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Alan Lennox and the Temp Job of Doom (The Future Next Door, #1) Alan Lennox Has Been Assigned Yet Another Soul Crushing Temp Job, Keeping Him From His First Loves Drinking, Playing Video Games, And Looking For A Boyfriend But Alan S New Job Proves To Be Anything But Boring When His Co Workers Start Turning Up Dead The Mysterious Megacorporation Amalgamated Synergy Has Taken A Deadly Interest In Alan And His Three Roommates, And The Hapless Quartet Are Woefully Unequipped To Deal With The Psychotic Secretaries, Murderous Middle Managers, And Villainous Vice Presidents Hunting Them Down.Their Investigation Leads Them Deep Into Amalgamated Synergy S Headquarters, But Can Alan And His Friends Stay Alive Long Enough To Discover Who Or What Waits For Them On The Top Floor Alan Lennox And The Temp Job Of Doom Is The First Book In The Future Next Door Series.

10 thoughts on “Alan Lennox and the Temp Job of Doom (The Future Next Door, #1)

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    I really, really liked the title 3 weeks and only 30% into it, and I still like the title.

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    I am astounded by the positive reviews The editing is atrocious, the characters gross stereotypes without consequent little depth and the plot moves along like zombies you see it and blink then it s far ahead The plot twist is a scifi groan, frankly, that has little build up and n...

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    Temp workers suck Everyone knows this Every big company has a big mainframe computer which is perfectly aware at how much the temp workers suck Because, all temp workers do is fuck around all day They check facebook They play stupid fucking video games, instead of actually doing any work.This book is about one such mainframe computer which has had enough of its stupid goddamn temp workers So it starts mind controlling its long term employees, making them kill off those useless fucking temps.Sounds like an interesting premise, right Well, not so much See, most of this book is stupid bullshit temp worker horseshit People fucking around, not doing any work, and just being boring little shits And going to the fucking bar with their friends, chatting about how stupid and useless they are.Sure, there are several murders, here and there But, nobody really knows why All they know, for the first 80% of this book, is that people at this huge corporation are going slightly insane They re not themselves We don t find out that they re mindless drones, controlled by the evil mainframe, until the last 20% of the book.And then, like a fucking Scoobie Doo episode, the evil mainframe finally reveals herself, through one of her trusted drones She corners the fucking useless temp cunts in an office, and spews her whole goddamn evil plan Along with the standard And I...

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    I feel like I spend a lot of time on writing forums defending diversity for diversity s sake, encouraging authors to include characters from a variety of sub cultures, etc., and often when there s pushback people say things like I want to write characters, not tokens I don t want to have my book written based on a checklist or things like that and I m always bewildered Who s saying you have to write tokens Who s saying you need to have a checklist And then I read this book, and well It really did feel like there was a checklist of diversity involved And I don t think it was the checklist ITSELF that kept me from really bonding with the characters, but I felt like we didn t really get much else I m a total suck and cry at the drop of a hat, but if one of the main characters in this had been killed as many secondary characters were it wouldn t have affected me at all No tears It just never felt wel...

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    Definitely off my usual beaten paths of reading, and could probably be described as quirky There s something about how the author asked readers to suspend disbelief for the elaborate mind control portions of the story while employing a kind of tone that acknowledged just how much of the plot was in jest, or didn t take itself too seriously At ...

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    I really enjoyed this, taking it as an intentional, over the top satire That said, Pete s ultimate fate was kind of off putting I didn t realize at first that it was an ensemble cast, so felt the title was somewhat misleading For a titular character Alan didn t ...

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    The book has a good sense of humor at some points, but the characters are all typecast and the twist was unsatisfying.

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    Okay, soI really wanted to like this book Unfortunately I didn t find much to like outside of the rare poignant line and some solid diversity Even within this relatively diverse cast, most of the characters fell into predictable, stereotypical boxes There were points that made me physically cringe away from my Kindle, which made me feel horrible I m a member of the LGBTQ community, of course I wanted to like the cast.Olsen was incapable of showing rather than telling, particularly toward the end of the book To be honest, the spoken exposition in the last few chapters was so clumsy and unnatural that I was temped to drop it I ve never dropped a book once I ve gotten than halfway through, but this one came damn close During the climax, the point at which the reader should be the most invested I should also mention that there were several noticeable typos that cha...

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    Loved this group of friends and the intricacies of the story.

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    Picking a book, totally on a whim, can have it s drawbacks Often times, especially if it s a book you haven t really heard of before, a synopsis can sound promising, but the book itself leaves you cold You end up kicking yourself in the ass for even giving it a try, and swear with your last breath, you will never be so reckless is choosing your next read.Then there are those rare times that the whim pays off, and pays off in spades I m not even sure how I ended up spotting Alan Lennox and the Temp Job of Doom, but it s not something I would normally give a second glance to I ve had mixed results with urban fantasy, so I tend to stay clear of it, unless it s series or author I m already familiar with There was something about this cover, and yes, I m going to blame the cover, that just grabbed me It also helps that the book was free at the time, so I figured what the hell, it won t be like I m out any money So I downloaded the book, started to read, and didn t put it down until I flicked past the last page.The book opens with a classic horror scene A single, ...

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