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Back to School, Picky Little Witch! Broomsticks, Cauldrons, And Wands Oh My Join Mama Witch And The Picky Little Witch As They Travel To Witches R Us For Back To Ghoul Supplies The Choosy Daughter And Practical Mother Find It Difficult To Agree On Capes, Shoes, Brooms, And Charming Wordplay, Bewitching Rhymes, And Spirited Illustrations Make This Humorous Story About Compromise Fun For All.

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    The witchy mother daughter duo who first appeared in Elizabeth Brokamp s The Picky Little Witch return in this follow up, once again unable to agree on anything Excited to begin school, the Picky Little Witch and her mother head to Witches R Us department store, but their efforts to buy school supplies seem doomed While Mama Witch favors the traditional black cape, pointed hat, button up boots, wooden broom the Picky Little Witch wants just the opposite rainbow cape, green beret, velcro boots, motorized broom with sparkly seat It takes a perceptive saleslady and a basket of kittens one white, one black to get them to compromiseI read Brokamp s first picture book about this pair a few years ago, and was unaware that there was a sequel until recently Given my interest in witchy picture books, I immediately requested Back to School, Picky Little Witch , once I discovered its existence All in all, my reaction to it was similar to that I had to its predecessor I thought the story was sweet, and the artwork cute, if a bit too cartoon like for my taste The text, which sometimes rhymes and sometimes doesn t, is occasio...

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    The title is remotely interesting, and the pictures and prose lend at least a modicum of charm On the whole, however, this book falls surprisingly flat School shopping turns into a boring visit to a Witches Toys R Us, with Picky Little Witch, unsurprisingly, objecting to all of mum s sugge...

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    chooses unpredictable hat, clothes for back to school supplies