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  1. Andrew Andrew says:

    I read this last year prior to the release of the motion picture release of the same name I've seen the current motion picture since as well as Omega Man and The Last Man on earth and I must say that none of these even come close to the originalThis book takes a great twist on the traditional vampire story that I won't spoil and although it is not a zombie story it serves as inspiration for modern zombie horror by placing a single character in a position where he is constantly trying to flee from a horde of monsters that are out to consume himuick but engaging read with a very non traditional ending I highly recommend this especially if you enjoy zombies andor vampires

  2. Whitley Whitley says:

    This adaptation by Steve Niles with art by the great Elman Brown is a real pleasure The story flows the illustrations deserve an award and the emotional impact is intense This is something uite special

  3. Ill D Ill D says:

    Like many callow teens my interest in vampires didn’t begin with Dracula Neither the initial Bram Stoker novel that started it all nor did the Christopher Lee silver screen adaptations spark my interest Retrospectively cringe it was the Underworld series of the the early 00’s began my interest in the blood drinking fanged immortals of the night Yes the series is trash Yes its dumb I know better now but at the time I found its stylizations unforgettable Fast forward years and an ever growing comic collection I was delighted through a casual rifling to dig up this vampire centric comic Although struck by the relevance of hunkering down in our age of world wide lockdowns my initial joy gave way to ennui due to uality which steadily wanedDespite the typified horror characteristic of vampires and zombies its boobery here than anything And since the protagonist has a working car and a perfectly stocked supermarket in the area this is hardly a survival themed thriller In fact with a daily trip for groceries during the day you know when vampirezombie hybrids can’t like go outside the level of tension rarely approaches anything close to a solid boil Anyways other than some mostly competent visuals I found this read glaringly bland

  4. Karo Ulloa Karo Ulloa says:

    I think the adaptation is well done and that the illustrations are great Some of the strategies used such as the blurring of the boundaries between Neville and the vampires and the speech balloons for Cortman worked great However it is too faithful—there is no risk with the adaptation whatsoever I know this is announced from the beginning which is why almost everything on the text is used as written by Matheson in the novel However I was expecting an authorial turn that was never there And that is not to my liking For those who look forward to fidelity this is the graphic novel for you For those who are looking for a new claim in relation to the primary work I would not recommend it

  5. Catherine Catherine says:

    This was a really good depiction of what a world could be like if drastic changes happen to it and to society I did feel at times that the graphic novel a bit disjointed probably because they couldn't include as many details as they needed to to make it flow better I also found that sometimes the text was hard to read that it was easy to confuse some of the letters for others Overall though not a bad read

  6. Jason Jason says:

    This book is a bit long winded but you could expect that from a tale that is mainly told from the perspective of one man's head Particularly an intensely introspective brash macho desperate man's head Nonetheless it is well animated and well told The movie concentrates so much on the habitual activity in already created comfort which i appreciated for the first half The book though explains furtively how he came to live in such an accomodating environment He has humble surroundings and it's believable He is also continually dealing with minor problems like his generator and the meager security for his home Also the vampires are not superhuman They are subhuman like zombies assigned to basically harass the living and eat them They are not rational enough to figure they could burn down his boarded up house Rather they throw rocks at it and call out his name night after nightThis book really focuses on the neurotic aspect of the legend One man the only survivor in a world full of moronic assholes It's sort of like the contrived existential crisis of your typical teenager which is probably why this translates so well into a graphic novel In a strong way it's just about being lonely The vampires are just a metaphor for cruel existence or not whatever The best part about the image i think is the really terrifying way the vampires are depicted There is one his neighbor Ben Cortman who shouts at him every night COME OUT NEVILLE It slowly drives him insane to the point where like in the movie he confronts the vampire population in kamikaze style attempting to take out as many as he can with his anger But it doesn't stop short there he survives learns a new modesty becomes a self proclaimed hermit Then the real interesting concept SPOILER ALERT he is visited by a woman claiming to be a survivor But she's not She's one of the new race part of the mutation of vampire humans who have inherited the earth He finds himself to be the virus the one thwart in their new evolution that is killing them off for no reason It is an unsettling conclusion that the only protagonist becomes the only enemy And it is brilliant for that that snap I have to say that the title has an actual affect here rather than the lame utterance given to it for sake of a titular line in the movie It has credit here As he realizes he no longer exists his kind his purpose He will by mythologized and that pain is releasing from the torment of his solitude It is unlike the film which cheapened it an utterance or declaration of death an absolving of the crap that has made his purgatory so withholding He has been waiting to prove that the evolution will go on and finding that it exists he falls prey to the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle of ambitious explorers you can't find the new world without being it's new threat And so his death is the liberation from his real world ego to the supreme one which he will be remembered by the Legend

  7. Dominica Phetteplace Dominica Phetteplace says:

    This is the graphic novel adaption of Richard Mathieson's book I picked it up because I was too lazy to read the original novel Joke's on me this is the wordiest comic book I have ever laid eyes on Some of this text got skimmed I admit for two reasons The first is that not all of the words are necessary the pictures give you a pretty good idea of what's going on But mainly this book is so suspenseful I was always dying to turn the page The art is dated but functional The black and white cross hatch heavy illustrations are adeuate but nothing to phone home aboutThe strength of this work is not the words or pictures but the story itself a compelling last man on earth survivalist tale This book has a great set up and an awesome ending The scientific and psychological aspects of the tale and thoroughly and convincingly explored I heard the movie version has a different ending which is both necessary and regrettable I raced to finish this book and the last few pages proved I was right to hurry See for yourself

  8. Beatlesfan685 Beatlesfan685 says:

    i liked this book so much i'm reading it again this is a different view on Richard Matheson's classic novel I've seen the movie and these are both very different This is about a world taken over by vampires while the movie was about the world being taken over by an infectious disease If I was to say which was better I would say this This book's art is beautiful and the story is simple yet great I would recommend picking it up and at least reading a couple pages It's great

  9. VJ VJ says:

    Didn't see the movie so had no idea this was a vampire story but liked the scientific twist and attribution of vampire existence to germ theory

  10. Leanna Hammond Leanna Hammond says:

    I had already read the short story when I picked this up The illustrations added something to the story and I would definitely recommend to others

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Richard Matheson's I Am Legend ☆ [PDF / Epub] ★ Richard Matheson's I Am Legend By Steve Niles ✩ – Richard Matheson Scnariste Scnariste Scnario original Biographie de Richard Matheson Scnariste Scnariste Scnario original dcouvrez sa filmographie ses dernires news et photos Richard Matheson est un a I Am PDF/EPUB Â Richard Matheson Scnariste Scnariste Scnario original Biographie de Richard Matheson Scnariste Scnariste Scnario original dcouvrez sa filmographie ses dernires news et photos Richard Matheson est un auteur et scnariste amricain Richard Matheson La Rpubliue des Lettres Richard Matheson est n le fvrier Allendale New Jersey tats Unis Il suit des tudes de journalisme l'Universit du Missouri mais se consacre trs tt la littrature Richard Matheson il tait une lgende France Inter Richard Matheson il tait une lgende retrouvez l'actualit analyse et dcrypte dans les articles de la rdaction de France Inter Richard Matheson Richard Matheson's ePUB ½ | I Am Legend Wiki | Fandom Richard Matheson is an American author and screenwriter primarily in the fantasy horror and science fiction genres He is perhaps best known as the author of What Dreams May Come Bid Time Return A Stir of Echoes The Incredible Shrinking Man and I Am Richard Matheson I News IMDb Richard Matheson I on IMDb Movies Tv Celebrities and There seems to be no end in sight for the Covid coronavirus that has wreaked havoc across the world with just shy of million global cases and over deaths Matheson's I Am ePUB ☆ Richard Matheson and similar writers | Romero drew inspiration from Richard Matheson's I Am Legend a horror novel about a plague that ravages a futuristic Los Angeles Night of the Living Dead Wikipedia In King published Ur a novella written exclusively for the launch of the second generation Kindle and available only on com and Throttle a novella co written with his son Joe Hill and released later Richard Matheson I Am Legend – read online on Richard Matheson I Am Legend Annotation” Contents Part I JANUARY Chapter One Chapter Two Chapter Three Chapter Four Chapter Five Part II MARCH Chapter Six Chapter Seven Chapter Eight Chapter Nine Chapter Ten Chapter Eleven Chapter Twelve Chapter Thirteen Chapter Fourteen Part III JUNE I Am Legend Why Can't Matheson's Masterpiece be Richard Matheson's I Am Legend is a masterpiece of horror that has spawned three film adaptations none of which have uite captured the essence of what makes this book so great We take a look at Richard Matheson Wikipedia Early life Matheson was born in Allendale New Jersey to Norwegian immigrants Bertolf and Fanny MathesonThey divorced when he was eight and he was raised in Brooklyn New York by his mother His early writing influences were the film Dracula novels by Kenneth Roberts and a poem which he read in the newspaper Brooklyn Eagle where he published his first short story at age eight Richard Matheson Wikipedia Richard Burton Matheson Allendale febbraio – Los Angeles giugno stato uno scrittore e sceneggiatore statunitense Voci correlate Stephen King; Urania collana Altri progetti Richard Matheson AlloCin Richard Matheson est un Scnariste Auteur Producteur associ amricain Dcouvrez sa biographie sa carrire en dtail et toute son actualit Richard Matheson I – IMDb Richard Matheson Writer The Incredible Shrinking Man Born in New Jersey and raised in Brooklyn Richard Burton Matheson first became a published author while still a child when his stories and poems ran in the Brooklyn Eagle A lifelong reader of fantasy Richard Matheson's I Am Legend YouTube Hello Youtubers I hope your day is going safe and well Let’s head back to Hugo winning and influential writer Richard Matheson a famous writer Today I Richard MATHESON Bibliographie Livres Biographie Dans la nooSFere livres photos de couvertures uatrimes critiues intervenantes photographies adaptations Vie prive et cookiesRGPD A propos de l'association Nous contacter Richard Matheson’s I Am Legend Colonization and “Vampire Apocalypse A Biocultural Critiue of Richard Matheson’s I Am Legend ” Philosophy and Literature October – Google Scholar Crossref Search ADS Davis Patterson Kathy “Echoes of Dracula Racial Politics and the Failure of Segregated Spaces in Richard Matheson’s I Am Legend” Journal of Dracula Studies – Hantke Steffen Richard Matheson's I Am Legend And Other —Richard Matheson I am Legend And Other Stories After a while though even the deepest sorrow faltered even the most penetrating despair lost its scalpel edge —Richard Matheson I am Legend And Other Stories The foraging for food and water the struggle for life in a world without masters housed in a body that man had made dependent on himself —Richard Matheson I am Legend I Am Legend by Richard Matheson Goodreads Encouraged by my reading group to try this piece by Richard Matheson I was soon pulled into the world of vampires and a massive plague how fitting as this story unravelled Robert Neville is in a battle against the world or so it seems to him His house surrounded by vampires Neville must try to negotiate his way around in order to ensure he has the necessities to fend off the attack Je suis une lgende roman — Wikipdia Je suis une lgende I Am Legend est un roman de science fiction de l'auteur amricain Richard Matheson paru en et adapt en et au cinma Le livre relate le destin tragiue du dernier homme sur Terre seul tre humain ne pas avoir subi les affres d'une pandmie ayant inexorablement transform les victimes infectes en cratures prsentant des RICHARD MATHESON Au bord du prcipice et autres nouvelles AU BORD DU PRCIPICE ET AUTRES NOUVELLES parking et dbut des supermarchs J’veux voir le Pre Nol p socit de consommation et gadget GRIN Monstrosity in Matheson's I Am Legend and Richard Mathesons I Am Legend Reappearance of the monstrous Racial issues and feminine sexuality Shifting monstrosity Francis Lawrence’s film adaptation Reappearance of the monstrous Terrorism and religion Shifting monstrosity Conclusion cultural social and political context Postwar America Post America Comparison between book and film.

  • Hardcover
  • 248 pages
  • Richard Matheson's I Am Legend
  • Steve Niles
  • English
  • 06 February 2016
  • 9781932382082

About the Author: Steve Niles

I Am PDF/EPUB Â STEVE NILES is one of the writers responsible for bringing horror comics back to prominence and was recently named by Fangoria magazine as one of it's rising talents who promise to keep us terrified for the next yearsNiles is currently working for the four top American comic publishers Marvel DC Image and Dark Horse He got his start in the industry when he formed his own publishing.