve heard about in the past, and I m so happy to have finally picked up a copy of the first volume and gotten started.At present, I m not sure how I feel about the growing love triangle and yes, it certainly seems like there s going to be one, but I am absolutely enjoying the story otherwise, and I can t wait to continue reading Better analysis in the future for this, I promise.

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    This turned into a deeper and serious story than I expected.Ann has recently moved with her mother, to a small community, but tragedy follows her Thankfully she s found new friends that help her through the hardest moments in her life.I like the setup for these books, where there is a long time between chapters, but you always have a sense that they ve been living their lives in these spaces Watching these relationships develop and grow is a beautiful thing even with the sadness of this first volume.

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    SECOND REVIEW my first review is after the end of this one 5 Stars anyway, i had toI legit love this series, although, sadly, I ve never finished it This is my second time reading this book this year I was browsing through the library section and found this book again since I needed some mangas to help me catch up on my reading challenge Uggh, why did I not finish this series Back in March when I first read it, my rating was 4.5 stars Now it is 5 Maybe because I understood of what happened since the first time I read it, I might have not catched certain details in the book or something, I DUNNO All that I know is that this book is so depressing, yet happy and cliche and everything I love in a manga.Aspects I loved Daigo and Ann s relationship Fuji s obvious jealousy towards Ann and Daigo don t we all love a good and cliche love triangle The depressing and deep part of this book I love mangas that are deep and heartwarming like Orange that focus on something that can happen to anyone in the real world, yet there s also some cute shoujoness combined together with a cute and fluffy romance on the side I tend to like things that are sad Ann s mother commits suicide spoiler and this impacts Ann s life so hard that she even loses her period for a year and half The cuteness and hilariousness of it all The bunny scene in the beginning ya know what I m talking about, it was so adorable It really kindled Ann and Daigo s friendship The ending scene with Ann on the cliff Of course Daigo and Fuji were the ones there and thought she was dying you also know what I mean When Daigo and Ann first kissed and when Fuji happened to suddenly see it hehehehehe Ahhh, everything about this manga makes me happy I would definitely reread it in the future I m excited to reread the following books as well as finishing the series.FIRST REVIEW 4.5 starsSO GOOD This book took me by surprise It was the romance manga I was waiting for I didn t expect it to be so amazing and the romance was so cute and AHHH I JUST LOVED IT SO MUCH The thing that first had me a little surprised was that the characters Ann and Daigo and Fuji were really young, only 12 I was like, how is there going to be a romance then Don t worry, they grow up, but only to age 14 in the first book Ehh I think that the TRUE lOve should start at 16 in these type of romance cliche books don t worry i love cliche romance cheesy etc in mangas I DON T KNOW WHO TO SHIP ANN WITH Daigo or Fuji Who will she end up with, i dunno Although Fuji doesn t really express his emotions, I can tell that he definitely likes Ann I felt really bad for Ann s mother Her depression was really deep It was so sad when Ann found out she was dead Mental illness is a big problem that we need to deal with i can t wait to read the next book please tell me there are thousands and thousands of volumes and this will never end.

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    As an avid manga reader, I found this story quite impressive, even though it can be considered as a realistic fiction story The cute touch in the beginning when Ann the MC meets Daigo, her boyfriend, also another MC really brought the beginning together The way the romance slowly builds up, and complications, in other words Ayumi Narasaki get in the way really keeps the story interesting, and also allows readers to really connect with the characters.Although the storyline is great, the only thing that really bothered me was that Ann s mother Miwako s lips Part of the time she appeared she was fine, and she actually was really pretty, but then majority of all the other times we saw her, her mouth was a thick, flat line I really don t know why, but this bothered me so much I love how there are the romance jealousy issues, but also many family issues going on throughout the story.If there is an anime of this series, I am definitely watching it

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