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    WAR This is fun The back and forth of the rebellion army verse the Wolfsmund You think they keep having an advantage but the Wolfsmund keeps beating them out The ending raises the stakes and you feel the victory of our heroes might comemaybewe shall s...

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    Unlike the first three volumes of the series, Wolfsmund volume 4 does not take a character centered approach to telling its story Actually, that s a little disingenuous Technically, it still has elements of that formula, but there is enough focus on the current siege situation that the chapters no longer feel like vignettes for character back story so much as they are a means to move forward the action While I thoroughly enjoyed the vignettes of the past, it was also refreshing to have a stra Unlike the first three volumes of...

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    Quick thoughts Great volume with diverse story elements, including a look at the past of the key territory being fought over, a look at what the other parts of the Habsburg army are doing, and the siege of Wolfsmund Best of the series so far.

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    Well crafted in terms of the story this manga is telling Perhaps best installment yet in those terms

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    Peckinpah s violence coupled with Kujisan s excellent story of resistance in the times of William Tell is really compelling even after Volume 4.Heartstopping.

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    I feel a glimmer of hope that the characters that deserve to die, just might die.

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Wolfsmund, Volume 4 With The Flanks Of The Wolf S Maw Falling One By One, Now The Ominous Fortress Itself Is In The Crosshairs Of A Dual Threat Of Canton Allies Lead By New Forms Of Weapon S Technology, Canton Rebels Are Willing To Risk Countless Lives For One Last Chance At Freedom And With Walter Tell Literally Climbing The Walls Of The Wolfsmund, It Seems Inevitable That The Barrier Station Will Fall But Before That Happens, Wolfsram Will Unleash Than A Few Devious Tricks From His Already Deep Arsenal.