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Africa on the Cheap Covering The Countries On The African Continent, This Text Is Designed For All Budgets And Provides A Comprehensive Guide To The Region It Includes Cultural, Political And Historical Notes Travel Advice Information On Border Crossings And Visas And Advice On Health, Safety And Local Transport.

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    My first edition and bought to prepare myself for a long journey through the Sub Saharan by the west corridor It did not work out quite as planned back then though, but I mentally stored information and maps of a large part of Africa for later use.

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    Sometimes you just need a new edition, even something as hardy as this one gets worn and tired.

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    I m assuming this is an updated version of Geoff Crowther s Africa on a Shoestring, which I bought in 1987 before my first trip to Africa If it is, I hope they ve kept the In the Footsteps of Jurgen Schultz story, in which a hitchhiker, greeted joyously on the Gabo...

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    About eight years ago, I was living in employee housing at a Colorado ski area A few co workers who were working their way around the world quit their ski area jobs after a few months to go teach at a surf school in Nicaragua, and abandoned a lot of stuff in their apartment As we picked through their abandoned stuff, one of my roommates found the local library s copy of this book And what a find it was.I have never traveled to Africa, so I cannot tell you if any of the advice contained in this book is accurate All I can tell you is that if you are the kind of person who looks at maps of far off places and imagines going on adventurers, you will love this guide No country is left out seriously, what guide book tells you about hotels in the Central African Republic , and the potential for adventures is astounding One paragraph, which ended with a suggestion that anyone up for a real adventure could consider traveling from Lake Chad across the desert by camel, sums up the fuel that this guide is for your imagination If you are planning on traveling to a particular part o...

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    this book provided much fodder for dreams while on the early morning, lonely commute to work for hours every day provides an excellent historical overview in a short space for each country, but barely mentions the large variety of african cultures also, i suppose it would be impossible to write an africa travel guide which was completely current upon press date,...

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    I used to read this every day on the bus going to work in Chicago, soon after the book came out I planned a in retrospect impossible due to border closures, poor streets, and violence I knew nothing about then trip from Nigeria looping up and back to Egypt I canceled my plans and sold my guitar and all my books, packing two duffel bags for what I thought would be the rest of my life, when my boyfriend at the time beckon...

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    I used this book for my Cape to Cairo trip A lot of the history in this book is inaccurate As a guide book it was okay.

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