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    This is a great mystery book The main character, Millie has a very strong voice throughout the story and there s plenty of intrigue and drama.

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    To see full review click visit Howdy YAL.Disclaimer I do not own Sherlock Holmes The original or the BBC adaptation I am merely using the character and characters from the series to illustrate just how stupid Buzz Kill is Sherlock Bored Bored Bored.Watson Rolls eyes Don t start shooting things.Sherlock Well, what am I supposed to do There s nothing interesting to do around here All the cases we ve gotten lately have been so typical Five second solvers I need something new Something challenging.Watson Well, we did get a particular interesting email this morning wondering just why YA mysteries suck and have killed Nancy Drew.Sherlock Are you serious The teenage detective dead This could be interesting.Watson Well, yeah Want to take a shot at it Sherlock I guess since there s nothing else interesting to do.do you have a YA mystery for me to dissect.Watson Actually, I do Buzz Kill by Beth FantaskeySherlock reads book Screaming can be heard from outside of 21 B Baker Street.And now, the real mystery can be explored What book would make Sherlock Holmes go insane.That would be Buzz Kill Or really, to be honest, a lot of these YA mysteries that are out there these days I don t get it, this concept should be fairly easy to execute Several people have executed it properly before, but now it just seems that YA is killing any love I have for contemporary mysteries.Buzz Kil...

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    Do not read this book LISTEN to it.Some of the featured reviews here are pretty negative, and based on those, I didn t expect much But now, after finishing the book and rereading those reviews, I think the audio version is what made this work for me While the characters are pretty standard, the narrator, Erin Moon, manages to give them that needed breath of life She has a great teen voice over, er, voice, and differentiates characters in an over the top way reminiscent of cartoon comedy Beth Fantaskey tends to write high school only half seriously, and as many incidents and situations in the story are pretty ridiculous, the silly delivery makes it mockingly tongue in cheek In other words, it s a FARCE.Now, let me tell you something else this book had two of the typical teen tropes that I normally get a little irritated with The artsy hipster quirky beatnik protagonist I even have a shelf for it here on Goodreads Poorly concealed, nerdy reader flattery where obscure knowledge, an insatiable reading habit, and grammatical correctness are part of what makes the mc and love interest awesome.I guess they j...

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    0.5 StarsWhen I was younger, I hated reading I really did, my mother forced me to stand in front of her and read to her and it felt like a complete hassle to do it Yet, this one series of books made all that bearable and although wasn t the book that made me start loving books, it did help Cam Jensen will forever be one of my favourite protagonists and I see a lot of similarities between that series and this book.Buzz Kill should not be targeted towards young adults, it should be targeted towards middle schoolers because that s the only time that realism is not needed in stories The characters are all flat and boring They re cutouts of traits that are popular in YA novels and thrown in to make an unbelievable cast I hated how they all are supposed to be adults or almost adults yet they act like they re in elementary school with their petty fights over who boys and assignments Hell, no one even swears You cannot tell me that teenagers don t swear because that is a lie I also had a problem with the romance is forced and typical confuse...

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    The tone of BUZZ KILL reminded me of NO ONE ELSE CAN HAVE YOU It is both chipper and dark Millie Ostermeyer, the heroine, is a school reporter who gets nosy after Coach Killdare is murdered In many books, there s a murder of a nice person that then reveals their dark secrets In BUZZ KILL, Coach Killdare was hated, but his death reveals some good things about him.BUZZ KILL is hard to put down, almost every chapter ending at a place designed to keep you reading The mystery keeps things moving, as does Millie herself She s still struggling with her mom s death, in addition to her attraction to Chase, the cute quarterback she spotted going into Coach Killdare s home after his death Before Millie had the mystery to capture her attention, she spent a lot of time at the public library She s not up to speed on getting a boyfriend.I d be happy if BUZZ KILL got a sequel or two It s very much in the vein of Nancy Drew mysteries, with a plucky girl detective, a fairly chaste romance, and clues popping up like daisies Things really move into gear once bodies turn up, but the beginning of the book certainly isn t slow.It s also similar to Nancy Drew in ...

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    Buzz Kill is an innovative and funny young adult murder mystery that begins when seventeen year old Millie Ostermeyer and the high school custodian find the unlikeable and loud mouthed Honeywell Stingers football coach in a storage room under the bleachers When Vivienne Fitch, Millie s boss on the Honeywell High Gazette and her arch rival, targets her father as a chief suspect in the murder, she starts her own investigation What she doesn t expect is to be helped by the good looking, but secretive star quarterback of the football team As Chase Albright and Millie begin to uncover clues, secrets are revealed and lives begin to change With skilful dexterity Beth Fantaskey has created a modern day Nancy Drew who s just as bold, capable and independent as the fictional character which was created in the 1930 s and has evolved over six decades But, instead of being prim and proper, with a wardrobe that includes pencil skirts, Honeywell High s super sleuth wears sneakers, jeans and stained t shirts Woven into a well written and fast paced narrative filled with secrets, mystery, drama and action are family relationships, romance,friendship and forgiveness The emotional intensity of the plot is often broken with laughter at Millie s feisty schemes, he...

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    Fresh funny is definitely a stretch I will admit, I m not finished this book, but I seriously doubt that it matters This book is about a high school senior who acts talks like she s in middle school She is lazy, awkward has a bulldog nose I still haven t figured out the latter What I keep wondering throughout this book is how has this girl made it to her senior year in HS She sleeps through all of her classes, and doesn t speak any French yet she s in an advanced class Riiiiight This must be a school with a no zeros policy because I have no idea how it could happen otherwise I think the biggest flaw in this book is the believability of it all It reads like a book that was written by someone who hasn t finished high school but imagines what it would be like if they did The words like gosh crud bleeping take away from the story, why not leave out the need for those words at all I do not agree with the reviewer who said all teenagers swear Every teenager doesn t swear, but I have never heard a 17 year old say gosh crud , with the possible exception of Ana from FSoG maybe Millie Ana are related who knows I think this book would have worked much better if it was marketed for pre teens teens, ages 11 15 And it definitely should not have taken place in a high school setting, a...

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    This book manages to have a lot to say about grief and guilt with a murder mystery plot to boot while carrying a deceptively light hearted tone The audio production is fantastic Funny, cute, a bit romantic, and with enjoyable librarian pandering.

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    I m not good at explaining stuff but 10 10 story If you want a great love story that has absolutely amazing and crazy development over the story, a brooding boy who has the best development, a crazy main girl whose probably the funniest main character I ve ever read and is so strong willed and passionate AND RELATABLE, mixed with an amazing crime story that will have you changing your suspect left and right then this is the book for you Like seriously I can usually figu...

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Buzz Kill In This Fresh And Funny Teen Mystery, Seventeen Year Old Millie Joins Forces With Her Classmate, Gorgeous But Mysterious Chase Albright, To Try To Find Out Who Murdered Coach Killdare.Putting The Dead In DeadlineTo Bee Or Not To Bee When The Widely Disliked Honeywell Stingers Football Coach Is Found Murdered, 17 Year Old Millie Is Determined To Investigate She Is Chasing A Lead For The School Newspaper And Looking To Clear Her Father, The Assistant Coach, And Prime Suspect.Millie S Partner Is Gorgeous, Smart And Keeping SecretsMillie Joins Forces With Her Mysterious Classmate Chase Who Seems To Want To Help Her Even While Covering Up Secrets Of His Own.She S Starting To Get A Reputation Without Any Of The Benefits.Drama And Bodies Pile Up Around Millie And She Chases Clues, Snuggles Baxter The So Ugly He S Adorable Bassett Hound, And Storms Out Of The World S Most Awkward School Dance Memorial Mash Up At Least She Gets To Eat A Lot Of Pie.Best Selling Author Beth Fantaskey S Funny, Fast Paced Blend Of Clueless And Nancy Drew Is A Suspenseful Page Turner That Is The Best Time A Reader Can Have With Buried Weapons, Chicken Clocks, And A Boy Who Only Watches Gloomy Movies But Somehow Makes Millie Smile Bee Lieve It.Pair With Fantaskey S Best Selling Jessica S Guide To Dating On The Dark Side.

  • ebook
  • 368 pages
  • Buzz Kill
  • Beth Fantaskey
  • 25 June 2018
  • 9780544301856

About the Author: Beth Fantaskey

Hi I m Beth Fantaskey, author of Jessica s Guide to Dating on the Dark Side, Jessica Rules the Dark Side, Jekel Loves Hyde, Buzz Kill and my new middle grade novel, Isabel Feeney, Star Reporter I live in rural Pennsylvania the setting for most of my books with my husband, three children, a slightly dysfunctional cat, a completely dysfunctional dog, an immortal goldfish and a hermit crab nam