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  • Hardcover
  • 405 pages
  • She Who Waits
  • Daniel Polansky
  • English
  • 07 April 2014
  • 9781444721393

10 thoughts on “She Who Waits

  1. Mark Lawrence Mark Lawrence says:

    There's something about Polansky's writing that floats my boat I'm not alone in this other authors I know have said it too I'd call Polansky a writers' writer but that might imply he's not a readers' writer and he's certainly thatThe first two books in this series trilogy? are excellent but when you get to She Who Waits you understand they were entrees This is the main course this is where the payoffs you hadn't noticed building up are delivered There's a level of emotion in this book that was perhaps absent in the first two Where the first two fascinated and entertained this one will also make you carePolansky writes great noir crime fiction his plots are complex and draw you in his characters are colorful and well drawn He wields the first person point of view masterfully fully exposing the man at the pivot point of the tale without exposition or breaking character His greatest strength perhaps is in slick witty bitter revealing dialogueThese books deserve a bigger readership The range of reviews tell me that as with any book not everyone likes them but if you liked my work you may well love these The 1st book has an average rating of 376 but the 53 of my readersgoodreads friends who've read it give it an average 411Certainly if you liked book 1 you will LOVE book 3I commend them to your attention Join my 3 emails a year newsletter #prizes

  2. Bradley Bradley says:

    This final book in the trilogy was rather special as long as you love grit grime and the final act in a revenge fifteen years in the buildingThe Warden has had a nice and long run it is true and even after his disgrace and his fallen status as the sneaky and clever peacemaker kingpin of drugs in this detailed fantasy shithole of a town he isn't one to be pushed too farShe Who Waits the third titular euphemism for death certainly lives up to it's promise and it just goes to prove that you can't keep a man on a mission down Especially when it involves the mastermind Old Man or the Warden's old love who was the architect of his fall from the Old Man's gracesAre we tearing the world down? Are we just here to see the world burn? No The Warden is still trying to protect both the last dregs of his idealism and his chosen family no matter how difficult it has become and he's willing to give it all up to do soWhat a grand tale emotional and smart and deadly This third novel ties up all the loose ends that really needed tying it's true but importantly it rests as one hell of a capstone for the trilogy

  3. Emma Emma says:

    ‘You ain’t never leaving Low Town child They gonna stick you in the dirt' So predicts one of the characters in the bookThe Warden What a character Really not a good man and yet the anti hero of the story The ending of this fine noir fantasy was never in doubt thanks to the title of the book And yetone could always hopeIt was horrifying and simultaneously compulsive to see the whole shebang crank up to its final conclusionRecommended

  4. Myke Cole Myke Cole says:

    I won't provide spoilers but I can say this much Polansky has outstripped himself She Who Waits crowns an incredible series improving on one of the strongest foundations in modern fantasy The Warden speaks for all of us flawed people flailing toward redemption without setting aside any of inherent wickedness Polansky's protagonist breathes and bleeds with such identifiable reality that I missed him every time I put the book downFans of the grimdark movement launched by Brett Abercrombie Lawrence and Lynch will love Polansky's work And so for that matter will anyone who likes good books

  5. Scott Scott says:

    The best book ends the series; you really can't ask for much than thatI've grown very fond of Polansky's writing style and the end of the Low Town series cements that fondness It continues the story of Warden and brings the whole thing to a conclusion that I'm sure fans of the series can be satisfied with With these books you're sure to get a heavy dose of cynicism betrayal back room deals and cutting dialogue You also get to see a man that makes the best of his situations and tries to do best for the few people he loves It's not often you get to root for a drug dealer who's prone to violence but I easily rooted for Warden Can't wait to dive back into Polansky's worlds

  6. Jeremy Jackson Jeremy Jackson says:

    I loved this series One of the finest grimdark trilogies out there well written sharp unrelenting Most reviews say each Low Town installment improves upon its predecessor and that's true though the second book was my personal favorite All three are fine examples of fantasy and fine examples of crime noir Highly recommended

  7. Michael Sliter Michael Sliter says:

    She Who Waits aptly named given the afterworldly aspect of this title is the concluding book of the Low Town trilogy We follow the Warden as he continues on his self destructive path toward vengeance He never uite developed any coping mechanisms outside of drugs and alcohol and though he briefly gave up some of the harder stuff he's back on it as memories resurfaceThe characterization particularly the internal dialogue of the Warden continues to be interesting We finally get of his past and an understanding of why he is so self destructive He still falters when speaking with others his dialogue continuously witty and with no substance I would like to see the serious side the part of him aside from his violent nature that allows him to be taken serious as the lord of the underworld The constant sarcasm like the previous books gets oldOther characters were once again not fleshed out I really feel like there was a build up with Wren over the past two books that would come to a head here He's supposed to have all sorts of powerspotential and I kept waiting for him to do something with them But he never did and it seemed like a lot of wasted effort to describe these fantasy elements and just never uite use them The fantasy aspects of this series seemed like an afterthought in general and it would almost have been better served to leave them out completelyI seem critical I know and was actually torn between a 3 and a 4 for this book But the ending did it for me Ultimately I would recommend this series to anyone looking for a uick and fun romp through the dirty and drug ridden streets of Low Town

  8. Jason Jason says:

    5 StarsA handful of times in my life I’d come face to face with She Who Waits Behind All Things made my peace with the thought of entering the next world4 to 5 stars for the series as a whole Daniel Polansky has created a dark fantasy series that gets better with each book in the series Warden is our main protagonist but it is difficult to call him our hero or even our antihero He is a bad man that just happens to have a bit of a heart and a few people that he cares about He is a thief an assassin and a drug dealer He has one true loveIt went on that way for a while Low Town is a lot of things – the Empire’s dumping grounds an open air prison the beating heart of the city But it’s also my business a broken down engine that needs constant tinkering Palms to grease backs to stab It takes a lot of energy running in placeWarden's great love is the star behind this series and that is the town of Low Town itself The seedy city gets darker with each book as it plays a bigger and bigger role in the main plot I loved Low Town Polansky does an amazing job at creating the details the smells and the atmosphere underneath this fictional city It ranks up there with my very favorite fictional cities like New Crozubon and Ambergis Much of what drives Warden is his love for Low Town he sees himself as the underground king of Low TownThe writing is fabulous The dialog is fun The setting is amazing Warden is a fun character to route for and he is a real son of a bitch‘Let me tell you something about the future – it isn’t the present And in the present I’m guaranteeing you that there’s nothing that your supplier will do to you tomorrow that I won’t do to you today now right this very moment Might as well postpone getting dead When you think about it isn’t that all we’re ever doing?’I loved this book and loved this series For fans of anti heroes and dark fantasy

  9. Mark Mark says:

    What a fantastic ending to a truly grimdark classic series The entire book was full of of twist and turns grusome endings double and triple buffs and all the colours of the rainbow herringshighly recommended series to all

  10. Kostas Kostas says:

    910The third and final book culminates the Low Town trilogy in the best way with Daniel Polansky showing once his strong writing and imagination to takes us deep into the city of Rigus' dark secrets to its gangs and its instigators to its scum and its rulers but also into a story that combining again the noir with fantasy with his uniue style brings to the surface an ugly past a filthy case and a long unfulfilled revenge an adventure as much dark and ugly as ruthless and cruelIn all his life Warden is a man who has seen than his fair share of violence and cruelty and the last six years though no less ugly brought him amid situations that left even scars on his dark past than before yet in Low Town there is always something worse and when a neighbor and known drunkard at the bar that he and Adolphus own comes and tells his about an indescribable murder in the house of Reinhardt a veteran of the War that fell under the influence of a new drug he will have to take up this case in hope of solving it before it’s too late for the next victimTurning from den to den wanting to find the trafficker of this new drug Warden will begin to search into the gangs of the city of Rigus’ underworld an investigation that with the current situation between the gangs having stirred old feuds will soon put him into their conflicts and skirmishes and into a bloodshed that may well be without endHowever when the Sons of Śakra a new rising organization that has spread its influence from the lower to the highest society approach him desiring to hire his ugly skills to help them bring down the leader of Black House and all his corruption once and for all and not much later the Old Man sets his own filthy schemes Warden will find himself between two forces that along with the turmoil amidst the city of Rigus’ underworld will bring to the surface old enemies that will threaten to take from him everything he built over the years and if he fails to find a solution and stop them all his encounter with She Who Waits Behind All Things will be closer than ever She Who Waits in many aspects is a superior book from its predecessors but also a book that succeeds at offering much than before as combining all the plots and characters he built in the previous two Daniel Polansky comes with a story that uickly becomes the most favorite of allAnd although in the beginning Polansky seems to fall again on the same patterns and the same mistakes of Tomorrow the Killing he uickly proves that this isn't the case here showing to have a better handling of the narrative between the past and the present the characters and the plot making a story that through his stellar writing and imagination once again breaks the tropes of the two genres and brings an incredible final adventure that manages to give a strong though bittersweet conclusionHowever even with all the above mentioned what remains unforgettable and it is without doubt the best part of the series is not so much writing nor the adventures but its protagonist who raised these stories in a much higher level and here in the last leg of his adventures Polansky travels us once into the Warden’s past at the time as an Agent of the Crown as we see his rise at the Old Man’s side that made him the second most powerful man across the city of Rigus and his unexpected fall that brought him to the bottom of the underworld and in a life much different A piece of his soul that marked his life building on his personality in a very special way and made us to love him even All in all She Who Waits is a strong final book with Daniel Polansky closing this series in the best way bringing us into a mysterious case and a war between the forces of the underworld but without failing once again to combine two opposite genres and to make though his astounding writing and his hard protagonist something wonderfully uniue and to manage to leave us at the end shocked and emotionally heavy as never beforeΕλληνική κριτικήview spoilerΤο τρίτο και τελευταίο βιβλίο αποκορυφώνει την Low Town τριλογία με τον καλύτερο τρόπο με τον Daniel Polansky δείχνοντας για άλλη μια φορά την δυνατή γραφή και φαντασία του να μας πηγαίνει βαθιά μέσα στα σκοτεινά μυστικά της πόλης του Rigus στις συμμορίες και στους υποκινητές της στα ρεμάλια και τους κυβερνήτες της αλλά και σε μια ιστορία που συνδυάζοντας ξανά το νουάρ με την φαντασία με το μοναδικό στυλ του φέρνει στην επιφάνεια ένα άσχημο παρελθόν μια βρώμικη υπόθεση και μια μακρά ανεκπλήρωτη εκδίκηση μια περιπέτεια τόσο σκοτεινή και άσχημη όσο αδίστακτη και σκληρήΣε όλη του τη ζωή ο Warden είναι ένας άνθρωπος που έχει δει περισσότερο από το δίκαιο μερίδιό του βίας και σκληρότητας και τα τελευταία έξι χρόνια αν και καθόλου λιγότερο άσχημα τον έφεραν εν μέσω καταστάσεων που άφησαν ακόμα περισσότερες ουλές στο σκοτεινό παρελθόν του από πριν κι όμως στην Low Town υπάρχει πάντα κάτι χειρότερο και όταν ένας γείτονάς του και γνωστός μπεκρής στο μπαρ που αυτός και ο Adolphus κατέχουν έρθει και του πει για μια απερίγραπτη δολοφονία στο σπίτι του Reinhardt ενός βετεράνου από τον Πολέμου που έπεσε κάτω από την επιρροή ενός νέου ναρκωτικού θα πρέπει να αναλάβει την υπόθεση αυτή με την ελπίδα να την λύσει πριν είναι πολύ αργά για το επόμενο θύμαΓυρνώντας από λημέρι σε λημέρι θέλοντας να βρει τον διακινητή αυτού του νέου ναρκωτικού ο Warden θα αρχίσει να ψάχνει στις συμμορίες του υποκόσμου της πόλης του Rigus μια έρευνα που με την τωρινή κατάσταση μεταξύ των συμμοριών να έχουν ανακινήσει παλιές έχθρες θα τον βάλει σύντομα μέσα στις συγκρούσεις και τις αψιμαχίες τους και σε μια αιματοχυσία που μπορεί κάλλιστα να μην έχει τελειωμόΩστόσο όταν οι Γιοι του Śakra μια νέα ανερχόμενη οργάνωση που έχει εξαπλώσει την επιρροή της από την χαμηλότερη μέχρι την υψηλότερη κοινωνία τον πλησιάσουν επιθυμώντας να προσλάβουν τις άσχημες ικανότητές του για να τους βοηθήσει να φέρουν κάτω τον ηγέτη του Black House και όλη τη διαφθορά του μια και καλή και όχι πολύ αργότερα ο Old Man θέσει τις δικές του βρώμικες σκευωρίες ο Warden θα βρεθεί μεταξύ δύο δυνάμεων που μαζί με την αναταραχή εν μέσω του υπόκοσμου της πόλης του Rigus θα φέρουν στην επιφάνεια παλιούς εχθρούς που θα απειλήσουν να του πάρουν ότι έχτισε με τα χρόνια και αν αποτύχει να βρει μια λύση και να τους σταματήσει όλους η συνάντησή του με Αυτήν Που Περιμένει Πίσω Απ’ Όλα Τα Πράγματα θα είναι πιο κοντά από ποτέΤο She Who Waits από πολλές πτυχές είναι ένα ανώτερο βιβλίο από τους προκατόχους του αλλά και ένα βιβλίο που επιτυγχάνει στα να προσφέρει πολλά περισσότερα από πριν καθώς συνδυάζοντας όλες τις πλοκές και τους χαρακτήρες που έχτισε στα προηγούμενα δύο ο Daniel Polansky έρχεται με μια ιστορία που γρήγορα γίνεται η πιο αγαπημένη από όλεςΚαι παρόλο που στην αρχή ο Polansky φαίνεται να πέφτει ξανά στα ίδια μοτίβα και τα ίδια λάθη του Tomorrow the Killing αποδεικνύει γρήγορα ότι αυτό δεν συμβαίνει εδώ δείχνοντας να έχει καλύτερο χειρισμό της αφήγησης μεταξύ του παρελθόντος και του παρόντος τους χαρακτήρες και την πλοκή φτιάχνοντας μια ιστορία που μέσα από την άριστη γραφή και φαντασία του σπάει για άλλη μια φορά τα πρότυπα των δύο ειδών και φέρνει μια απίστευτη τελική περιπέτεια που καταφέρνει να δώσει μια δυνατή αν και γλυκόπικρη κατάληξηΩστόσο ακόμη και με όλα με τα προαναφερθέντα αυτό που παραμένει αξέχαστο και είναι χωρίς αμφιβολία το καλύτερο κομμάτι της σειράς δεν είναι τόσο η γραφή ούτε οι περιπέτειες αλλά ο πρωταγωνιστής της που ανέβασε αυτές τις ιστορίες σε ένα πολύ υψηλότερο επίπεδο και εδώ στο τελευταίο σκέλος των περιπετειών του ο Polansky μας ταξιδεύει για άλλη μια φορά στο παρελθόν του Warden την εποχή ως Πράκτορας του Στέμματος καθώς βλέπουμε την άνοδό του στο πλευρό του Old Man που τον έκαναν τον δεύτερο πιο ισχυρό άνδρα σε όλη την πόλη του Rigus και την απροσδόκητη πτώση του που τον έφερε στον πάτο του υποκόσμου και σε μια ζωή πολύ διαφορετική Ένα κομμάτι της ψυχής του που σημάδεψε τη ζωή του χτίζοντας στην προσωπικότητά του με έναν πολύ ιδιαίτερο τρόπο και μας έκανε να τον αγαπήσουμε ακόμη περισσότεροΌλα για όλα το She Who Waits είναι ένα δυνατό τελικό βιβλίο με τον Daniel Polansky να κλείνει αυτή τη σειρά με τον καλύτερο τρόπο φέρνοντάς μας μέσα σε μια μυστηριώδη υπόθεση και έναν πόλεμο μεταξύ των δυνάμεων του υποκόσμου αλλά χωρίς να αποτυγχάνει για άλλη μια φορά να συνδυάσει δύο αντίθετα είδη και να φτιάξει μέσα από την εκπληκτική γραφή και τον σκληρό πρωταγωνιστή του κάτι υπέροχα μοναδικό και να καταφέρει να μας αφήσει στο τέλος σοκαρισμένους και συναισθηματικά φορτωμένους όπως ποτέ πριν hide spoiler

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She Who Waits❮Reading❯ ➹ She Who Waits Author Daniel Polansky – The third novel in the brilliant dark fantasy Low Town seriesLow Town the worst ghetto in the worst city in the Thirteen Lands Good only for depravity and death And Warden long ago a respected agent i The third novel in the brilliant dark fantasy Low Town seriesLow Town the worst ghetto in the worst city in the Thirteen Lands Good only for depravity and death And Warden long ago a respected agent in the formidable Black House is now the most depraved Low Town denizen of them all As a younger man She Who Kindle - Warden carried out than his fair share of terrible deeds and never as many as when he worked for the Black House But Warden's growing older and the vultures are circling Low Town is changing faster than even he can control and Warden knows that if he doesn't get out soon he may never get out at all But Warden must finally reckon with his terrible past if he can ever hope to escape it A hospital full of lunatics a conspiracy against the corrupt new king and a ghetto full of thieves and murderers stand between him and his slim hope for the future And behind them all waits the one person whose betrayal Warden never expected The one person who left him broken and bitter to become the man he is today The one woman he ever loved She Who Waits behind all things.

About the Author: Daniel Polansky

Daniel Polansky is the author of the Low Town trilogy Empty Throne duology the Hugo nominated novella The Builders and A City Dreaming He can be found in Los Angeles mostly.