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Catrinas Cowboy EPUB Catrinas Cowboy Author LuAnn Nies Undercostruction.eu Catrina Pearson Accepts An Invitation From Her Estranged Maternal Grandmother In Hopes Of Learning The Identity And Truth About The Father She Never Knew And Why Her Mother Took That Secret To Her Grave As A Photographer Who S Travelled The World, Catrina Is Ready To Face Any Challenges The Rugged Utah Landscape May Throw At Her, But She S Not Prepared To Handle The Reclusive Cowboy Who Ropes Her Heart Betrayed By His Heritage And Family, Clifford White Fox Is Determined To Purchase The Acreage Surrounding His Ranch And Build A Private World Safe From Judgment And Emotional Intrusion His Lifestyle And Hard Won Serenity Are Threatened When He Stumbles Across A Naked Woman Sunbathing On The Last Parcel Of Land He Needs To Acquire

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    I met the author at the MBLU convention in Minneapolis, MN in 2015 We have a lot in common and she told me I d like this book I Loved this book.Catrina is looking for her father Her mother has passed away and her grandmother is still alive and is ill Catrina comes to help her grandmother and look for answers What she finds Well, you will have to read the book.Cliff is both Native American and White He has is...

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    Set in a very small town community in 1993 Catrina is a successful photographer and artist and has travelled the world She visits her ailing grandmother and wants to learn about her father Her mother never mentioned him, but she has worked out that he must have been someone in her mother s home town.Clifford White Fox is half Ute and half white, but choses isolation rather than continuing to struggle to belong in either identity He is divorced and bitter about the world around him Catrina s grandmother holds the last piece of the land around his ranch and he already views it as his based on an unspoken agreement He has rented the property for years and is surprised and irritated to find a stranger sunbathing there He confronts her about the dangers and rides off leaving her furious and uncertain in his wake They irritate and fascinate each other and events conspire to throw them together in this very sma...

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    Loved the story and characters.

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