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Planet Fall So Close To Earth, But Still So Far Away.Skimming The Outer Atmosphere Of The Planet, The Vimana Is Only Seconds Away From Returning Home But The Headmistress Is Still At The Ship S Helm And Strange Ard Figures Now Walk The Decks Of The Ship Mei And Lady Calliope Must Get To The Bridge Before Mistress Ducheau Can Override The Controls And Throw The Vimana Back Out Into The Darkness Of Space.Planet Fall Is The Third And Last Thrilling Installment In The Erotic Adventures Of The Girls Of The Celestial Academy Learn The Fate Of Mei, Lady Calliope, Baronette Pythia And The Others As The Vimana Returns To The Planet Earth.

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    Buttocks and BulkheadsIn this third and final installment of the Celestial Academy, we find young Mei and Mistress Ducheau orbiting the Earth in their space ark Mei is anxious to wake her hibernating husbands and complete the repopulation mission she s been bred for Unfortunately, some complications arise.Sadistic astro Nazis penetrate the ship and force the beautiful crew to submit to their will Poor nubile Mei fears the mission she d been genetically programmed for may never reach it s climax She must bypass her her genetic programming and relay on her animal instincts to survive the ordeal and a shootout in space Planet Fall is a fast paced, adults only tale painted with vivid sci fi and erotic imagery If you are curious for a peak, take the plunge and download the free preview You ll either be appalled or enthralled in the first few pages If you like it, I suggest you keep going It s the perfect size for a quick little escape right before bed If you re a fan of Hentai or Yuri Manga, or if you enjoy the discipline stories on Literotica, I suspect you ll fall in love with the girls of the Celestial Academy.

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