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    I loved the beginning of this book A guy wakes up and realizes he s been in an airplane crash and doesn t remember anything else From that point on he is running from zombies and joining up with other survivors Overall it is a typical zombie book and wasn t anything new ...

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    Entertaining enough, but the author s sadism towards the characters often seems contrived and occasionally described in overly gratuitous detail.

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    Now here s a story with a twist at the end that I didn t see coming Lots of running, fleeing, chomping,fighting and a good story before that final twist

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The Afflicted An Aeroplane Crashes At Melbourne Airport And Sole Survivor Evan Crow Wakes Up On The Tarmac Suffering Severe Memory Loss Surrounded By Zombies He Flees, Recalling Only That He Left His Young Children In Tasmania With His Father He Has To Navigate A City Filled With Ravenous Zombies To Rescue His Children, Whilst Trying To Remember Who He Is Evan Is Unsure Of His Past, His Future, And Simply Trying To Survive Each Day The Action Is Fast Amid The Ever Present Horror From The Novel S Dramatic Beginning Through To The Heart Pounding Ending.